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How about Dining in a Swimming Pool in Corbett?

Corbett, Golden Tusk

I am sure the caption has got you curious. The stark combination of dinner, swimming pool and Corbett isn’t a usual one. While talking about forests and National Park, I should be talking about safari, wilderness, birds and tigers but this post is not about any of these but my dining experience in a swimming pool. I am sure my readers know that I am always game for unique experiences and this was one of the highlights of my recent visit to Golden Tusk resort in the Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand. Though it was just a dinner setup but the weather, the food, the timing and the management made it a great experience. In fact my followers on social media absolutely loved the pictures of the beautiful setup and they were curious to know more about it. I found it a great way to relax and unwind after a long day in summers. 


The Golden Tusk review, Eating in a pool
Water dining experience


The Golden Tusk, Wildlife resort near delhi
Twinkling lights with water and greenery all around you.

Safari and Jungle goes hand in hand

I enjoy closeness to nature and safaris are my favorite. When people shudder at the thought of leaving their houses in scorching sun, I am upbeat about going for jungle drives. This is the time when chances of sighting animals is very very high. You might spot the big cat but even though if you don’t, the whole excitement of going in a new ecosystem and seeing its inhabitants is about pure joy. I simply love it. So this trip to Corbett was about safari first and retreat second. All that happened additionally came as a sweet surprise. 

When we city dwellers head towards the national parks or take our yearly jungle breaks, the aim is to ditch the clutter of the cities and rejuvenate in the lap of nature. So we look for peaceful resorts. Some people desire all the amenities while some prefer to go for rustic experience. I prefer a combination of both. I am a traveler who seeks comfort and I look for hygiene and hospitality.  Of course, if its a holiday, who doesn’t like good food. One such latest find of mine is Golden Tusk. While Corbett had been losing its essence as a National Park and had become more like a party place for North Indian travelers, I am glad the charm of the place is regaining its lost glory. Many hospitality brands are making their best efforts to bring a change while working towards safeguarding nature. 


Safari in Corbett, Places near delhi
Dhela village, Ramnagar, Corbett National Park


Adventure, Safari, Wilderness, Wildlife
Adventure activities that can be done at Golden Tusk


What is Golden Tusk all about?

Away from the heat and dust of the city, this is a wildlife resort which gave me a chance to enjoy the sun, sand and wilderness of a small village called Dhela in Ramnagar in Corbett National Park. With forest view rooms, country view rooms, suites and luxury tents, I could opt for a room of my choice. The amenities like clean swimming pool, relaxing spa, karaoke room, recreation section, well equipped gym, comfortable bedroom, big lounge, changing room and en-suite bathroom made my stay all the more comfortable.  


Well its easy to start business but not easy to put a soul in it. At Golden Tusk, you can feel the difference. I was impressed with the efforts that every person in the premises made to ensure that my stay was memorable. I found the hospitality top notch. The rooms were nice and cozy. The food spread had a variety of choices at every meal time. The swimming pool was kept clean always. The garden area was big enough to relax, unwind, chit-chat with family and go looking for birds. The style of serving the evening tea with rusk and biscuits was very homely. Apart from usual, the little things that they did at every place made it a value for money stay. Don’t forget to enjoy the morning tea in your balcony of your room if you are on first floor and the dinner on the deck with live music & pleasant atmosphere. 


Corbett, The Golden Tusk
Tents to live in


Country view, Bedroom
I lived in a country view room. My room which had a small balcony and a small drawing room too. This is the bedroom.


One of the things that really stood out for me was that they have a waiting room too. So in case a guest lands up early and there are no free rooms, they don’t have to wait at the reception. They have a sweet, little waiting room which has television and lots of books to read. This is a very good thought because it eases the traveler, gives them a chance to freshen up, relax before they get their room and start their holiday on a very positive note. A lot of hotels and resorts don’t have anything like this. 


The view from the other side.
The view from the other side.


Gin Tree
Check for the Gin Tree if you want to enjoy some drinks with friends and family.

Water dining experience!

After touching upon all the essentials and inspiring you to pack your bags for your next wildlife adventure, I wanna quickly take you through my favorite indulgence at ‘The Golden Tusk’. This has to be their lovely water dining experience. In summers, we all love to do everything that is associated with water. But who thought that having dinner in water could also be a great experience. I had really loved its concept right from the time I had seen the pictures of beautiful chairs and table floating in the cute little swimming pool. The real experience was definitely much better.


Golden Tusk
Have a toast @Golden Tusk


Live grill
The food that came from live grill was amazing.


This dining setup makes for a special occasion. If you are looking forward to a romantic night with your loved one or planning something special for your parents for any of their birthdays or you are looking ahead to a proposal or just girls get together, this is a unique thing to go for. The twinkling candles, the warmth of the green trees and your feet in the water will melt your heart with the little joys of life. Summers is the time for this and wildlife both.


Even though you are only and only into wilderness feats, this can be a great treat after the safari. After spending some eventful and adventurous hours in the jungle, what could be better than going for a bath and getting half drenched while having dinner. This was a great way to end the busy day. Apart from the soothing settings, the hospitality and the food that was served took the whole experience to a new level altogether. The food from the live grill was delicious. A special mention for the guy who attended us. He paid special attention to accommodate all our requests. We stayed in the pool for more than two hours and enjoyed our drinks and food thoroughly. 


Great food and hospitality -The Golden Tusk
Great food and hospitality -The Golden Tusk


Golden Tusk promises great food

 The food spread!

Travel Blogger, Golden Tusk


For all my wildlife shots from Corbett, there will be a new blog post soon. 


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