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3 Friends, Rainy Day and Our Trip to Giethoorn

Brussels to Giethoorn, road trip

Me: Hey girls, it predicts a rainy day in Giethoorn on 10th August (2019).

Lakshmi: Damn! Its such a pretty place with nature, canals, fields, ponds, scenery and mostly its car-free, it can’t rain and spoil our day.

Nancy: Really, I was looking forward to a fashionable and fun day in Netherlands. How can the rain Gods spoil our girls trip? Bhai koi katori chupao…. Baarish nahi aati hai. (Someone please hide a bowl secretly and pray that it doesn’t rain heavily)

Me: Ha ha… we Indians have a superstitious gharelu nushka for everything. I laughed at it and dismissed it right away.

Road trip from Brussels to Giethoorn
We did a road trip from Brussels to Giethoorn. It takes 3 hours by road.
Road tripping to Giethoorn!
The probability of rains couldn’t be denied!

So this is how our excitement, anxiety and planning for Giethoorn began!

I first heard and learned about Giethoorn in Netherlands, from my friend Lakshmi and immediately fell in love with the first pictures of its canals, houses and wooden bridges. We were in Brussels in Belgium, in between our elaborate 7 weeks Euro trip and I told her we have to go to this place. Our host, our friend and our third partner in the gang, Nancy immediately looked for ways to reach there and we booked a trip via See-EU (A group that aims to show Europe to Indians in a very interesting, economical and friendly way.) I really liked the way they took care of the elderly couples and stuck to the itinerary, strictly.

Trip to Giethoorn
Take a break from this lockdown and do some virtual travel to Giethoorn!
Armchair travel to Netherlands
Giethoorn is an almost car-free village with adorable bridges, picturesque canal routes and lovable farm houses.

When fairy tales come alive, you land up in Giethoorn

Okay, so we were booked for our Giethoorn Trip for 10 August. We made this booking a week before our Berlin and Hamburg trip (3rd to 9th August). I was already excited about my street art workshop in Germany and then I was travelling to Netherlands for the first time. While mostly people prefer to begin with Amsterdam, I was really happy about going the offbeat way. Giethoorn is one place where I actually felt fairy-tales were for real.

So Giethoorn is often called as the ‘the Venice of the Netherlands’ but trust me its much more prettier, greener and quieter. So how about knowing some facts about this village.

  1. Geitenhoorn means goat horns! The story goes that when the village came into being, the people found lots of horns of goats.
  2. Giethoorn counts for about 90 km of waterways and 180 plus bridges.
  3. There are charming and gorgeous farm houses and I was told most of them are from 18th and 19th century.
  4. I did not see any car during the whole day. Actually, there are no roads for cars. Giethoorn only has canals, boats, bridges and adorable houses.
  5. Apart from the boat cruise, there is the Weerribben-Wieden National Park to explore. Giethoorn lies right in there.
  6. Some of the farm houses serve as airbnb and it is great place to stay and just soak in the vibes.
  7. You may rent a personal boat and manoeuvre it yourself. Exploring the village through its waters is the best that one must do.
  8. Walk along the pathways along the water and fall in love with the houses there.
  9. Giethoorn has a couple of small museums too. You may like to visit Museum de Oude Aarde and ‘t Olde Maas Uus Museum.
  10. Don’t forget to enjoy some local Dutch snacks. You may even find some aged ladies making them and you can grab fresh bites.

Do check out the video. My first in the #Armchairtravel series

Rains, Canal Cruise, Coffee, Jewelry shopping and Photoshoot in Giethoorn!

I know no one is really interested in reading long stories these days. And when you have so many lovely pictures to scroll through, why would you? So I will quickly take you through five highlights of our trip.

It was a girls trip. After a long time, we three were together. We are all fashionable young ladies. Of course, photo shoot very much in the plan. And the canals, flowers, small trails, picturesque backgrounds are in plenty to make you feel better.

Yes, it did rain that day. It began to drizzle just before our canal cruise but thankfully we had a covered boat and we enjoyed the pitter patter. There are hardly any roads in Giethoorn, so boat-ride is not just a touristy attraction, its a way of life here. Canal cruise is a must-do to get that first feel about the place.

We had some amazing coffee and cookies by the lake side restaurant. Later, we indulged in some gelato and fries too. Mistakenly, I barged in someones personal bridge too. I remember that look from Uncle Scrooge.

Girls will be girls, so shopping was mandatory. Apart from souvenirs, my gal pals bought some amazing stone jewelry as well.

We just strolled the whole village on foot, visited every shop, marveled at the houses, climbed all bridges and spent the day like happy carefree girls.

Armchair travel - Let us go to Giethoorn
Boat-ride is not just touristy, its a way of life in Giethoorn!
Local dutch snacks-Canape
Do eat local Dutch snacks!

Did it rain all day?

P.S. The weather prediction was that it would rain for the whole day in Giethoorn but it rained for only an hour. The weather God smiled on us and suddenly the weather turned extremely pleasant. No plans were spoiled. We did have a fabulous trip, more than what we had expected.

So who hid the bowl? My friend asked… I smiled and said, “I did”.

Ha ha, so yes I did hide a bowl in the house and did my small prayer, early morning in Brussels before leaving for our bus stop point. I really dint want a rainy day. I am glad God heard me. I am not sure what worked but something worked. I love our non-harmful Indian beliefs and nushkas.

10 thoughts on “3 Friends, Rainy Day and Our Trip to Giethoorn

  1. Haha .. thr bowl treasure …
    We have to try this so many more times..
    What fun…
    Looking forward for some more fun travels with u.
    Till then keep us engaged in our respective arm chair tight.


  2. The weather doesn’t matter if the company is so great. With friends even when it rains is beautiful. I’m glad that you had so a beautiful trip. Giethoorn in Netherlands is amazing. So charming with its adorable bridges, picturesque canal routes and lovable farmhouses.

  3. Hello Manjulika, thanks for the lovely blog, I love rainy season in India but never visited Netherlands on rainy season. You have nicely described about the beautiful place. I think booking with See-EU is really helpful for the first time visitors. There are some interesting facts Giethoorn means goat horns – never thought of that! The stunning picture of the beautiful canal town is really awesome. Thanks for the lovely blog. I will surely visit the place when I visit Netherlands next time.

  4. what a quint little place. This is great proof that no matter rain or shine as long as you are with friends anything can be fun! The canals look stunning, I would love a boat ride! That crepe has left me hungry!I hope to visit one day

  5. Hi Manjulika! Do I need to make reservations for the boats? If it’s raining (like in your story here), will I be able to cancel or modify the reservation? I don’t want to go on the boat ride when it’s raining but I am also not sure if they allow it? Or the rides depend on the weather? Thank you for your help!

  6. What an awesome virtual journey. Had I discovered this place before I would have rushed there from Brussels last summer before heading to Amsterdam. But now I will next summer schedule at least a two day trip to Giethoorn after winding up with Berlin, Hamburg before heading to Amsterdam. The beauty of the place is amazing. The farmhouses, the boat ride, the green with cattle this certainly is a destination that I am looking forward to visit. The small town charm is unmatched.

  7. I have done several road trips to the Netherlands but I haven’t heard of Giethoorn. If it’s just 3 hours from Brussels then it is a must-visit for me. I can see why it is called the Venice of Netherland – if there are no roads for cars. I love a good boat trip and this sounds like it will be an amazing activity for the family to do during a school holiday!

  8. Your rainy day in Giethoorn trip with girls really look worth to do as this town really looks very beautiful. Good to know Giethoorn is car free village and it has truly picturesque canals. Wow this really beautiful thing to know that in this village there is about 90 km of waterways and 180 plus bridges. And those farmhouses from 18th – 19th century looks very beautiful.

  9. Wow, you had me at the first picture of the canal and boats. I mean, a girl’s trip is wonderful and everyone thinks their trip is to the fairy tale land but yours really does look magical. Glad you hid the bowl! I’m going to have to learn that trick!

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