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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Visit Australia in 2022

How to plan Australia trip?

A beautiful multicultural global tourist destination, Australia deserves to be on every travelers’ dream travel list. This spectacular country is hugely diverse, allowing its visitors to see everything from stunning beaches to gorgeous rainforests, fancy metropolitan areas to wine regions, and much more. Not to forget, the hospitable and polite local population, who are always ready to help people in need, especially foreign tourists, with regards to directions, etc.

If you’re planning to travel to Australia this calendar year, you will have to plan and prepare for your trip a lot earlier. Seeing the vastness of the country, you need an organized, tailored itinerary that will help you navigate your entire journey.

The whole process of arranging for a foreign trip can be extremely tedious and daunting. But to make things easier for you, we’ve curated the list of some of our top travel tips for Australia that are sure to make your trip a hassle-free, fun, and memorable one. So let’s head straight to some of the mighty travel tips shared below.

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1. Prepare a Personalised Itinerary
As cliché as it sounds, one cannot emphasize enough on the importance of having a personalized travel itinerary prepared for travelers. Consider an itinerary like a travel guide that will assist you at every step of your trip. From the places you wish to visit to the routes you want to take, food items you cannot afford to miss to activities you want to take part in – everything should be included in your itinerary.

It is a time-consuming, tedious step, but getting it done means getting more than half the work done. So take time, do the research, and prepare your itinerary. To help you with it, we’ve also shared down some important places and activities at point 5 that deserve a place in your itinerary.

2. Book Flight Tickets & Accommodation in Advance
If you’re planning to travel to Australia during the main travel season, you should get your flight ticket and accommodation booked months in advance. Because during the main season, prices of almost everything are sky-high, and you may not even get tickets or accommodation if you’re late. So instead of delaying this activity for a later date, treat it as a priority. The sooner you’re done with your bookings, the better.

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3. Apply for the Tourist Visa in Time
You cannot start your Australia trip without having an approved visa in hand. To ensure you have it approved by the concerned authorities, apply for it at least two months in advance of your scheduled travel date. If you share all the required documents and have a clean travel history, the chances are high that your visa will get approved within a few days.

You should wait for at least 3-4 working days, or more, as mentioned on the visa application site, before following up with the authorities for the final status. You can apply for the Australia tourist visa from India online and get it delivered via email on approval.

4. Money-Saving Tips
If you thought saving money and traveling abroad cannot go hand in hand, you’re in for a surprise. There are various ways you can use to save money, and using coupons on online booking is one of them. You can also search for travel websites that offer passes consisting of entry tickets to famous landmarks and sightseeing destinations, activity passes, transport passes, and more. These passes not only help you save money but also save much of your time that you would have otherwise spent standing on long ticket lines.

Another good way to save money is by making advance bookings for your shortlisted hotel or flight tickets. Early booking gives you access to discounted or lower prices, which would otherwise be sky-high during the main season or as you near your travel date.

5. Things You Cannot Afford to Miss in Australia
A splendid fact about traveling to Australia is that it has something for everyone. Whether you’re a nature lover, nightlife explorer, party person, history buff, entertainment lover, adventure seeker, or a true foodie, you will find something for every personality type in this magnificent country. Hence, to ensure you get the most from your upcoming trip, you should shortlist places and activities that best interest you.

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Some of the things you and your fellow travelers might want to try when in Australia include visiting the Great Barrier Reef, enjoying a day at the beautiful Bondi beach, exploring the mesmerizing Cape Pillar Sea cliffs, heading to the Daintree forest, etc. You can also visit the Federation Square, Gippsland Lakes, Lake Hiller, The National Gallery of Victoria, Queen Victoria Market, The Royal Botanic Garden, Sunshine Coast, and Taronga Zoo.

Besides sightseeing and visiting famous landmarks, you should also indulge in sea diving, kayaking, stargazing, and other exciting activities prevalent in the country.

Tips to Have a Worthwhile Vacation

Besides the suggestions shared above, we’ve also collected some additional, incredible travel tips from seasoned globetrotters that are sure to make your travel experience more pleasant and worthwhile. So let’s take a look at what experienced travelers have to say.

● Always Keep Your Documents Handy
Be it your visa, passport, flight tickets, accommodation booking receipt, or entry tickets to your planned landmarks or activity spots; everything should be kept handy in a purse that can be accessed in a jiffy. Avoid packing important documents in your luggage where it takes time to take them out. If you’ll be carrying a handbag, securely place all your documents in it. This will promote convenience as you’ll be quick to show the documents to the concerned authorities in a relatively speedy manner.

● Get a Good International Travel Insurance
Getting insurance is not mandatory for foreign travel, but those willing to travel without any worry should definitely get one. Purchasing international travel insurance from a reliable insurer gives travelers peace of mind as it covers the insured against financial losses from passport theft, change in travel date, COVID emergency in the travel destination, baggage theft, missed flight, etc. If you encounter financial damages because of the events covered in your travel insurance, your insurer will compensate you for the same.

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● Be Aware of Their COVID Guidelines for International Travelers
Though the COVID guidelines are subject to change depending on the changing COVID situation, the current guidelines require foreign travelers to carry a negative COVID-19 PCR test report. Any result/evidence of a negative PCR test taken within 3 days of the scheduled departure is a must.

● Carry Extra Money
When traveling to a foreign destination, many unexpected expenses can turn up that are hard to ignore. In such cases, having extra cash handy in the form of local currency, helps beyond measures. So when planning your travel budget, don’t forget to set aside some additional amount for sudden trip expenses that you may encounter.

● Confirm Your Bookings Before Leaving for the Trip
A great thing to do to ensure a smooth trip is to confirm all your bookings before stepping out of the house. Double-checking gives you a sense of satisfaction and the feeling that everything is going as planned. It also sets an overall positive note for the trip waiting to get started. So make sure you confirm your flight, cab, hotel, and other bookings before leaving for the trip.

On top of all the useful tips mentioned above, be careful of your belongings. Although Australia is a safe country for tourists, you wouldn’t want to take chances with your valuables. With so many useful tips in one place, you wouldn’t need more tips or guidance to help you prepare for the Australia trip. Just make sure you follow all the things mentioned above and get ready for a fantastic trip ahead.

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