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Maharashtrian Food In Delhi- Heard About Thalipeeth?

Have you eaten Thalipeeth

Are you fond of Maharashtrian food? Do you have those unending cravings for Vada Pav, Sabudana tikkis, Misal Pav, Thalipeeth, Srikhand-Puri, Peethla, Bhakri, Bombay Pav Bhaji, etc? I often miss the authentic food of the state, especially after living in Mumbai for a couple of months and doing some food trails, I had developed a taste for Marathi platter. And Vada Pav definitely happens to be my favorite. So where do get all of this in Delhi? Just head to the Maharastra food stall in DILLI HAAT. Speaking from my latest experience, I can vouch for the authenticity and flavors of this place. There is good enough seating place and the best of Maharastrian food can be found here.

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Vada Pav

Maharastra Tourism Food Arena in Dilli Haat

I forgot to click the picture of the menu but I can assure you this is the place which will satiate your cravings for everything delicious with respect to Marathi delicacies. I am a big fan of hot crunchy Vada pav and the amazing Bombay Khichdi. On 25th December 2021, I visited Dilli Haat to meet a friend and I am glad she mentioned the idea of a Maharastrian lunch. It was my first time too because I usually end up at any of the North Eastern stalls or I go for the Bati Chokha from the Bihar food stall. I also like the West Bengal Food stall. This was my first time and I was apprehensive of trying Marathi food outside Maharastra. Well, the menu put me at ease almost instantly. And the best part was we did not even take time in deciding what all we wanted. I was sure of having my favorite Vada Pav and Sabudana tikki. And my friend ordered Thalipeeth almost immediately. And now this was definitely new to me.

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Maharastra Tourism Food Stall

Thalipeeth – Have you heard of it?

Well, dont worry. Even I had not heard about it before this day. It is a very interesting parantha, flatbread as you may call it made with multi-grain flour. We all know it and have eaten it in some form in our homes but this one has its own charm. It is the flour mixture which makes it special. The flour is colloquially known as called bhajanee. It is prepared from various millets, roasted grains, legumes, rice, wheat, bajra, jowar, rice, besan flour and spices. It is definitely one of the healiest mixtures. Some onions and green chillies can be added to enhance the taste. The shape of the flatbread can be different but it all ends up as an interesting pranatha. And one can relish it with butter and curd/yogurt.

Coriander, ginger garlic paste, sesame seeds and cumin powder are the taste enhancing spices that give an interesting twist to THALIPEETH. Some people love to add onions and some veggies as well. To make it super healthy, you can also add spinach and grated carrots. I have actually picked all of this because after I had eaten it at Dilli Haat, I actually searched for its recipe when I returned home.

Preparing the dough part is super easy but not the main part. For that you will have to roll the flatbread on a butterpaper or cloth and then put in on the tawa very carefully. Once it lands on the tawa with finesse, it will turn out fine. Before making it, I would suggest, do go to Dilli haat when we are done with the third wave.

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This is Thalipeeth served with green chutney, yogurt and chilli powder

What Else Did I have at the Maharastra Tourism Food Stall?

My heartful treat would have been incomplete without indulging in the state signature and my favorite Vada Pav. We ordered two. Also, I couldn’t resist the hot and crispy Sabudana ki tikkis. Everything was super yummy and filling. We also had a kid and my niece throroughly enjoyed a plate of puris with srikhand. All the four dishes that we had ordered were high on taste and flavour. I also loved it because the regional classics were cooked and presented in the most simple way. There was no twist or fusion given to it. And I am sure the homesick Marathi Maanus will love it.

Sabudana ki tikki

When we say Maharastra food, it does not only mean Mumbai, Parsi aur Irani, its Marathi cuisine. The open air eating ambiance is good for these days. Whenever you are there, please ensure that you follow all the protocols to be safe. And we all know that Dilli haat is a treat for eyes and mouth. It is full of stalls with food from different states of India. So it is always a good time to experiment and have fun. I already know I have to eat Dabeli and try out other things there. Hope you too have a good time whenever you are there. Stay safe.

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