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Let Us Love Back!

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This video by British Airways is beautiful and heartwarming. And no less, it paints a real picture of our country and its loving people. We welcome people with open arms and we absolutely believe in loving them back. Being an Indian, I could easily connect with the warmth, amazing culture and great food about our country. Trust me, this is how we are. I was so glad to see the old lady welcome the air hostess warmly and passionately in her house. No less, the air hostess deserved every bit of it because she had been very respectful and  caring towards her in the flight. In fact by the end of the video, I had already made a promise to myself that I will also befriend at least one crew member during my travels this year.  We often forget to love them back for their commitment towards our safety and hospitality.





This is the story of Helena, who is on her first flight to India. She is excited as well as nervous, which is quite natural for someone traveling first time to a new destination. As a girl, as a traveler and as someone who used to be apprehensive of traveling to new places, I could easily read Helena’s concerns.  But what I absolutely loved about her was the way she comforted and cheered up the old lady on the plane. While watching it, I could feel goose-bumps and a whole range of emotions. I was super-glad when the lady invited her to her home. Helena was definitely one lucky girl who got a chance to understand our culture so closely. This helped her to make a beautiful connection with India. Once, she was comfortable, the fears were gone. This proves that love takes over all boundaries and we are all fueled by it.



I have not flown on British Airways yet but being a frequent traveler, I could totally connect with this video.  It touched me at many levels. It urged me to think about my flight journeys and about all those cabin crew members who had contributed in making my journey comfortable. The Flight Attendants, Air Hostess or the Flight Stewards, they all have a prime focus and that is to look after us. As far as I can remember, most of them that I have met on flight have always been very approachable and friendly. No doubt, it is their duty to assist us, serve us food and help us in need. But on our front, we hardly take a minute to stand and appreciate their efforts.



I still remember my first flight within India and how the air hostess had sensed my nervousness. She had given me water even without asking for it. And in my first international flight, one of the crew members had totally loved my bangles while the other was keen to know about my cute little bag. In all these years, I have had many short conversations with them and they have all been more than happy to help me in case if I have had queries. In a recent flight, when the entertainment system was not working, one of the crew members was very apologetic and in return he brought me a bundle of ten magazines to keep me busy. I really appreciated the gesture.  Well I am sure it’s all part of their job but instead of putting up cold and arrogant faces,  they always choose to attend us with smiling faces. Right from greeting us, to helping us with our seat numbers, to comforting us, to providing us meals, they do their best.



This video definitely inspires us all to extend the  warmth of love. It makes us laugh and cry at the same time. And most importantly, it highlights two things. First, love bonds two people, two countries and more. Second, we should all be considerate towards each other. India is a place of love and warmth and I am glad British Airways has highlighted this through this small movie. And just when I am done writing this, I cannot stay away from mentioning about Neerja Bhanot, the air hostess from India who saved more than 300 people from dying in a hijacked plane.

Happy Traveling!!

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  1. wonderful post Manjulika. I saw the hoarding of BA few days back and even the hoarding made me start thinking. Thank you for sharing the video.

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