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Let Us Go Sailing From Mumbai to Maldives!

Cruise from Mumbai, Maldives

Traveling from Mumbai to Maldives has never been as thrilling as this.



Do you know about the excitement around Costa neoClassica? It is the first large, classy and luxurious cruise ship that is all set to take us on an exciting ride from India’s largest metropolis, Mumbai to the unrivalled white-sand beaches and the underwater world of Maldives.  I have never felt so excited about cruising but this feels different because travelers will for the first time ever, be able to embark on a cruise from aamchi Mumbai.  In India, everyone who has been looking forward to an exciting vacation or holiday at this time of the year will get to experience something big and exciting.



Experience a Whole New Level of Cruising!


Costa Cruises is Europe’s number one cruising company. COSTA NEOCLASSICA is one of its highly anticipated sailings along India’s South-Western coast, with stops at Cochin and Mangalore on the way to Maldives, and return via Colombo and Goa on the way back to Mumbai.  16th Dec 2016 – 18th March 2017 is the first season and it will perform a series of weekly sailings. There is a 7-night itinerary from Mumbai to Maldives and an equally exciting trip of 7 nights from Male to Mumbai.

Ms. Nalini Gupta, Managing Director, Lotus Destinations (GSA of Costa Cruises India) says thatThe cruises will have an international flavour in terms of the mix of people on the ship, which will be a nice way for travellers to experience the world”.



Sailing from Mumbai to Maldives, CostaNeoClassica, Mumbai to Maldives
CostaNeoClassica-Mumbai to Maldives to Mumbai – A 14 day long holiday.



Some exciting features which have got me hooked!


This classic cruise ship has a total of 654 cabins (with a capacity for 1700 passengers), including some extra special cabins with ocean view and suites with private balconies.

You cannot get bored here. It is full-equipped with a Casino, Theater, Disco, Ballroom, Grand Bar with an aim to provide plenty of entertainment.


For the fitness freaks and those seeking an exciting holiday, there will be a wellness center on the ship which is spread across 1,300 sq. m.  It includes gym, treatment rooms, sauna and steam room.  To add on to the excitement, there is an outdoor jogging track, 4 Jacuzzis and 2 swimming pools as well.


For the shopaholics, the cruise ship has a huge duty free shopping centre.


If you love to unwind with a book, it also offers a wide selection of books in the library.


There cannot be a cruising experience without  the gastronomy indulgences.  The food & wine will be based on Italian regional menus with a choice of dishes representing different regions of Italy and proudly reflecting the country’s rich and unrivalled culinary heritage.


There are alternative choices too. One can also take advantage of tasty vegetarian and vegan dishes. 


For the pizza lovers,there is a chance to taste the real original Neapolitan pizza at Pizzeria “Pummid’oro”.


Last but not the least, the cruisers will be able to enjoy a variety of Indian cuisine.


While one set of Indians love to indulge, there is another set who are selective around their food choices. The cruise will not let them worry about anything. The restaurants on board are fully equipped to meet the special dietary requirements of Indians, which includes Jain food as well.






Reasons to be on-board are too many!!!


For me, December is a super exciting month, especially for the Christmas and New Years Eve celebrations. If I could have my wish come true, I would love to sail in the inaugural season. I have been really good this year. I hope Santa is listening.

For others, there are many reasons to go for the adventure. A lot of corporate houses who are looking to book large groups in the first quarter of 2017 can keenly explore this.

There is a health-themed/yoga sailing on this route which looks quite interesting to me.  I am sure senior citizens and health freaks will love it.

I knew it! The Indian weddings are a great affair and people are already looking forward to charter the entire ship for this itinerary.

And for the travelers in India or outside,  Mumbai-Maldives is going to be a new exciting trip like never before. So who needs more reasons?


Some news for Delhi Travelers!!!


If you are not very excited about sailing, you are water phobic or you are not very comfortable with the idea of facing sea sickness, I can still give you reasons to be excited about Maldives. All the above excitement was for travelers who would love to go for a cruise, how about some information on flights too. Mega Maldives Airlines has announced its non-stop flights to Male from New Delhi and it has started from 15th November 2016.

Flight options are here

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  1. This is a great post to give me new ideas about a possible cruise. Although this is not what comes up when you google cruises it really should be….it sounds so beautiful (the ship and the places)!

  2. The Maldives are paradise on Earth and I highly recommend everyone to visit them! This sailing trip seems awesome and so much fun.

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