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Good Food and Great Laugh at The People and Co.

People and Co. , The Canvas Club

This is about one eventful evening that I recently had at The People and Co., Cyberhub!


CyberHub is definitely one of the cool places in Delhi NCR where your hunt for live music, rock band shows, stand up comedy, flavorsome food, interesting ice creams, delish desserts, yummy treats and refreshing drinks ends. In fact, my visit to Gurgaon is never complete without going there. I love the energy and the freshness that does rounds there. Every time I go there, I find five new brands competing to catch my attention. And with the rising culinary scene, I am always on a look out for a new dining experience. Thus, my most recent visit was dedicated to discovering a place which I was told is about good laughs and palatable food.  As the name suggests, ThePeople&Co. is about having fun with all kinds of people, and is known for two big reasons, good food and great laughter. If you love to crack up to insane talking and are tolerant to comedy, you should look up for this place.


I found the entrance very inviting  Quite an easy and hassle-free entrance unlike the grand ones.


Canvas Club in Gurgaon


Live Music


We walked in to a live band and grabbed a high table on one side. The ambiance was just right for a Saturday evening and everyone around looked in a party mood. There was still an hour to go for the comedy show that we had booked for and we knew we wouldn’t get bored. While the big laughs were not far away, music with food and light drinks made for an enjoyable combination. While hubby enjoyed the strums thoroughly, I scanned the place for its decor and vibes. Though the main dining area was undergoing a renovation, this smaller section or the cafe area had a different appeal. The happy faces on the walls inspired one to smile, laugh and rejoice. The light was just right and the overall setup was impressive. The place had a happy vibe about itself and thus in no time I took a liking for it. 


People and Co. in Gurgaon
I like such places which inspire us to be happy!


Menu Card


Delectable Food


In my view, a smartly and creatively done menu is the first step towards making your guests hungry. A long list often confuses me. I also like interesting names or names that speak out for themselves. The Menu here wasn’t boring. There were some smart and unique names. Small plates looked impressive and we started with ‘Dark rum glazed tandoori chicken drumsticks’ and ‘Charcoal smoked cottage cheese’. The food not only looked delicious but it tasted that way too. The presentation of the food was appetizing and the chutneys were as fresh as a rose. The chicken drumsticks were cooked absolutely to my liking. The charcoal effect on the cottage cheese added an interesting twist to it. Good food is our weakness and thus there was no stopping. We ordered for some veg and non-veg dimsums, achaari fish tikka and veg pizza (Romagna) .


While the chicken filling in the dimsums was succulent, the veg ones were equally tantalizing. The fish tikka was fresh and tangy but the best of all was the pizza. This has to be one of the best pizza that I have eaten lately. I loved the taste of the roasted nuts topped over the cheese. 





Food at People and Co.





Gremolata Crusted Cottage Cheese Steak


During the show, I ordered for some lemonade. After the show, we wanted to check out the main course and thus we picked one from the vegetarian section. As you can see in the picture above, ‘Gremolata Crusted Cottage Cheese Steak’ was a delightful platter. I must congratulate chef Abhinav Sharma for putting up a great foodie show at People and Co. 



Stand Up Comedy


Well, well, food is not the only reason to be here, there is more to this place. A chance to share laughter with your friends & family and crack up to the jokes of some of the renowned comedians of India has to be the USP.  This is like a theater where you can choice pick your favorite comedians and book the tickets for their show. 


If you are just here for the comedy show, you can still relish the food when you see the people around you binging in. What I really liked about the service was that everything was well planned and executed well. One had the luxury to enjoy food and beverages in the auditorium while watching the show. There was a pencil and a booklet which had the menu. We just had to tick mark our choices and place orders. The food was served right there while the show was on. Despite the fact that everyone was eating, drinking and laughing out loud, there was no disturbance. 


Comedian Apurva Gupta



The star of the evening was Appurv Gupta, a Hinglish stand-up comedian and a satirist. As expected, he was good with his jokes and kept us entertained. Since he is an engineer, everyone in the room who was an engineer could relate to his jokes all the more. He had a hilarious take on many things in life and I liked his comedy better than many others who offer only vulgarity in the name of humor. As far as I can remember, there was no dull moment in the entire show which lasted for an hour. Overall, it was a great evening. As far as the prices are concerned, the comedy shows offer absolute value for money. The food rates are comparable to other restaurants in the vicinity and since its good, you will not be disappointed.


I really liked the fact that this place was all about having fun and laughing together.

Canvas laugh club



People and Co. has live comedy shows






You are definitely in great company at PeopleandCo. 

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