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Almond Blooms in Badam Vaer Garden, in Srinagar

Must do in Kashmir

Badamwari garden or Badam Vaer park is in in full bloom now. Last week (second week of March), husband and I were in Srinagar in Kashmir and there, we were left in awe of the beautiful almond trees with pink and white flowers in at Badamwari garden. It was our first time of seeing over 1,000 almond trees decked up with gorgeous flowers. It was a very humbling sight to be serenaded by such prettiness all around. Spring in Srinagar always reminded me of the Tulips there but this time, the almond flowers got my heart. Right from the moment we set our foot inside the garden, we were captivated by nature’s beauty. Almond blooms are celebrated around the world. They are known to be the forerunners of peace, happiness and joy in many countries. Not to forget they also signal the commencement of change of season and the onset of spring season. In Kashmir, the months of March and April are very special. After the bitter winters and snow, the soil becomes moist and gives birth to several varieties of flowers. Thus, it is also the time to head out of houses and be part of spring celebrations and flower festivals. Both Tulip festival and opening of Badam Vaer garden have become a popular affair in Srinagar. The full bloom lasts only for a month and we were extremely lucky to make our trip happen just at the right time. However, we were told that you will find an air of purity, of cleanness, freshness, and floral beauty throughout the year.

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Where is Badam Vaer Garden in Srinagar?
 Badamwari or Badam Vaer Garden is famous for its picturesque almond blooms
Pink and white almond blooms can be best seen at Badam Vaer Park
Pink blooms have taken over the park

What is the history of Badam Vaer Park?

Situated on the foothills of Hari Parbat (Koh-i-Maaran), the garden is a sprawling beauty of over 300 kanals. Initially, the whole area was part of a bigger fortification around Hari Parbat. Some parts of the fort still exists and is perched on the top. During the rule of the Mughals, the area was beautifully maintained for the kings and nobles and was decked up with trees, flowers and cascades providing a soothing experience to them. After the decline of the Mughal empire, the area lost its sheen. Much later, Dogra Monarch Ranbir Singh got the entire garden planted with almond trees. And hence the name Badam Waer or Badamwari picked up popularity. Negligence loomed over this area for a long until the government revived the infrastructure and started looking into its regular maintenance. In Hindi ‘Badam‘ refers to ‘almond’, while ‘vaer‘ is ‘garden’ in Kashmiri. Colloquially, it also means gorgeous garden. With the picturesque Hari Parvat overlooking the garden from a distance and panoramic settings all around, this almond garden has become one of the major attractions for the tourists visiting Kashmir valley.

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Entrance fee for Badamwari in Srinagar
Entrance fee is Rs.24

Where is it located?

Badam Vaer Park is located in the old part of Srinagar, near Gurudwara Road. Most of the attractions, especially the popular gardens are located on the Dal Lake Boulevard in Srinagar but this one is near Hari Parbat. On the way to the Badam Vaer garden, one can see the other side of the Dal lake, Hazrat Bal Mosque, the Gurudwara on the Gurudwara road and some bits of old city of Srinagar. If you have time, do not miss your trip to Hari Parvat.

For several years, Badamwari used to be a very popular picnic spot for the locals. There came a phase when it has to see neglect and despair. And now, with its revival, it has regained its lost charm. The people are back with their mats, shamovars, picnic baskets etc. I was told that the garden remains a favorite even in the months, when the almond flowers are not there. Roses, Petunias, Pansies, Daffodils, Tulips, Lillies, Forget Me Nots continue to bloom in the garden till autumn knocks again. The painstaking work done to revamp the garden and keep it going is evident in its popularity. I would like to recommend it to everyone. In my last visit to Srinagar, I had missed this one but am glad I could make it this time.

Things to do in Srinagar
There is a holy shrine next to the Badam Vaer park
Hari Parvat is in close proximity to Badam Vaer garden
Badamwari is located at the foothills of Hari Parvat

Rah Bagh in Srinagar is an ode to Kashmir

Postcard pictures from Badam Vaer

Make the most of your time at Badam Vaer by taking a stroll with your family or solo. The leisurely walk will introduce you to its different sides and views. Check out the fountain, bridge and an arch like structure inside the garden. Click pictures and sit down for some time. If you have friends in Srinagar, plan a picnic with them. The spring is a very pretty season of Srinagar, and people should experience this as well. 

Badamwari Gardens are known for their bloom of stunning almond flowers.
The season of spring is the perfect time to visit Srinagar
This is a lovely garden and a must visit in Srinagar.
The sprawling and historic Badamwari garden 

My Notes for Travellers

  • Don’t let your drivers or travel agent tell you that it Badam Vaer is far away. It will take time. It is not very far.
  • Include it in your itinerary because it will give you a chance to see some bit of Srinagar beyond the Dal lake and the boulevard.
  • On the way, you may visit the Nigeen lake, Hazrat Bal mosque, Gurudwara and a holy temple, close to the garden.
  • Rs. 24 is the entrance fee.
  • Mid-March to Mid-April is one of the best period to be there.
  • The blossom of thousands of almond trees happens every year.
  • Many cultural activities and performances also take place in the garden during spring time.
  • For those who are curious, I would like to share that I stayed at Rah Bagh By The Orchard- Luxury Boutique Hotel. My hotel premises was also full of vibrant flowers. Do check it out for beautiful chalets and lovely hospitality.

Things to do at BADAM VAER park in Srinagar
After the leisurely walk, do sit down to bask in the beauty of the almond blooms

Do share your Kashmir experiences in the comments below! Happy Travelling!

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