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Hills on a Plate showcases the diverse culinary treasures of Meghalaya

Culinary show from Meghalaya

I wanted to talk about this show, “Hills on a Plate” because I have known about it a little longer than the other viewers. I have felt connected to it because I had the opportunity to attend the screening of the first episode at the Lariti Auditorium (Lariti International Centre for Performing Arts & Culture) in New Shillong. And now, I am also Insta-friends with some of the (participants) chefs as I am keen to see their entrepreneurial journey. Last month, I made my first trip to Meghalaya (courtesy My Meg), which turned out to be indelible. One of the major events on my itinerary was attending the screening of the first episode of this show and meeting the people behind and in front of the camera. I must say that I was left impressed with the local cuisine, ingredients, techniques and the talent of the chefs. And now, I can’t wait to tune in to the remaining episodes. If you are a traveller with a special quest for culture, adventure and local cuisines, you must not miss this. The food connoisseurs must binge-watch it. Hills on a Plate premieres on JioCinema.

Watch Hills on a Plate on Jio Cinema
When I met the Hills on a Plate team at Lariti Auditorium in Shillong

What is Hills on a Plate: Meghalaya Chef Wars?

Hills on a Plate” is a new multi-episodes series that has debuted on JioCinema. It is a culinary show-cum-magical food journey where the talented chefs from Meghalaya are coming together to showcase their state’s rich tradition, food, and culture. The show not only gives a unique glimpse into the authentic and inspirational culinary heritage of the state of Meghalaya but it also busts away many pre-concieved notions about the cuisine of Meghalaya. It is aptly called the Meghalaya Chef Wars where the talented chefs from the state are going head-to-head, competing for the most exciting top prizes will help them to realize their future dreams. The seven-episode series features Sarah Todd of MasterChef Australia, Ardahun Passah, and William Diengdoh as the judges, with Gordon Thabah and Abigail Pamei as hosts. The contestants include Artet Kharsati, Ivan Suting, Adonijah Lyngdoh, Daei Suchiang, Tanisha Phanbuh and Nambie Marak.

The series kicked off with the first episode “MEET THE 7,” where seven skilled chefs from various backgrounds set the stage for intense competition and camaraderie. In Episode 2, “Waterfall Trails and Turmeric Tales,” the action moves to the scenic Jaintia Hills, where the chefs dive into the cultural and culinary heritage of the region. Moreover, episode three, “Fishing for Flavors in Garo Hills,” takes viewers to the lush landscapes of the Garo Hills, where the contestants embrace the essence of local cuisine. The rest of the episodes are set to be released on April 27th.

The participants of the Hills on a Plate show
The first episode -“Meet the 7“-Hills on a Plate

Why should you watch it?

At the heart of the series lies the search for Meghalaya’s greatest chefs, who will showcase their culinary prowess amidst breathtaking landscapes and vibrant markets. As contestants compete to create dishes that capture the essence of Meghalaya’s cuisine, viewers will be treated to mouthwatering creations inspired by local ingredients and age-old recipes.

After my return from Shillong, I also spoke to some of the contestants and chefs and they will give you enough reasons to watch the show.

Hills On a Plate is close to my heart because I am from Meghalaya and having been on other shows and done multiple pop ups and interviews to talk and advocate about Meghalaya and the Northeast, there was no doubt in my mind that I absolutely must sign up and be a part of it.I loved that it gave me a chance to travel within my State, cook under all sorts of weather conditions and it also pushed me out of my comfort zone – adventure wise, as I am otherwise very happy just staying in and watching food shows and trying out recipes and experimenting. It aligned so well with my goals of showcasing what we have to offer and I cannot wait for it to be aired, it is a treat. Working with a fully homegrown production made the whole experience one of joy and comfort and simply, just really fun! There’s no other way to describe it. A smaller team always means better experiences and bonding and friendship that’s special – says Tanisha Phanbuh.

As a contestant, being part of “Hills on a Plate – Meghalaya Chef Wars” was an incredible opportunity to explore and showcase the culinary treasures of Meghalaya. Getting a chance to experiment with different local ingredients ,explore different locations, and meeting amazing people came with it-says Adonijah lyngdoh 

Lariti Auditorium in New Shillong

My experience working on the “Hills on the Plate” series was incredibly enjoyable and exciting. It marked my first time working on the sets of a TV show and being in front of the camera, which was thrilling experience. I had the opportunity to meet new amazing people
shared a passion for food and storytelling. Travelling to some of the most beautiful places in Meghalaya was an unforgettable adventure, and I even got to partake in thrilling adventure sports for the show. Overall, it was a fantastic journey filled with fun, excitement and unforgettable memories
– says Nambie Marak

Dont miss the greens and vegetarian food in Meghalaya
Greens and Spices of Meghalaya

“Hills on a Plate” is more than just a culinary competition—it’s a celebration of Meghalaya’s rich heritage and the people who call it home. Through encounters with locals, visits to cultural landmarks, and immersive experiences in traditional cooking methods, viewers will gain a deeper understanding of the soul of Meghalaya. The series combines breathtaking scenery with culinary artistry, inviting viewers to explore the enchanting hills and experience the vibrant food scene of Northeast India. Combining the excitement of a chef competition with the immersive exploration of Meghalaya’s cultural tapestry, “Hills on a Plate” promises a unique blend of flavours, sights, and experiences. From bustling markets brimming with fresh produce to remote villages steeped in tradition, each episode offers a glimpse into the diverse and untamed beauty of this northeastern gem.

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