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7 Things to Do On An All Girls Getaway

Girls Gteaway

Recently, I went on an all girls getaway to Aahana Resort Jim Corbett to mark the pre-celebrations of women’s day. And it was a strictly ‘no-work and only play’ kind of vacation. The whole idea was to break away from the usual itinerary and craft an incredibly relaxing trip. I like spending my holidays in the lap of nature and so did my blogger girl friends. The purpose of the trip was to leave all our laptops behind, , indulge in nature, eat our heart out, catch up on some sports that we had lost touch with and toast over worldly gossips. We did it all because it felt wonderful to loosen up, pull each other’s legs and indulge in me time. Our days were filled with nature walks, safaris, naps, and laughter while our evenings were spent enjoying local dance, chit-chatting, reading, snacking, and enjoying our tea together. To top it all, we posed and did lots of photo-sessions as well as we had invited a photographer friend to join us too. The trip also helped us to connect to our inner self where we could relax and meditate amidst the blissful sounds of nature. Such trips do a lot of good to both, physical and mental health.

Things to do on an All Girls Getaway
There’s something very relaxing and indulgent about watching sunrises and sunsets

Womens day trip
All Girls Getaway! Picture courtesy – Amit

If you have been looking forward to planning a girls getaway, I would say now is the time.  The quality time spent on a girls’ trip is incomparable to other trips because when you meet in person, you know its different. It is a form of rediscovering oneself. Even if you plan to do nothing, you will still enjoy it. Paint your nails together or take a nap by the pool, just do whatever makes you comfortable. The shared time on walks, meals, adventures, laughter and late-night gossip sessions takes the friendship to another level. And trust me, one really doesn’t need to wait for long holidays to go to faraway destinations. One can always select a place that is nearby and meets their taste in luxury. Plan an adventure in the jungle, choose some outdoor activities, go birding in the morning, get pampered in the spa, chase beautiful sunsets and indulge in fine dining in the evening. We chose Aahana Jim Corbett, a luxury resort in Sawaldeh region in Ramnagar, near Jim Corbett National Park because it is quiet, green, sustainable and just perfect for our mental reset. The travel time is not much and personally, it feels like second home to me. I love their rooms, food and hospitality.

One can escape the city life, relax and recharge in lots of little ways. Below are some of the things that we did on our recent all girls getaway and turned it into a memorable one.

1. Nature walks and birding

Nature Walk is one of the best ways to explore the treasures of nature. In the city, we all have hectic hours of work but whenever I get a chance to be around wildlife, I ensure to walk and learn a few things. To have a naturalist by your side is the best way to enjoy your walk. They are experts of their subject and often help to unravel the beauty of birds, insects, trees and wild animals, in the most engaging way. Also, it is lot of fun to be able to identify a bird looking through binoculars or by the naked eye. During our stay at Aahana, we ensured to wake up early and go for nature walks. Our lungs thanked us for the good we did for them. Child-like excitement descended on us as we sighted different varieties of birds and learned about their characteristics. I loved taking some spectacular closeup photos of the different species of birds.

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2. Archery, Basket Ball and Pool

Our women’s getaway was all about chilling and having lots of fun. Thus, games were an important part of our itinerary. To bring out the inner child in you, it is very important to play, cheer, fight and laugh it all. Games bring back the competitive spirit and they are totally destressing. I played pool after many years and it was like reliving old memories of college. The girls also loved archery and basketball. We had a ball while taking our chances and aiming the arrow to the target. What is your favorite game when you go on vacations? I am quite fond of board games too.

On this girls getaway, I played everything that I could. Both the pictures were clicked by my friend, Amit (thatwiseowl on Instagram)

I loved board games!

3. Raise a Toast and Indulge in Bakery

What is a women’s getaway if you don’t drink your favorite one? It could be tea, coffee, lemonade, wine, beer or a glass of mint- and cucumber-spiked water. We toasted and chatted our heart out. There was no one to judge and we did all our girls talk. Sometimes, it is very important to have friends who can listen you talk, vent out or more. We talked about every topic under the sun, from economy, travel, books, music, art and more holidays. This getaway at Aahana was all about being drunk, chatty and goofy. And great food worked like a therapy.

Dont worry about the extra kilos on an All Girls Getaway
Eat your heart out and shed the extra kilos later!

4. Organic Farming and Salad Making

Holidays can be all the more exciting if you have great options to eat. Fresh fruits and vegetables can really make the difference. I like eating different varieties of fruits and salads during my travels. At Aahana, a lot of land is dedicated for organic farming and most of their produce is used in the restaurant. One always gets amazing food. And to make the experience better, we had a chance to prepare our salads after bringing our own lettuce, parsley, tomatoes, etc. These activities can be super relaxing. Also, we got to learn about organic farming. The salad turned out to be super fresh and crunchy.

What do you do on an All Girls Getaway?
We did some plucking first and then made salad!

5. Jungle Safari

This is definitely one of my favorite part if I am anywhere close to a National Park. Jim Corbett National Park is one place that I love returning to as often as I can. I love the sounds and sights of forests and never miss a chance to go on a jungle safari. In my view, that is my way of bonding with nature and learning about a different ecosystem. All my women friends were thrilled about the jungle safari and we had a great time sighting deer, monkeys, herd of elephants. And even though, we did not get lucky with a tiger, the safari was worth every moment.

Do you love jungle safari?
That is my favorite part always!

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6. Sun, Swim and Spa

Women must unwind from the mundane and hectic schedule. They must spare time to pamper themselves. On some trips, you must pamper yourself right from the beginning. Do everything that makes you happy. Summers are here, so sun basking and swimming go together. Also, there is no better way to rejuvenate than book a spa.

Enjoy your All Girls Getaway
Chilling and having fun! Picture courtesy – Amit

7. Photoshoot

Last but not the least, the best way to make and cherish memories is to get photographed. Girls love to dress up, pose and get photographed. And we did a great job on this women’s getaway. Our photographer friend clicked some of our best pictures, together. We embraced a full-on “I’m on a vacay” attitude, unapologetically.

Girls love to dress up and pose! Do that on your vacations. Love yourself more!

Go on wellness getaways, adventurous trips or experiential journeys. Share more tips and things to do on all girls getaway! I would like to add more to my list..

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