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Creative menu, delectable Italian food at Cafe Amaretto

Pizza at cafe Amaretto

Who is craving a delicious bowl of hand pulled pasta and mouth-melting pizza with crunchy toppings? Well I am! if you are missing flavors of global cuisine, Cafe Amaretto is the place which will satisfy your Italian quest and hunger pangs, right away. Here, I introduce you to this lovely Italian eatery at South Point Mall on Golf Course Road, Gurgaon. Recently, I visited the place on invite and indulged in its offerings. The ambiance is happy & cozy, the menu is very creative and, the food is amazing. Join me on this delightful foodie trip to learn about everything that I tried.

A perfect quote to ponder over and then enjoy Italian food as well!

First Impression of Cafe Amaretto

Cafe Amaretto is situated on the ground floor, right opposite Nature’s Basket inside South Point Mall. It is easy to locate and there are enough seats to find a comfortable spot. One one side there are couches and on the other, you have chairs. And main counter in located on the middle (at the end), where you can pick your dessert. Terms like ‘GNOCCHI, RAVIOLI, CAPRESE, TIRAMISU, etc. on the led banner display were enough to pique my interest and make me hungry. The framed photographs on the walls spoke of great taste in art. The hanging lights added to the character of the place. The settings complemented the concept of the place and one could look forward to it for intimate, personal gathering, as well as sophisticated all-day dining event.

Some of the dishes on the menu looked more enticing than another. My partner and I were quite impressed to see a wholesome range of dishes, from breakfast options, coffee, desserts, to small plates and wholesome pizza and pasta. Italian food is their forte but they also serve Mediterranean, Mexican, etc. So if you are fond of global cuisines, you will love to be here.

Both husband and I are eggetarians so we went with vegetarian options + omelette. And they were in plenty. I like places which offer a range of choices and serve all day breakfast choices. I can dig into eggs at any point of the day. I used to be a non-vegetarian but I am trying to convert into a conscious vegetarian.

All That I Ate at Cafe Amaretto

We began our tasting with Mushroom Cappuccino (soup), Beetroot and avocado tartar with caramelized walnuts (salad) and Spanish Omelette. The soup was delicious and it set the right tone. The omelette was okay but the potatoes that came along were super yum. However, the Avocado beetroot salad was the showstopper which arrived early on the table. And it actually elevated our expectations from the rest of the food. The combination of avocado and beetroot was beautifully used and presented. Everything tasted fresh. And the end result was amazing. This one is highly recommended from my side.

Next we ordered baked mushrooms with feta cheese and red pepper. This one was soft, nicely baked and made to melt in the mouth. It had just the right amount of cheese and flavors. There were only four pieces and I definitely craved for more. But every bite was worth the effort done to make it. Falafel pockets were our last starters. The antipasti platters looked tempting but we also wanted to sample some Mediterranean dish. So we opted for the latter. The filling was very nice and the pockets were soft and nicely done. The hummus was very good. There serve quesadillas too but we gave them a skip to eat Italian.

You get all day breakfast
Spanish Omellete

Best dishes to order at Cafe Amaretto
Baked Mushrooms

Following the first round, it was time to go for the real Italian menu. And for this one can’t really do without Pasta and Pizza. I am fond of both. On some days, I crave for both. We ordered Pesto and pinenuts pizza and Linguni jalapeno with brocolli in butter lemon chilli sauce (veggies pasta). They were too good. The pizza had fresh toppings and freshly made pesto. The combination was utterly delicious. The hand pulled spaghettis also satiated me to the core. The broccoli in butter chili sauce did the magic. Distinct flavors of each ingredient exploded in the mouth to make the experience truly divine.

For desserts, don’t miss the Panna Cotta with mango sauce. Cafe Amaretto has an in-house bakery and thus, they are very popular for their extensive cake menu. If you have a sweet tooth, go for the Amaretto’s Dessert Platter. They serve great coffee but we did not try any because we are not very serious coffee drinkers.

Falafel pockets at Cafe Amaretto
Falafel Pockets – Mediterranean

Final verdict

The beetroot avocado salad remains unforgettable. The chefs team in the kitchen deserves a round of applause. The men at the counter and our table were hospitable and polite. I would love to return to this place for some great pizza and pasta. The prices were at par with the Gurgaon eateries. I felt portion size could be a little more but then the food was so good so I would like to ignore that thought. I would like to take my friends and family there.

Restaurant review -Cafe Amaretto
I like to visit interesting eateries, especially the ones which take me on a global treat!

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