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Best Party Venues in Brickell

Best party venues in Brickell

After an year of staying indoors, there is no better feeling than talking about partying. Keeping up with my armchair travel series, let us head to Brickell today. Coastal cities know how to party; Santa Monica, New York, and Jersey City have hosted some truly epic parties over the years. Brickell, Florida is no slouch either in the party department. Sun up or sun down, there’s always something exciting going on here. Newcomers probably want nothing more than to get their parties started. Thing is, they don’t know the best spots. Let me help you find out the best party venues in Brickell. Are you carrying around backpacks and bags? Use a luggage storage service near Brickell before you start the festivities. 

Crazy About You

Conventional is the last word that we’d use to describe Miami. The beaches, the music, the people – everything is one of a kind in this city. That goes for restaurants and lounges too. Take Crazy About You, for instance. No, not the song – a budget-friendly lounge in Brickell.

Crazy About You provides a distinguished place for visitors to rest and relax. Their entire aesthetic is based on American, Italian, and Spanish lounges. This venue is great for small gatherings and even better for birthday parties and promotion celebrations.

Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita

With a name like this, ordinary is the last thing you should expect from this establishment. Dolores Lolita (as the locals call it) started out as a fire station. Renowned Architect H. Hasting Mundy imbued the building with a distinct Mediterranean Revival aesthetic. 

In 2009, the firehouse was converted into a restaurant split into two levels; the “Dolores” rooftop terrace and the “Lolita” cafe. When someone hosts a party here, people talk about it for ages. A visit to Dolores Lolita is guaranteed to be unforgettable.

HistoryMiami Museum

We know what you’re probably thinking; museums are full of delicate artifacts and ask for visitors to be quiet. How could a museum ever be a great party venue? Honestly, the average museum wouldn’t be. Then again, HistoryMiami is anything but average.

This museum is located in Downtown Miami, where most of the city’s nightlife thrives. However, HistoryMiami is commonly used as a wedding venue. Guests who are looking to host their wedding reception with a unique flair should book a room ASAP.

Miami Seaquarium

It’s no surprise that sealife plays an important role in Miami’s culture. The city is surrounded by water and is famous for some genuinely amazing seafood restaurants. The Miami Seaquarium grants visitors a different perspective on local and foreign wildlife.

This venue is 38-acres wide and features tons of hands-on exhibits. Additionally, the Seaquarium makes for an amazing family-friendly party venue. Specifically, the Seaquarium specializes in kids’ birthday parties of truly epic proportions.

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Olympia Theater

Venues that stand the test of time shouldn’t be taken lightly. Think about it; these historic sites have endured for generations, persisting through some of history’s craziest events. The Olympia Theater is a prime example of what we’re talking about.

This venue was built in 1926 and has striking Mediterranean Architecture. The Olympia is actually one of the only remaining Atmospheric Theaters in the state. Not only is the venue a cherished historic site, but it’s also great for viewing parties. 

It’s one thing to host a viewing party in your living room, and another to host it at a prestigious location. Thespians will also have a ball attending the Olympia’s numerous annual events. If you’re looking for a refined party experience, the Olympia Theater is your best bet. 

Pinecrest Gardens

Things are always changing in Miami, Florida. Fire stations get turned into restaurants, museums get turned into wedding venues, and theme parks get turned into… parks? That’s the case with Pinecrest Gardens, previously known as Parrot Jungle.

The park’s roots stretch all the way back to 1936. A couple by the name of Franz and Louise Scherr opened a parrot sanctuary that endured for years. Pinecrest Garden pays tribute to the Sherr’s while also changing with the times. This venue doubles as a popular wedding and birthday party location.

Secret Gardens Miami

They say silence is golden and privacy is rare. Miami seems to value those adages; the city is brimming with tons of locations that are great for secluded getaways. As you can imagine, Secret Gardens is at the top of that list. Scenic, secret, and special describe this venue.

The scenery in question is very green and grassy – the “gardens” part of the title isn’t just for show. Luscious pools and dreamy arches give this venue an almost ethereal atmosphere. It’s no wonder so many weddings and social events are regularly hosted here.

The Social Hub

Anyone can be an influencer these days. Social Media has become so pervasive, that people can gain thousands of followers with a few tactical posts. The Social Hub is the ideal place to perfect your selfies and boost your profile.

The Social Hub has tons of props, backdrops, and themes on offer. But wait, there’s more; The Social Hub is happy to host all kinds of private events. All of those props and decorations can elevate your bachelor or bachelorette party to the next level.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Florida is home to several gorgeous villas; massive estates owned by titans of industry that cover many, many miles. Villa Vizcaya was owned by one James Deering. When he passed away, the villa and accompanying garden were opened to the public. 

You can visit Vizcaya Museum and Gardens on most days on a museum trip. However, you can also host your wedding and reception at this prestigious Italian-style palace. Farmers’ markets and other social events also regularly take place at Vizcaya all throughout the year.


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