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Bangkok time at Ramada Plaza Menam Riverside

Sawadika readers! Though its not my first post around my ‘Thailand trip’ but today it occurred to me that I must say a hello in ‘Thai’. While selecting pictures for this post I was reminded of the sweet little girl at Ramada Plaza Menam Riverside, who would greet me every morning with the same gesture. I stayed in this hotel on my very first vsist to Bangkok and I would love to blog about it here.

And now that Bangkok happens to be the top most city for Indian tourists in Asia, I must draw your attention to all the fun things that can be done there. Lets start from the hotel experience. After staying in Balcony, a warm and cozy boutique hotel in Chiang Mai, this one had come as a nice change in contrast. Have you visited Chiang Mai? Chalking out a trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai does not need much planning and is a popular route. Bangkok thrives on energy and crowd, while Chiang Mai is relaxed and cozy.

Ramada Plaza Menam Riverside

I remember reaching Bangkok at 5 in the evening and it was the first day of the Songkran festival.  This was my first time here. I was told that Bangkok traffic jams make you snails on the roads but to my luck the main stretch had no vehicles and the whole city  was holidaying in the festive mood. Only when we came closer to our hotel, did we notice children and young ones throwing water at each other. I had experienced the fun of Songkran in Chiang Mai and now it was time to get drenched in Bangkok. Thankfully we had a car to ourselves and the sturdy windows protected us well from the splashes.

On the way to the Hotel from Airport

Children pouring buckets of water during Songkran

After crawling through the crowded  roads, we finally reached the hotel at 7 p.m.  It was not my first time with Ramada because I had stayed in their hotel in Bali too. By the time we got through the check-in  process, the sun had already set. Since our dinner was planned at Asiatique,  I really did not get much time to explore the hotel premises on the first day.

At the reception!

After a long  day, I was really looking forward to a clean and tidy room. I wanted to squeeze in some nap before we were all set to head towards Asiatique which is just at five minutes  from Ramada. ( A great plus point) But a travel blogger has work even when he/she enters in a hotel room. Apart from clicking pictures of the room, everything needs an eye from a general traveler’s perspective. My gadgets were all drained out and thus I managed only a few pictures. Also, I was too tired. However, traveler or non-traveler, one is ought to have a certain view around their hotel room. It did not take more than five minutes to have mine too. The room was spacious and well maintained except that I was not very happy with the washroom. If I had to compare this room with the one in Chiang Mai, this wasn’t  as impressive as that one. No doubt, this one too had all the amenities but I found it a little dull in its first impression. The painting depicting ‘Thai culture’ did get my attention for long. The cupboards, lockers, comforter, every other thing was intact. Like always, the television and mini bar did not attract me and thus I walked towards the window.  And the best part, I had a great view to myself on the eight floor. I did not want more and in the next second I was all happy again.

My bedroom My room was big and spacious Lamp and some fruits in one corner of the room!

That night I slept like a log only to get up at nine next morning. The sun was already up and shining. And here I must share the view from my hotel room. The whole city stood in front of me. And of course you would know why this hotel is named as riverside because its just stands there.

The window view from my room at Ramada Plaza Menam Riverside

Next, I hurried up to make my way to the breakfast arena. I quite liked this idea of having chairs near the lifts. There are many times when one has to wait for a friend who has run back to the room for something urgent. Sometimes, one may end up coming with lots of shopping packets and you have the urge to sit down first, hold your breath and then move forward.

Chairs around the lifts seemed like a good idea to me. When I ended up getting lost, this really helped me locate my placement! The swimming pool looked gorgeous

If only I din’t have a water phobia, I would go swimming right away.  Honestly, I love sitting by the swimming pool and watching people swim. Something about the blue tiles that reflected through the water made it all look very attractive.

Soon I found my way to the breakfast buffet spread Buffet spread I love breads and I never forget to capture them!

It was a lavish breakfast spread and I was reminded of my stay at Ramada Bali in Indonesia. Every morning we had the option to stuff ourselves for the whole day. From eggs, breads, sausages to noodles and curries-rice, there was everything to generate fuel for the day.  When they say one must have breakfast like a prince, they meant it too here.

My Breakfast plate on the first day

On the first day, I ate some healthy veggies, fruits, breads and boiled eggs.

My Breakfast plate on the second day

On the next day, I was tempted to eat some chicken curry and rice in the morning itself. I can have chicken and rice at any time of the day. Period!

Everyday after the breakfast I would not forget to walk towards the observation deck or walkway that gave a close view of the Chao Phraya River.  In fact many people preferred to have their breakfast in the open to enjoy this view.

Just where we had our breakfast, the river was up and close. Ramada gave me great views of the riverside no doubt!

In the 3 days that I stayed at Ramada Plaza Menam Riverside, I did not miss a chance to explore its interiors, decors and other features.

All hotels must be ‘wheelchair friendly’ . Ramada is definitely one! Enough space around the lobbies and restaurants  for chatting and gossiping Every table mentioned ‘No Smoking please’ I am never done with clicks around the pool!

Last but not the least, they have a pick and drop to the nearest Metro station and this is not by the car but by a boat. Yes, we did  experience that as well. On the last when our gang chose to go shopping in Thailand, we chose the public transportation. While going we had a car and driver dropped us to our desired place but while returning we chose to take the metro.

When we got down at the closest station, we just had to wait for the Ramada boat. When it came, it simply gave us a great experience in Bangkok. The ride to the hotel was absolutely refreshing and soothing. The day was totally sorted.

This is the Ramada boat coming towards the metro station to pick its guests! We had the boat to ourselves, just the four of us. When we reached the hotel! From the boat I tried capturing the facade of the hotel.  Oh yes, I could see my room!

Since this was my first time in Bangkok, I really can’t compare it with any other hotel. For me Bangkok fun started and ended with this abode. As far as my experience is considered, my post speaks for that.  I would recommend this to my family and friends.

If you have an experience to share, please drop in a comment!

My FAM trip was organized by TAT, New Delhi!

Happy Traveling!!!

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