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Andhra Food- Scrumptious Pesarattu

Home made Pesarattu

Andhra Pradesh’s signature and scrumptious Pesarattu

Nearly four years ago, I had eaten Pesarattu (dosa like preparation native to Andhra Pradesh) in the city of Vizag. I distinctly remember that I had relished it then but after that I did not get to eat an authentic one. Who knew a couple of years later, I would be living in Vijayawada and this local delicacy would become a part of my breakfast menu. Made with only one lentil, green gram aka moong dal, it is one of the most popular Andhra food. Known by many names, pesara dosa, or cheeldo or pesarattu, it is a much-loved delicacy of Andhra. Throughout the region, most decent eateries serve scrumptious pesarattu on their regular menus. In many states, people do not know about it and thus. I had to include it in my backyard tourism tales.

What are Backyard Tourism Tales!

For the uninitiated, I have started a new series called ‘Backyard Tourism Tales’ where I intend to talk about my experiences and things that I have learned about the state of Andhra Pradesh during my stay and connection with Vijayawada. These will be short reads, purely for knowledge exchange. The first blog talked about the dancing boys of Kuchipudi village, here comes the second where I share my notes about scrumptious Pesarattu.

Scrumptious Pesarattu.
The main ingredient for making pesarattu. It may not be sprouted. I used sprouted moong dal.

Green Lentil Crepes or Green Moong Dal Dosa or scrumptious Pesarattu

  • It needs no fermentation but green moong dal must be soaked.
  • It is not made with cooked dal but soaked dal.
  • I used sprouted moong dal.
  • It is very high in protein, hence very healthy.
  • It is vegan and gluten free too and can be made oil free on non-stick.
  • Made of two words – Pesara Means mung lentils or moong dal and attu Means dosa.
  • It is known as pesara in Telugu.
  • It can be had plain or with variety of fillings and be served with variety of chutney combinations.

Home-made  Pesarattu in Vijayawada
Home made Pesarattu with coconut and peanut chutney

Home-made Pesarattu

And now that I have been living in Vijayawada for more than five months, I have been learning to make local dishes too. The process seemed very simple. All that I needed was moong dal, some coconut, ginger, onion and simple spices like pepper, chilli, etc. I soaked the lentils overnight and then made a dosa batter with green chilli, ginger, cumin, coriander and some salt. And then the cooking process is just the same as dosa. You may use non-stick or simple tava. The filling in the dosa can be your choice. I prefer it simple with peanut or coconut chutney.

Pesarattu with Upma

In many countries and even in India, South Indian restaurants often have a dish named Pesarattu Upma. If you have ever been curious about it, let me shed some light on it. It is simple green moong dal (lentils) dosa stuffed with upma.

It is served with several chutneys and sambhar and makes for a delicious combination. Gunpowder, coconut chutney and pesarattu is sinful.

Hope you enjoyed this delicious Andhra dose of Backyard Tourism. Keep coming for more. And do let me know in comments below if you have eaten Pesarattu or if you make it at home.

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