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Popular Shopping Places in Coorg to Visit on Your Family Vacation

Shopping, Things to do in Coorg

Fondly known as Scotland of India, Coorg is everything that a hill station should be and more. This dreamy location is scenic due to its lush hills, gorgeous expanses of coffee plantations, and magical sunsets. Just take a walk along any winding road in Coorg and you will realize what it means to experience sheer bliss. Apart from being awed by the picturesque look of this charming destination, shopping is one of the numerous touristy things to do in Coorg. Shopping is one of my favorite ways to bring memories from a particular location. Since we all love to bring gifts and souvenirs for friends and acquaintances, let us check out some interesting markets of Coorg.


Shopping, Coorg


You can’t avoid shopping especially when you are travelling with kids and family. Something or the other need pops up. Sometimes, you need to stroll along the markets to keep the kids engaged and buy something interesting for them. Personally, I also believe that regional markets give you a deep insight into the culture of the people. Shopping in a tourist destination is more than just about purchasing things; it is a new and enriching experience. Remember to include the following shopping avenues in your list of places to visit in Coorg with family.



  • Friday Market


One of the most popular tourist attractions of Coorg, Friday Market is held on Fridays, as the name suggests. Ensure that a Friday is included in your family vacation in Coorg so that you can explore this market. Come here to shop for the famous Coorg coffee and spices, along with ethnic jewelry, crafts, and wooden items. Your kids will enjoy a trip to the Friday Market for its heady aroma, bustling energy, and the fresh fruits that can be found here.



Coffee Trail!!


  • Kushalnagar Market


Famous for the Tibetan monastery found in the same neighborhood, Kushalnagar Market is where you should go to indulge in some retail therapy in Coorg. Apart from the quintessential Coorg specialties such as coffee, spices, dry fruits, and honey, you will also find here Tibetan artifacts and tourist souvenirs. Bring your little ones here as Kushalnagar Market offers homemade chocolates for them.


Don't forget to buy Home made chocolates in Coorg
Don’t forget to buy Home made chocolates in Coorg


    • Flea Market


Flea markets are fun to visit regardless of where they are located, but for a tourist, such markets are especially interesting. The Flea Market of Coorg is loved by travelers because it is ideal for souvenir shopping. You will find something for all your loved ones, among the warm clothes, semi-precious stones, and antique items offered here.


Flea market
Flea-markets are good place to buy souvenirs.


  • Virajpet Market


Known for offering top-notch produce from Coorg’s spice and coffee plantations, Virajpet Market is yet another place where you can find gifts for loved ones back home. You can buy honey, coffee, spices, oranges, and dry fruits here. Most of these things can be stocked to take back to your city and gifted to friends and family.


Coorg, Spice market
Spice market-Coorg


Where to stay


Perfect for a comfortable stay with family, there are many resorts in Coorg which ensure that your holiday is an exciting one. They also host a veriety of activities within the resort such as coffee plantation tour, quad biking, Aqua Zumba, rock climbing and many more. 


Happy Travelling!!

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