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CAPE TOWN TRAVEL – 16 Pics Of My Most Gorgeous Trip of 2016

Top of Table Mountain!

If I said ‘CAPE TOWN’ is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful cities in the world, it would only be a cliché! There is an unusual beauty and overwhelming cheer about it. It is much prettier than what you and I virtually know of it. When I visited it in real, my heart swelled with happiness. The moment we stepped out of the airport, I couldn’t contain my excitement to tread on N2 up to Kloof Nek between Lions Head and Table Mountain. Soon, I was struck slightly dumb at first as I saw the idyllic outline of the city from the top of the mountain that has clouds for its cover and later I shouted “Ooh la la” driving through its world-famous scenic routes.



From the Table Mountain and the gorgeous beaches to the V&A waterfront and Woodstock markets, and the Bo Kaap street to the vineyards, this iconic city has some of the most amazing landscapes to fall in love with. This city inspires to make memories. No doubt, it has etched a special place in my heart. As I try to express my feelings, the pictures from the past, the smell of the city, the fresh air and the beautiful sceneries evoke nostalgic memories from this very special South African holidays.



Pictures of Cape Town, Majestic, Travel blog of Cape town
The Majestic world of Cape Town



Table cloth of Table Mountain
The clouds that make a table cloth of the Table Mountain and Devil’s Peak.



Signal Hill in Cape Town
Signal Hill as seen from the Table Mountain



Overlooking the gorgeous city!



World's Most Beautiful City
Such scenic routes make it the world’s most beautiful city.



Thanks to my consultant husband and his traveling job,  I had a chance to explore Johannesburg – the city of Gold last year, which added a new perspective to my travel stories. The traveler in me was delighted at exploring all the unique urban attractions and landmarks that the city had to offer.  While one part of me was impressed about Johannesburg and its facets, there was another part of me which had the urge to be charmed by Cape Town too. In the first four weeks, hubby was extremely pressed for time and I could not see the trip happening anywhere in the near future. Honestly, I was disappointed. As my date of return neared, I lost all hopes. Then God intervened. In the 6th and last week of my stay there, some miracle happened, he was able to squeeze in some time and we decided to do a super quick and an impromptu trip to Cape Town. Initially, I thought we shouldn’t be doing it in a rush but trust me, every bit of an effort that we made to be at Cape Town was totally worth it.  Take my words- ‘Don’t miss the chance to be at Cape Town’.



Picturesque City of the world
Cape Town is a Picturesque City!



Ostrich Farm in Cape Town
Where the Ostrich came to meet us on the way to Cape of Good Hope.



Cape Town Travel Blog
A holiday in Cape Town should be the next thing on your mind.



It is jaw-dropping gorgeous everywhere!



Sunset in Cape Town
Sunset is a must-do in every part of South Africa.



The Travel Trends: new destinations for 2017′ tell me that South Africa will leave no stone unturned in wooing travelers this year. And it deserves all the attention too. To those who wish to travel there, I am always there to help you plan your trip. And those who are yet not impressed, I will ensure that my series of blog posts will get you tempted to get packing. Once again, I insist that one should not have inhibitions around Johannesburg but at the same time no visit to South Africa should be complete without immersing in the immaculate beauty of the iconic city. I am head over heels in love with Cape Town!



The Cape Peninsula hosts the richest floral kingdom in the world. The Cape of Storms was named the Cape of Good by King of Portugal in 1488. Table Mountain happens to be one of the great natural wonders of the world. The African Penguins love to call it home. The trip to the island prison where Nelson Mandela stayed for many years, now a museum is easily feasible. The Waterfront is one of the most marquee attraction. Go looking for the best of South African wines and the wine routes only here. Yes, Cape Town is indeed unique in many ways.



Where to find Penguins in Cape Town
One must go to Boulders Colony to meet these cute African Penguins.



Bo Kaap - The colorful city.
Bo Kaap – The most colorful neighborhood of the city.



Railway track near the beach!



I would love to have a home here!



Picture of Cape Point in Cape Town
One can’t miss the mandatory click at the Cape Point



Happy Traveling!!!


4 thoughts on “CAPE TOWN TRAVEL – 16 Pics Of My Most Gorgeous Trip of 2016

  1. Such gorgeous pics! Ostriches on the road and PENGUINS! You sure had the time of your life in 2016…wonder how 2017 is gonna compete with this 😀

  2. Nice post. Beautiful pictures. I am planning to visit Cape Town in July 2018 with family. Please tell me where we can see the Penguins? Your post will be really helpful for me. Thank You. Good work. Keep it up.

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