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Mostly Grills – The Orchid, Mumbai

Mostly Grilles Reopened


Mostly Grills – The Orchid  (Located right next to Mumbai Domestic Airport)!

Restaurant Review by Laxmi Shukla.


In our fast paced and smartphone addicted life, we hardly get a break from the rush hour traffic, work place anxiety and Monday blues. In all these worldly things, we often forget to listen what our heart really longs for and what our mind is convinced to agree to. In fact, it isn’t complicated as we have made it. All that we need is just a place to be still, feel nothing and have some time with one self; feel the surroundings and not just be limited by those happy smiling selfies !


In my quest to find a little haven in the metro I have always found some small nests of bliss which take me away from this world although for a brief moment  and let me reconnect to my heart and soul. For most of us yoga, music, food or travel help us find a break from the chaos. I find my solace in food. Sumptuous delicacies, innovative cooking teamed with good ambiance is almost like traveling into a different world.


Mostly Grills, Restaurant Review
Mostly Grills- The Orchid


Mostly Grills
The seating arrangement


Recently, I had a chance to discover yet another gastronomic abode, Mostly grills – The Orchid located in Vile Parle, right next to the domestic airport. The Orchid classifies itself as a five star hotel which is equally famous amongst corporate, travelers and families. The Orchid re-launched its rooftop restaurant in Mumbai to cater to the international patrons and changing taste of the cosmopolitan Mumbaikars. Mostly grills has been styled with country village theme by way of gorgeous Mexican setting with the pool on one side  and a breathtaking view of the airport runway on the other. For the perfectionists, they also have some live music to make it an unforgettable experience. This rooftop resto has a comfortable and functional table seating for approx 80 guests which ensures a cool, open and contemporary dining space and makes a perfect choice for hosting some lovely parties.



Follow my culinary journey!


It was already eight in the night, almost the appropriate dinner time when I entered the place …. the grill was hot …. the smoke was looming in the air and the wind was aromatic (therapeutic too). 


After soaking in the atmosphere and the ambiance, I was excited by the sweet aroma of the spices from the kitchen. My belly finally succumbed to the heavenly appetizers which surely lived up to their names. The Lituanian smoked salad finds a special mention for its rich smoky mushroom and broccoli topped with tangy dressing. Sometimes words fall short of describing a perfect taste which lingers in your mouth which your taste buds remember long after the journey. The Mexican jerk spiced chicken is one such delicacy. The tomato salsa topping on the sizzler makes it mouth watering. The Arabic mezzeh which are the Lebanese starters coupled with pita bread was innovative and a welcome change. The soups menu consisted of the cream of pistachio and asparagus soup for the rich taste seekers and Harira soup with lentil and lamb broth for the clear soup lovers. For those who love to tread a middle path there was tomato lemongrass bouillon which was a re-worked tomato soup. The starters included tandoori vegetarian platter which was assorted vegetables made into kebabs which were spicy and tasty. The hare patte ka paneer roll had spicy stuffing into cottage cheese which was one of the best dishes I tasted in the evening. The bill of fare also included some other dishes like murgh dungar jaipur,jooieh-e-limu(chicken based)  and tabak maas (lamb based). The Canada sizzling steak was the most revered and praised delicacy and my personal must have at this place. The place also served some continental delicacy like MG’s potato and pasta alfredo. The main course had a good spread of sea food especially prawns grilled with olive and butter sauce and basa navido which was chefs recipe of basa fish.






The special attraction for the evening was the grill on wheels which was hungrily devoured by one and all. The Begum bahar and Subj Panchwati were the dishes to relish. However for those of us who were already filled to the tee and wanted a more simpler option they had the option to indulge in Dal Makhni, Steam rice and Murgh biryani. To top it all the evening left a sweet memory with some hot brownies combined with ice cream.


Though the grilled cuisine is a new concept and it largely attracts both youngsters as well as the families, this place is highly recommended for couples and families who would like to have an experience of the roof top restaurant with live music and contemporary ambiance.






Orchid Hotel belongs to the Kamat group of hotels(a renown group of hotels operating in Mumbai). It is a eco-friendly haven right in the middle of the busy Mumbai. The evolutionary idea of setting up a rooftop poolside restaurant  compliments the geographical location of the place.  The place is well equipped with most of the brands of liquor and the charred flavor food both veg and non veg. 


Overall I would conclude it as a good experience in terms of food and awesome experience in terms of ambiance and service. There is always some scope for improvement. I would suggest some more veg options and interesting desserts on the menu. When it comes to food, everyone has different choices and liking. Some prefer experimentation in recipes while others do not, however the good work shouldn’t stop for those who love to indulge in food.


Happy Eating and Happy Traveling!!

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