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When I Explored Food, Art, Culture in Penang. Thanks To Sunway Hotel!

George Town, Armenian Street

The moment I mentioned that I was traveling to Penang or the Pearl of the Orient after the Selangor media trip, my Malaysian friends had no limit to their excitement and they had only one thing to talk about and that was food. They went on and on and the list was endless. That was the moment when I realized that Malaysians take immense pride in their food platters.  


The instruction for me was put in bold and clear, “Don’t miss the food for anything.” 


Until I was told about Char Koay Teow, Chee Cheong Fun, Wan Tan Mee, Ais Kachang, Nasi Kander, Popiah and more, I had no idea that Penang was actually the food capital of Malaysia and Georgetown was ranked world’s no. 1 food destination in 2014 by Lonely Planet. 


Food capital, Malaysia, George town
The dinner served at Sunway Cafe of Sunway Hotel was enough to convey that Penang definitely has amazing food.


I had ‘Penang Street Art’ on my Mind!

The thought of indulging in delicious food is always a great news for a foodie traveler like me but this time it did not ring a bell. My whole idea of planning a solo trip to this beautiful state of Malaysia was driven by the urge to see its art. Ever since I had seen the pictures of its murals and heard about the steel-rod sculptures in and around Lebuh Armenian, Penang Street Art had caused a stir in my mind and heart. I wanted to visit the city of George Town-The World Heritage Site for its art, history and heritage. I will tell you why….


  • There is a unique series of steel-rod caricatures that marks and retells the stories and history of the streets of Penang. 
  • One can read and relate with these stories of the city in an unique and timeless way. 
  • This unique and winning idea was found when an Art Challenge was organised by State Government in 2009 called the “Marking of George Town”
  • 52 steel rod caricatures called “Voices from the People” make the city nothing less than a live museum.
  • This concept of art encourages tourists to walk around the streets, read, learn and decipher the wit, humor and history in every piece of work. 
  •  I wanted to see the famous art piece ‘Little Children on the Bicycle’. Period!
  • The huge murals have a great role to play in the making of the character of George Town.
  • To get high on the 8 amazing works of Ernest Zacherevic. 



Penang, Malaysia
I wanted to visit Penang to see the the famous artwork ‘Children on the Bicycle’



History of George Town
One of the 52 steel rod sculptures which tell the stories of George Town


George Town , Street Art, Murals
There is interesting art at every corner. You just have to walk around to discover more and more.


Architecture of Penang
Such amazing colors and unique architecture keeps you entertained at every street in Penang


Murals of George Town
One of the most visited and clicked mural in George Town.


Melaka and George Town!!

In 2008, Melaka and George Town under serial nomination were awarded the coveted title of World Heritage Site under the category of Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO World Heritage Commitee. They both met the criteria of Outstanding Universal Values as both these places represent exceptional examples of multi-cultural trading towns of East and South East Asia, influenced by the civilization exchanges of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European cultures.  They are a living testimony to multi-cultural  traditions, co-existence of distinct faiths and cultural harmony.


I had visited Melaka in 2014, therefore this year I couldn’t skip Penang for any reason. Thanks to Selangor tourism for inviting me to Malaysia for first half of the trip and then Sunway Hotel for facilitating my visit to Penang. Once my stay and food was sorted, I could actually work around my travel and other expenses with more focus. 


It was my first ‘Solo Trip’ and I chose to travel by train and ferry.

I wanted to experience train journey too and thus I chose KTM ETS. It is commercially known as ETS which stands for “Electric Train Service”. It is an inter-city rail service in Malaysia. Under the guidance of my friend’s sister and a journalist friend who are locals of KL, I planned a hassle free trip. Read the below as it might be helpful to you too. 


  • Take an ETS train from KL to Penang Butterworth
  • The departure point is KL Sentral Kuala Lumpur.
  • De-board the train at the last station which is Butterworth Train Station.
  • To go to George Town, one needs to take a ferry or grab a taxi.
  • Walk to the ferry terminal which is situated just next to the station.
  • Remember it takes around 15 minutes to find the way and walk around the bridge.
  • A ferry leaves in every half an hour so don’t panic.
  • It is lovely ride of fifteen minutes over the Straits of Malacca. 
  • Penang welcomes you with open arms. 
  • On the other side, grab a ‘Grab’ (app for taxi) or take a taxi from the ferry terminal. 
  • The city is vibrant and lively that if you are not carrying enough luggage, you might be tempted to start exploring it the moment you hit the mainland. 



Ferry, Butterworth
The first view of the mainland of George Town while you take a ferry ride from Butterworth station


Jetty Clans, Clan Jetties
The evenings can be as mesmerizing as this if you go near Clan Jetties in Penang



Sunway Hotel 

I booked a taxi via Grab and reached my hotel first. Sunway is a big name (from the same brand Sunway Lagoon) in Malaysia. With 250 hotel rooms and suites in a huge building, this is definitely one of the most dependable names in George Town too. My two nights stay was extremely comfortable here. The staff was extremely pleasing and very helpful. I loved their enthusiasm about sharing the maximum information about their city. 

I was upgraded to a Club Room on the 14th floor and it made my stay all the more memorable. It not only promised me privacy but also access to some great views of the city as well as the chic Club Lounge. I could eat and chill out just the way I wanted and whenever.

I enjoyed my breakfasts catching up on TV news came back for the canaps and snacks in the evening. My room was big and comfortable. (The next blog will have the complete review)



Penang, Places to stay
Sunway Hotel in George Town



My room at Sunway Hotel
My room at Sunway Hotel


Sunway, Penang, Malaysia
The view from my room at 14th floor in Sunway


Some latest news from Sunway


The award winning Chef, Noppanome Juan, also known as Chef Nopp is now with Sunway Hotel Georgetown Penang & Sunway Hotel Seberang Perai. As Head Chef, he will be overseeing both the hotels. With two decades of culinary experience under his belt, Chef Nopp has won numerous culinary awards, including the Bronze Award for Fruit Carving Cullinaire Malaysia in 2009 and being the 2nd Runner Up at the Langkawi Geopark Fruit Carving Competition in 2011. As the Head Chef at Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya and Sunway Hotel Georgetown Penang, he brings with him the passion for a balanced cuisine that draws upon fresh ingredients infused with Malay, Chinese and Indian influences that are sure to leave you coming back for seconds.


So as they say, you can never take away the deliciousness and food from Penang!!!

Thank You, Sunway Hotel for being so welcoming!  Thank you Malindo Airlines for inviting me for Selangor media trip.

Look for my next post for more on the street art and food of Penang. 

13 thoughts on “When I Explored Food, Art, Culture in Penang. Thanks To Sunway Hotel!

  1. Penang sure is making all the right news off late. I am intrigued by the graffiti on the walls of Georgetown the most. Some of them are so good, they look real. I would love to walk leisurely in the art rich streets of this lovely place.

  2. You know that you’re going someplace special when all people can talk about is the food! I am also a lover of street art, and love all the places you visited in Penang. I think the use of actual objects with the walls is amazing, such as the bicycles and chair in your pictures. Such an amazing experience!

  3. I love all the street art in Penang, I’ve seen it in other photos. The food combinations sound delicious, and maybe too spicy for me I’m sure. Sunway Hotel seems like a good choice when staying in Penang; those views overlooking the city are great!

  4. I’ve read about this street art of Penang is a few blog posts. They are so intriguing and they mix well with the reality of the location… Thanks for this virtual tour, Manjulika. Best wishes to Melaka and Penang to get the coveted UNESCO title. Whoa, as I browsed down, I didn’t expect to see a Hindu temple, bang in front of the hotel! Interesting!!!

  5. Penang has so many interesting things to do. Mural or street art of George Town is so lively and looks real. Here in this street I will click many photos. Sunway hotel with a temple in frontvof this is a nice place for accomodation. Hopefully I will get vegetarian food here as Penang is food capital.

  6. I love places that have art and culture and good food. This seems like the ideal place for me to visit. I love how you found all the unique art on the street and gave us a tour in pictures. It really made me feel like I was there with you. Cant wait to see this for myself one day. I will have to look up the hotel it seems like it is in a great location and will be the perfect place to stay while there.

  7. This would be a wonderful place to explore and photograph! It’s nice to have a place to stay that’s near the attractions so you can walk around the city. The food sounds so yummy!

  8. Penang looks stunning and the Sunway Hotel looks like a great base. Foodies must love it there, I love Malaysian street food – nasi goreng! You photographed the points of interest and street art beautifully.

  9. I used to live in Penang!! Reading your post makes me feel nostalgic. When I lived there, the street art wasn’t up yet. I definitely need to revisit after so many years!

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