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Long Layover at London Gatwick?




Long layovers don’t have to be horrible, and as long as you know where to go and what to do. Here I tell you what to do at London Gatwick. You’ll be surprised how quickly time flies.



There’s probably nothing quite as frustrating as a long – or extended – layover. What’s worse than knowing you’ll be stuck in an airport for a few hours? Learning that your flight has been delayed and that you’re going to be stuck in an airport for longer than expected.



Luckily, many airports now provide their travelers with several dozen things to do while they’re in the airport. Singapore’s Changi Airport even has a swimming pool that can be accessed by anyone traveling through the airport, as well as pay-per-use lounges and even a movie theater. With services like these, it’s no surprise that Changi Airport is widely considered to be the best airport in the world.



But what if you were stuck in a lesser-known airport – one that doesn’t top the charts for as one of the world’s best airports, like London’s Gatwick Airport? Gatwick is only London’s second busiest airport, but it’s already seeing continued growth over the past few years and record-breaking traveler statistics. As such, airport authorities have been hard at work renovating the airport to make it more comfortable and appealing to passengers. Changes have been made all throughout the airport, from the moment you drive onto one of its lots, which Parking4Less describes as the most convenient self-park option available to flyers; to the array of high end restaurants offered at the various terminals as well as buses directly to the center of London. So what are some of the things you can do while you have a long layover at Gatwick Airport?



While Gatwick Airport doesn’t have the same facilities as some of the world’s most high-class airports, or even entertainment options such as Changi’s Movie Theatres or the Rijksmueum at Amsterdam’s Airport Schiphol, but Gatwick does have a great selection of affordable food and shopping options. There are nearly 40 shopping destinations in Gatwick, including Aspinal of London, M&S, and Ted Baker, and their dining options range from McDonald’s to Caviar House & Prunier.



If you’re able to leave the airport, there’s even more for you to do. As Layover Guide  is quick to point out, there are many services that offer quick tours of London from Gatwick, and with trains running from the airport, you can even visit nearby towns. Brighton is a popular choice, being a seaside town with a pebble beach and some historic sights, while Horley has been quickly gaining popularity for its quaint old English village feel. 


So next time when you are at Gatwick,  I bet you know what to do.



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  1. As a traveler…this piece is not very helpful describes more about other airport than gatwick…. would have loved to know more about things to do at gatwick other than shopping if i cant go out

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