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Westin Turtle Bay Resort & Spa – My Experience!


Westin Turtle Bay Resort & Spa in Mauritius!


A holiday in Mauritius is about indulging the senses and recharging the body. Mauritius, the land of the Dodo (extinct) is a pearl island in the Indian Ocean. It is one place where new standards of luxury are defined in the lap of luxury resorts almost everyday.  No doubt, this happening travel destination is famous for its gorgeous beaches, is less crowded and makes for an year-round destination. I loved Mauritius all the more for its endless white sandy beaches, blue waters and hassle free visa-on-arrival process for Indian travelers.


In this post, I will be exclusively talking about the beauty and hospitality of Westin Turtle Bay Resort & Spa. If you have been following my blog, I am sure you know that I am a regular at the Westin Hotel and its events in Gurgaon, India. I am glad that I had a chance to explore this resort as well. Our group of travel writers had the privilege of exploring the resort on the third and fourth day of our familiarization trip to Mauritius with MTPA, India.


White sandy beaches of Mauritius
White sandy beach at Westin Turtle Bay Resort & Spa


The First Impression


While I alighted from the car, the look of the entrance pleased my eyes right away. The view of the water bodies and the ocean beyond assured me that I was in for a lovely retreat. Almost immediately, the hot face towels and ice tea soon came in to help us unwind. The staff was at their toes to help us with the check-in formalities. Within minutes, we were driven to our rooms along with our luggage bags. No less, the large and spacious room and a balcony (with a view) won my heart further. With all the amenities intact, the famous ‘Westin Heavenly Bed Sm’ came as a cherry on the cake. And when I thought I would skip the heavy meals during my stay, the various food experiences that followed doubled the delight.  The vegetarian Sushi as starters on the first evening, piping hot aloo-puri for breakfast next morning, the group activity of making our own drink in the bar, hearty North Indian dinner at Kangan on the second night, the breakfast that was only about SuperFood Rx (healthy ingredients), the quick and comfortable Westin Heavenly Spa experience, warm and  hospitable staff – everything put together made my stay at Westin very-very special. If I had to find a flaw, I would only say, wish the buggi (carts) arrived on time. Honestly, it dint bother me much because I preferred walking around.


The Westin Turtle Bay Resort & Spa, Mauritius, Balaclava
The entrance at the Westin Turtle Bay Resort & Spa, Mauritius, Balaclava


The Westin Turtle Bay Resort & Spa, Mauritius, Balaclava, Holiday, Hotel in Mauritius
Its a holiday destination- The Westin Turtle Bay Resort & Spa


Room, Hotel, Westin, Mauritius, The Westin Turtle Bay Resort & Spa, Balaclava
My room at The Westin Turtle Bay Resort & Spa, Mauritius, Balaclava


Westin hotel, Picture, Swimming pool, Westin Hotel
The main Westin pool is beautiful and very big.


All that I noticed and discovered during my stay!!


In 2014, ‘The Westin Turtle Bay Resort & Spa’ Mauritius opened and it is the third property ofthe Starwood Hotels & Resorts brand on the island.


Westin Turtle Bay Resort‎ is located at Turtle Bay of Balaclava on the North West coast of the island. It is 60 kilometers from the international airport.


The plus point about its location is that it is  adjacent to Baie de l’Arsenal Marine National Park and it faces the quiet Turtle Bay Protected Marine park.


The setting on the bay and the landscaping is gorgeous. The pool areas are beautifully designed and well shaded with parasols. The rooms are spacious with with double Westin Heavenly beds. The beds and showers as always, perfect.


The beach front deluxe rooms obviously come at a higher price tag but they are worth it. Look through the room options and weigh your choices.


For the clingy kids and the concerned parents too, there is a good news here. If you do not want your kid/kids to sleep in a separate room, there are big, spacious rooms with double beds. One bed is in the main area and there is another cozy bed in the alcove within the same room. The family that eats together can stay in the same room together.


There is a rocky side to the beach so I did not see many people swimming in the beach. The swimming pool is gorgeous.  Water sports are available free of charge.


Buffet breakfast is lavish at Seasonal Tastes and gives choices in plenty. I was happy to see crisp and hot puri being served to the guests on request. I ate it too and quite relished it. The potato curry to go with it could have been better though.


If you wish to practice yoga, you just need to book for yoga mats. The staff brings it to the room. If you wish to play tennis, you may book your session. One just needs to book a session, get in touch with the hotel staff and go to the court. The Tennis Coach gives excellent tuition so don’t miss this.


The Westin Heavenly spa is good and very well laid out. I wouldn’t say it is the best because I experienced better services at another resort but it is lot nicer than most other hotel spa’s. I really liked it when the lady asked me choose between- Love, Harmony and Gratitude right at the beginning of the spa. 


I was happy to see the Starwood group pro at organizing special events too. During my stay, they were very excited for the upcoming International Yoga Day. The plan was to organize yoga lessons for everyone who wished to join.


The Indian restaurant Kangan is very tastefully done and it serves tasty Indian food. The swing setup was just so perfect for a romantic date.


I usually love to interact with the staff wherever I may stay and here I met one of the most friendly and warm staff members.


Westin, Mauritius, View from my room
The view from the balcony of my room



Mauritius, Westin, Starwood, Luxury, Travel, Africa
As I came closer to the beach!



Westin, Mauritius, Heavenly Bed
The Heavenly Bed of Westin.


Heavenly Spa, Westin, Mauritius
Heavenly Spa at Westin Mauritius


All that I ate and drank during my stay…


On the first evening when we sat down for the evening drinks, we were served amazing Sushi. I wanted to take a break from fish and meat and thus I was delighted to dig in the platter of vegetarian Sushi. If you are thinking who eats vegetarian Sushi, then I must tell you that not everyone is fond of eating raw fishes and vegetarian twists to Sushi are very much in vogue.


I am not a cocktail person but I love non-alcoholic beverages especially with flavors of lemon or ginger. At Westin, there are choice of bars and restaurants, including the über cool Mystique Bar and Beach Lounge. We had a small session behind the bar too. Yes, it was super fun to make my own mock tail.


The breakfast buffet was good.  Fresh fruit, cereals, breads, eggs, pastries, juices were in plenty and made me happy. One thing I really liked about the menu was it ensured that the Indian guests (who love coming here) were pampered well. The beetroot juice was fresh and amazing.


The dining experience at Kangan was indeed just perfect. We had a beautiful table to ourselves. It was a breezy night. They offered us shawls if we needed. The view of the pool and then the ocean was just perfect. And then the food was heavenly. I was delighted to find starters made in north Indian style followed by Naan, lamb curry, dal and pulao.


On the second day, the breakfast was themed around SuperFood Rx (A nutrient-rich and healthy food). The croissants were superb.  And the morning cuppa came with many smileys. The pastries were sinful.


I do not have a lunch experience to share because we were out in the day.


Westin, Mystique
Mocktail for me, made by myself with the help of the bartender.


Vegetarian Sushi
Vegetarian Sushi


Pooris for Breakfast, Indian Breakfast, Mauritius
Piping hot Pooris for Breakfast


Coffe Cuppa
The morning cuppa was full of smileys.


Super foods,Breakfast, SuperFood Rx
SuperFood Rx- And we sinfully indulged…



Dinner,Indian restaurant, mauritius
Dining at Kangan was a sumptuous experience. If you love Indian food and start missing it during holidays, do go for this whenever you are in Mauritius.


Dessert at Kangan Indian Restaurant




So you see, I had a wonderful stay at Westin Turtle Bay Resort and Spa. I have refrained from reviewing all the resorts facilities because I can not. In the two days, it was a hectic schedule and therefore I couldn’t explore the whole of it. Also, every guest has different expectations and it is met differently at every hotel or resort. Keeping this in mind, I have been honest about everything. And most importantly, if I am comfortable in a hotel, I really don’t bother about the little distractions. Whenever I have time to myself, I walk around to do what I love doing. Here, are some of the best shots from my lenses…



As now I must thank you for reading me regularly. The year has been amazing so far. June and July have been all about Africa and since its first time for me in the continent, I am having a ball. The trip to Mauritius happened in June in collaboration with Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority, India and these days I am exploring Johannesburg (South Africa) with South Africa Tourism Board. As a traveler, I look forward to experience new and tell you a new story everyday.  For now, keep following my hashtag #ChaloSouthAfrica to catch up on the live feed.


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  1. What an amazing place! I’d love to go to Mauritius and when I eventually do (I look at it as a when rather than if!) I’d love to stay here: both the location and the food look incredible and I appreciate the note for families with kids 🙂

  2. Wow that really does look like paradise. Very cool they have superfood specials there – sometimes it’s so difficult to stay healthy on holiday!

  3. When you say watersports are free of charge does that include scuba diving? If so, sign me up! Looks like a heavenly place indeed, will definitely check it out when I finally head to Mauritius!

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