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7 Gifting Ideas- Its all about Travel and Adventure!

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The mention of ‘Gifts’ rings a bell in my ears. Does it have the same affect on you too? I love surprise gifts and the feeling of joy that takes birth while unwrapping a gift box is exhilarating. And while I am a sucker for fancy gifts, I also enjoy picking exclusive gifts for others. I have always done that and I still love spending hours at the gift shops to pick the brightest greeting card with a warm content. With the advent of e-commerce portals, I have been spoilt for choices these days. The ‘touch and feel’ effect has diminished but at the same time, its super fun to give more confident and convenient gifts to each other. I mean who had thought that we could gift ‘Stress Relieving Facial, Lazy Sunday brunches, Gastronomical treats, Cake Baking, City walk experiences, etc.’ to each other.



Among all perky choices, I am absolutely in love with the travel gift ideas. I have discovered some of the hottest gifting ideas and I am writing this post to let you know too. Okay, if you promise to gift me one of these I will save you with all the stress that goes in choosing a perfect gift for your best friend, partner, family member. There will no boxes or keep-sake gifts but lots of adrenaline rush and memorable hours. There is a solution for that unique friend of yours too who only talks about bikes. He will never be able to thank you enough for those ‘Harley hours’ or ‘ Thunderbird Dream’ or a ‘Whooping Speed Ride’. Don’t tell me you din’t know about these super fun ideas. Really? Read on..



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1. A bit of Sky — For those who love a piece of sky and wanna fly, send them some love by giving them a day of Rappelling whisper. A thrilling paragliding experience in the hills of Uttarakhand or Snow Adventure Zone is a perfect outdoor adventure destination nearby Mussoorie and Dhanaulti. 



2. Wild Sojourn — I think there would be many people who would not do this on their own but if given an opportunity, they would love to pamper themselves in the nature’s lap. The jungle walk with a group of enthusiasts or a day off in the wilderness of the breezy mountains can be super relaxing day. Gift it to your friend who has not done it ever.



3.Tours and Getaways —  Someone who is visiting from another country may have the crunch of time but wants to savor the best of any city, the guided tours always help to save the stress of planning the day judiciously. They who know it best, show us in the best way. Getaways are treats for the weekends. Your spouse has had a grilling month at work, take them for a weekend getaway to spend some time together. 



4.Culinary Experiences — You love to eat but this is going to be different. Food walks are in vogue. I went for a tea trail and I must tell you my love for such trails has enhanced since then.  These experiences are not just about savoring the taste but also learning so much about the food. The ‘Best of Italy’ or the ‘Awadhi Experience’ or the Splendour Of Steel City can be gifts that your friends will love forever. 



5. Health and Wellness —  I would love being send to a yoga retreat or a spa. Hope someone is listening. Suppose your spouse is in another city and is neck deep in work. Give them a de-stress massage or a Thai retreat or a Ayurveda scrub for that one Sunday in between. Send your love in a special way.



6.Walks and Rides — WalksOkay you don’t like the walks, you love bikes. There are some really awesome gifts which will give you or your friend those adrenaline rush. You can do those Harley hours once in a month maybe if you still don’t have plans to buy your own Harley right now.



7.Thrilling Adventure — From the Wonderful Kayaking Chase in Goa to Banana fun ride to learning shooting in Mumbai to Ranch adventures to Back Water Trail, everything is thrilling just as it sounds. You just have to do it or make people around you to experience the thrill. 



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The best thing that has happened to us through e-commerce sites is that even if the friend is sitting in another city or state,we can always surprise them on their special days. You choose and you pay. The gift gets delivered where you want. Its as simple as this. Giftxoxo site was introduced to me by a friend and when I had a chance to write for them, I couldn’t turn it away because the gifts and experiences are seriously too enticing in there. 



Let us play ‘virtual gifting’ activity. Do tell me what is that one gift you would want to have from the site and also if you had to gift me, what would it be. You never know one person may get lucky too.

Sunset in the Chambal River- Uttar Pradesh

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