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Getafix in Greater Kailash (GK) 1, New Delhi

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GetAFix– Its all in the name. As the name suggests, this place is a charmer and it can give a complete fix to your hungry stomach. It provides for healthy food, delicious delights and perfect ambiance in one of the most happening markets of New Delhi. To add on to it, it also fixes your guilt of being a foodie. I indulged in its offerings absolutely guilt-free and carried a healthy feeling all the way to my house. They really know their job well and I am glad they have come up with something so interesting and innovative.

In fact it was not just the healthiest combinations on the menu but their creative name too got me intrigued. Ever since I had heard about its vegan offerings, I was curiously looking forward to discovering ‘Getafix’ Cafe in Greater Kailash. Finally, I made it to the place on 6th November. As soon as I entered the place, my eyes were pleased to find beautiful wall art, quirky cushion covers and colorful setup all around. Before going for the menu, I patiently looked around the cafe and soaked in the good vibes. The kitchen window was right there at one corner and one could see hard work going behind the food palettes.  I love food and thus I can easily recognize great food. Somehow, I could feel this was the beginning of an epic foodie time.




Get-A-Fix café is an all day restaurant situated in the posh M-block, GK market. It does have a new outlet in Noida too but I am going to talk about the one we visited last week. It isn’t a run-of-the mill sorts. In the big names, it easily makes its presence felt. The concept designers and founders have come up with a fool-proof plan in the times when healthy way of living and eating is gradually becoming a way of life. I am absolutely impressed with the menu. The food is perfectly done that you will love to go back again and again.

I am already reminded of its fresh juices and slow pressed juices. The getafix specials are quite innovative with different combinations of fruits to choose from. We tried the “C-nergy” and believe me it was actually full of vitamin C. It contained amla, orange, green apple and pineapple. It was blended to perfection. With the first sip I took, I realized my choice was perfect. There were shakes and smoothie. My husband ordered a vegan smoothie – The one without the yoghurt. This smoothie had no milk or yogurt, but only fruit pulp of green tea, pineapple, red grapes, etc.

Getafix, restaurant review
Couscous Salad
Air fried fish and chips
Air fried fish and chips

We ordered a couscous salad and fried fish for starters. The salad was very nicely mixed with spices and finely chopped vegetables that gave a very soothing taste. This is a must try for salad lovers. I must tell you that the serving was very decent and one can actually relish it along with a fresh juice. The fried fish came along with hot potato wedges and a cheesy dip. The best part about the fish was that it had no oil and was air fried. So, one can actually eat a tummy full and still be guilt-free.

For salad lovers, there was ‘Greek salad, Quinoa salad, Pear salad, House salad, Red salad’, etc. to choose from. There were plenty of other options to choose from.

The other thing good thing on the menu was full day breakfasts. This is the first place I have been in Delhi which offers full day breakfasts. The menu had all the choices starting from oats and banana, sprouts, American breakfast platter, English breakfast platter, different types of omelets, etc. Popeye omelette looked very enticing.

The vegan
The one without yoghurt!
Quinoa and oats, Getafix, restaurant review
Quinoa and Oats recipe!

We order an oats crepe filled with blue berries. This Quinoa and Oats crepe was absolutely delightful. It was served along with honey and banana ricotta as well as mixed berries ricotta . The filling inside was very yummy and I relished it till the last bite.

For main course, there were plenty of options to choose from like burgers, rolls, pizzas, pastas, rice bowls, etc. We were surprised to see a dish called as ‘cheese less pizza’. Now, this is something unique and so we had to call the waiter to understand what was it all about. So, basically it’s a pizza with no mozzarella (cheese used in pizzas) and uses goat cheese (the healthier one) as one of the toppings. We immediately ordered a vegetarian one which came with lots of broccoli, capsicum and bell peppers. The crispy thin crust was a blessing. This pizza can definitely compete for being the slimmest of all and for keeping us slim as well.

We also had a Mexican rice bowl with cottage cheese. This is one dish which has become quite familiar in the up-market restaurants. It’s a bowl full of rice along with Mexican herbs, red and white kidney beans topped with some cottage cheese prepared in salsa sauce. I relished it thoroughly as I am a big fan of cottage cheese and rice and I would say it is a must-do here.

Slimmest Pizza and Cheese-less too
Burrito Rice Bowl

It is criminal to finish a delectable meal without some dessert and hence we went for the dessert platter.  The other reason was that the idea of indulging in healthy sweets seemed very satisfying. The options were amazingly tempting. The platter had 4 different types of cakes – carrot cake, sugarless brownie, vanilla pound cake and lime pie. We ended the meal on a very sweet note.

All in all I can say that this is place is a must visit for the health freaks out there. Since it opens at 8 a.m., you may even hit this café straight out of the gym as it offers a lot of options which the body needs after exercise. The diet conscious folks who are foodies will love the concept. Two things that really stood out for me apart from the food were, the small bookshelf tree and second, there were Astrix comics. In fact, the cafe gets its name from one of its characters, Getafix who  is the village druid.

They serve fruity and healthy water in place of normal water
C-nergy drink was my favorite!!
Here is the latest from them….
At Getafix they offer healthy food for a great value, without skimping on taste. 
They have launched some new dishes made with fresh ingredients, only baking, grilling and air-frying them.

Here’s a little peek :-

  • Healthy and Delicious Burgers – Black Gram, Quinoa burger, Grilled Chicken burger
  • All Day American & European Breakfast
  • Bowl Meals – Burrito Rice Bowl, Mexican rice bowls & Japanese Soba Noddles
  • Fresh Slow Pressed Juices/ Smoothies – Smoothies & juices made with yoghurt & no extra sugar
  • Pasta & Pizza  – Chicken Tikka Pizza, Aglio Olio Pasta
  • Salads & Bites  – Air Fried fish & chips, Red Salad & BBQ wings
  • Low Cals Desserts – Minimal butter used, white sugar replaced with jaggery or honey.



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