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This Flower Garden Spells Miracles And Splendor



Have you been to Dubai Miracle Garden?  This is the most refreshing, colorful and gorgeous garden that I have ever visited. I was in Dubai last month and I used this opportunity to be here. Not only I was awestruck to be there, I am still wondering how many gallons of water do they use everyday to water 45 million flowers at one place. More than a magical garden, its a wonderland decorated with flowers.


World's Largest Flower Garden, Dubai, Travel, Attractions in Dubai
New From Dubai!, World’s Largest Flower Garden


Dubai Miracle garden, Dubai, Travel, Photos, Big and Beautiful peacock
Big and Beautiful Peacock- DUBAI MIRACLE GARDEN


The World’s Biggest Natural Flower Garden was opened in the year 2013 on Valentines’ day  in Dubai. 3 years later, I was lucky to visit it a few days before the Valentines Day and I was absolutely awe-struck at the sight of these fascinating flowers and their larger than life floral arrangements. Flowers have been planted and grown here from different parts of the world. It was hard not to fall in love with these amazing colors of botanical beauties. There is a train, peacocks, windmills, stars, bugs, iconic monuments, hearts, circles, sculptures, vintage-style vehicles, houses, igloos, and pyramids covered in flowers of all varieties. These quirky decorations lend a unique, magical look to the garden. 


Finding our way to the Garden

The route to reach the garden is very simple. We used Dubai Metro to reach Mall of Emirates and from there we hopped on RTA Bus #105 to get dropped at Dubai Miracle Garden. It costed us 5 Dirhams per person. Right there where the bus dropped us, there were two signboards. One read Dubai Miracle Garden directing towards the left and the other read Butterfly Garden signaling to the right. The word miracle was on my mind and I was really looking forward to some interesting spells in the flower garden and thus took a left. But honestly, I didn’t have much expectations and as it is what do you expect from a garden. If its big and beautiful, green and colorful, neat and clean, it serves the purpose. A garden is always supposed to be a place where one spends some time appreciating nature, away from the hustle-bustle of life. Far away from the Dubai main city, the location was apt for this garden.


Dubai Land, Flowers, Photos, Garden, Dubai Miracle Garden
How to find your way to Dubai Miracle Garden?



Find your way through this Gate



The entry ticket costed us AED 30 per head. The moment I entered, I was totally taken in by the riot of colors. I yearned for my camera which was in the service center in India. Sadly, I only had two smartphones to play with the settings. The real photographers will never spare me for wasting this flowery opportunity. I am sure the ones with amazing lenses would have made the best of it. I did manage some good pictures but I am still sulking at my loss. The gate from which we had entered was not the main gate. I think it was Gate 2. We realized this only when we found a massive gate on the other side of the beautiful spread. However, the garden is built in a circular form and thus if you take a full round, you don’t miss on anything. In fact, once you complete the outer round, you have to skillfully go around the inner circles, not to miss anything.  It was a warm and lovely afternoon and the garden looked resplendent in beautiful flower patterns.  I really had to pinch myself to remind that we were in Dubai. (Desert obsessed with high rises). At every few steps, we found something unique and interesting, covered in flowers from head to toe. 


I wonder how powerful the thought would have been to grow all these flowers in the desert. The result was amazingly fulfilling and color-shocking. While we were walking, we heard two people talking about the unique sub-surface irrigation system used for this garden.  Now, that I have read I know that the garden runs on a technology that makes use of waste water and recycles it via drip irrigation. This helps to avoid water loss through evaporation and saves 75% of water and energy


The Ticket to Dubai Miracle Garden, Attractions in Dubai
The Ticket to Dubai Miracle Garden


45 million flowers, Dubai Miracle Garden
45 million flowers at one place


Flower beds, Terraces, Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubai, Travel
Gorgeous flower beds and terraces


What makes it so special? 

 The traditional flower beds are vast and gorgeous. But what actually gets your eye are the amazing floral designs. I couldn’t stop admiring from one to another. In fact I was running from one point to another to capture everything in my camera. It boasts of a flower wall of 1 kilometer circumference. I spotted a huge tap in here. The iconic UAE monuments are here. Beautiful peacocks, vintage designer cars and gorgeous hearts made up flowers are also here. My favorite among all the sculptures was the beautiful girl with specks who looked adorable while watering these pretty living things. The huge clock also took us by surprise. We confirmed from the guard and he said that it reads the actual date and time. They change the date everyday. Trust me, everything around it decked up in flowers makes it a gorgeous setting for photography.


Love and romance almost hung in the air. Hand in hand we were loving every bit of the garden. Never ever have we posed so much as we did that day.  After every twenty steps, it was almost impossible to survive without clicking pictures. I wonder what would happen if they banned photography in here, half of the visitors would die of heart attack. Since we were not carrying a selfie stick, we requested others to click for us and we did the same for them. The huge and pretty hearts took our heart away. I did not want to budge and move ahead.  The more we walked, the more we found. The abundance of natural colors found here can paint a pretty landscape. I was all the more surprised to learn that most of these flowers have been planted for the first time in the whole of Gulf region. When as a traveler, I couldn’t control my happiness and child-like joy, I wonder what an exhilarating feeling it would be to see them bloom and spread the fragrance over 72,000-square-meter. I must mention the man who is behind it-Abdel Nasser ­Rahhal from of Al Ain-based Akar Landscaping and Agriculture Co.


heart, flowers, dubai, miracle garden
These hearts will melt anyone’s heart


Pretty Pretty Girl, Flower, garden, Dubai
Pretty Pretty Girl- My favorite at the garden


Garden, Flowers, Family, Travel, Dubai
It was hard not to pose when everyone around you was busy taking pictures


Beautiful Getaway from the hustle-bustle of the city


At any point of time, if you feel you want to take a break from walking, there are arc-shaped walkways and covered pathways with interesting collection of chairs, swings, bean bags, stools, etc. There is a colorful eating arena too which is decorated with mini-umbrellas. The visit to the Garden can be easily called a picnic day because one can have fun and food at interesting dining choices within the garden. Many seating arrangements make great photo points. I am sure this Garden can be used for film shootings as well. No less, even for destination weddings it will be one of its kinds, but I am not sure if the dump that will be left behind will be easy to get rid of. Because presently the garden is maintained absolutely spic and span. There are guards who warn people not to cross the boundaries and trample the flowers because when it comes to photo sessions and selfies, people overlook the rules. 


It was a weekend and the garden was packed with a huge crowd but yet it wasn’t claustrophobic at all. There was enough space for everyone to walk, enjoy and sit on the empty chairs in the sidewalks. The best part is that the floral designs are changed every season to provide freshness to the old visitors. The Park will close from April to September due to the extreme temperatures in Dubai. The garden deserves to be talk of the town but yet I feel not many people know about it. In fact when I had visited Dubai two years ago,  I did not even know about it.  


Train in the Garden, Dubai
Train in the Garden


Blooming Dubai, Flowers, Garden
Picture perfect setting in the Garden!


P.S. -Facilities were easily available. I used the restroom (clean) and I spotted the prayer room too. Outside gate number 1, we also found a taxi to our next destination- The Global Village. 

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