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My Hate and Love for Selfies!

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“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.” 

 -Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre


It began with a big ‘NO’ for selfies!

For a long time, I did not approve of selfies because in my view it was all about narcissism. I was quite reluctant with the whole idea of looking in my camera and giving different poses. In fact, I wondered what made people so obsessed with themselves that they kept clicking their own pictures and posting on social media. Why was it considered a way to show love to yourself? But soon when the rage took over people of all ages and everyone said that ‘selfies are sure to stay for long’, I was compelled to think, why the heck was it getting so popular.


It graduated to an ‘OKAY’

When I gave it a deep thought and tried looking from a different perspectives, my views changed for the better and I was no more completely negative about selfies. Some of the positive things about it helped me change my heart towards it.


  1. The concept of selfies had evolved from the our love for human portraits! 
  2. Selfies came as a good bet when you were all alone and wanted a picture of your own. It came out to be very handy during traveling. 
  3. It makes you focus on you and yourself, irrespective of all distractions. Sometimes, it is a good idea to concentrate on oneself. 
  4. There is nothing wrong in taking a picture with others, with beautiful surroundings, of great moments but it should not become an addiction. As long as you are not obsessed with your good looks, selfie is not a bad idea. 
  5. It is versatile and can be used to click anything and everything with you around it. 
  6. Selfie makes us realize the power of independence. You don’t have to request anyone to click pictures for you. You can do just what you want. 



And finally it became a ‘YES’

I wish I had Mobiistar phone’s front, dual selfie camera that captures a 120° wide-angle shot, I wouldn’t have hated selfies at first.  A lot of people don’t like selfies because they are not able to manage good selfies. I am definitely one of them.

A lot depends on your first selfie experience. Trust me clicking selfies is an art and good gadget is extremely important to facilitate it. Selfie camera makes or mars a picture. For people like me who were not very enthusiastic about selfies at first place, only good selfie cameras could sparkle the love for it. The first few selfies that I clicked from my old phone were miserable. Gradually, things improved when my friends invited me to be a part of their groupie and it always turned out to be good. I decided to learn the tactics from those who had mastered the art of it.  Lastly, I was also convinced of the fact that since selfies focused more on human faces, they not only seized in the moment but also captured our emotions, that twinkle in our eyes, our expressions and actions better. 


Now, when I look at old selfies, I never fail to notice that some  selfies capture our emotions much better than pictures clicked from back camera.




Selfie -Iphone -Pendown
My perfect selfie with my friends, captured in Mumbai!


Why does it make my perfect selfie?

The above group selfie is my favorite. Not only it makes a clean and beautiful picture, it is about a lovely moment that I share with two of my friends. They are my favorite girls in Mumbai and this selfie says a lot about our friendship. I call it perfect because it not only captures our real faces but it also captures our camaraderie. If you notice, the twinkle in our eyes says it all. We were so happy about meeting each other after a long time. We had got ready in our favorite colors to paint the town red and this impromptu selfie turned out to be really well. I love it for it not only captures our faces well, but it also portrays our emotions, our smiles, our gorgeousness perfectly. 


This picture is about our strength, our comfort level in each other’s company and about our girl power. It celebrates our independence. We are all small city girls but now we live in big cities and travel far and near. We have never shied from dreaming big and while I share this picture from Mumbai, the dream city of India, I can also say that it is a testimony of our achievements too. 


When I had to choose one perfect selfie, I sorted a number of pictures but still my eyes were stuck on this because it is a very happy picture, perfectly symmetrical and full of happy faces.  The way we are standing and our body actions captures our happiness, our love and respect for each other. This picture is far above the fascination to get likes and approval from peer group on social media rather it showcases each one of us as confident, beautiful and independent girls who share a great bond and are ready to stand for each in all situations. 


Tell me, what do you think about our selfie. This blog has been written for a blogging contest organised by and Mobiistar on Flipkart


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