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Don’t Rush. Get Fully Vaccinated to Travel Safely

10 reasons to get vaccinated before travelling

If you are reading this, I understand you are an ardent travel lover. You maybe desperate to pack your bags. You may be missing the ‘views from the gorgeous locations and the amazing feeling of getting lost in new destinations’. You may be thinking of planning a trip or you may have booked everything, already. But believe me, this is not the time to rush into things. We are all born vagabonds. We all love to travel but that doesn’t mean that we have to risk lives and take chances. Second wave was miserable-cum-heart-wrenching and we all know it. Remember, nobody came to help. We were short of essentials. The hue and cry was extremely disturbing. And it was all for real. Hence, only self-restraint at individual level can avert the predicted third wave. The rush to the mountains or beaches does not feel right to me. Rather, rush for vaccination first. If you have taken your doses, ensure that your family, friends, relatives, staff and house helps get it too. And if you are fully vaccinated already, pat your back for being a responsible traveller.

Be a responsible traveller!

No one has challenged you for a ‘dare.’ But the ‘truth’ is right in front of you. We do not have to go far as the memories from second wave refuse to budge. We do not have to nurse them forever but atleast we can learn from them. Let us be submissive for few more weeks. Let us engage ourselves in other activities. A few months without travelling won’t do any harm. But being careless, ignorant about the vulnerable situation and storming into it unprepared can have severe repurcussions. Step out only if is absolutely necessary. Let things settle down first. We cannot afford a re-run or even close of what happened in the last two months. Even the thought of it makes me nervous. I have been reading around and the most covincing takeaway has been – Travel will become low risk if we’re Fully Vaccinated.

I hear people calculating safe windows between first wave, second wave and impending third wave? I say, “Why not work towards not having a third wave?” Together, if we all decide that we have to stay home, get fully vaccinated first and not step out unnecessarily, we can alter what we don’t want. It is high time that we think about others around us. Our and their safety is totally in our hands. We can’t keep blaming the government, doctors, hospitals and the country if we fail on our part. We seriously cannot.

Don’t be inspired by your friends and relatives in other countries where the vaccination drives have covered major percentage of their country. They are travelling because they have achieved milestones like 40 percent, 28 percent, 16 percent fully vaccinated. We are only 4 percent when it comes to fully vaccinated. So be careful and do not compare.

Are you eager to Travel? But don’t be a part of revenge tourism.

I am sure you are. Even I am but not until I am comfortable with the situation around me. And when will I feel safe? Only when I know that people around me are fully vaccinated and are adhering to appropriate behaviour (wearing masks and maintaining social distancing). I am not talking about emergency travels but if you really planning a vacation, it is my earnest request that you must re-evaluate the urge. Life is much valuable to give up just because you are bored.

Revenge Tourism hints at foolishness and nothing else. After the catastrophe of second wave, if we think that we are capable of taking revenge, we are completely mistaken. Nature is way too strong. Don’t mess with it – the message has come out crystal clear. Keeping in sync with the learnings so far, we must restart slowly and carefully. Restarting is not bad, but the hastiness is making me worried. I totally understand your restlessness to travel or move out or take a break from the monotony, but think of those who have suffered. I would sincerely advise you to go for the vaccine first. And this is the best solution so far. Health officials are recommending around the world, to wait for at least two weeks after becoming fully vaccinated.

10 Reasons to Get Vaccinated Before You Makes Plans for Your Travels

Let me convince you a little further.

  • The beaches and mountains may be calling but you will be able to enjoy them only when you feel safe, minus the fear, anxiety and stress of being infected.
  • We know the enemy is too smart. Why not outsmart it?
  • Dont be a part of the problem, be the part of the solution. Vaccination is the best solution we have so far.
  • You are travelling because you love the place and people, why would you want to cause any harm to anybody or pass on the virus unknowingly?
  • What is the rush? The beautiful places are not going anywhere. They are very much there. Once you are vaccinated, you can go, live there for weeks and enjoy them with more confidence.
  • The world is opening. India is recovering. Isn’t it a good sign? Let it stay this way. Why plan unsafe travels?
  • Does it sound fair, safe or ethical to travel to places where locals are not vaccinated yet? Give them time to get vaccinated too. If you wish to support tourism, there are many other ways to do it. First support you maid and help and people around you. Government will be able to help tourism.
  • Risks are way more than rewards in these rushed plans, this time. Delays and postponements will do no harm.
  • How do you justify vacations and travels when people are still reeling in post affects?
  • Last but not the least, responsible travellers are waiting. The doctors and nurses are not travelling but caring for people. The front line workers are risking lives everyday. We all wish to travel but we care for ourselves and others. We are scared, we fear but for the good. Join this tribe.

Let us all travel but first let us get vaccinated and be thoughtful about everyone’s safety.

Do share your thoughts and more convincing reasons to give more wisdom to desperate travellers.

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