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Big Battery Smartphone is what every traveler needs!

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Are you a traveller? Do you love clicking pictures? Are you into web browsing and believe in accessing information at your fingertips? If the answer to all the three questions is in affirmation, you definitely belong to my gang. You rely on your smartphone for many of your needs just like I do. In fact, when it comes to a smartphone, I am too fussy and I demand too many things on my platter. In fact, I am always on a lookout for a good phone but on a tight budget. Technology keeps changing every few months, so I generally keep away from investing in expensive ones.  Hopefully, this post will help us in discovering a new gem in the smartphone market.



When it comes to a smartphone, I am too fussy and I demand too many things on my platter.



When life is not about one thing, how can my smartphone be? I want it to be about many things put together. In fact, these days, we all use our phone constantly. From the morning alarm to the Google maps to cooking a special dish for dinner to monitoring our calories intake of the day, we are dependent on our phone all day. And it is absolutely convenient too. Who doesn’t love super-fast web browsing or latching on the 4G services whenever possible? I need to be connected to lots of social media applications at the same time.  As a travel blogger, my work requires constant status changes and I literally can’t live without updating my travels stories on social media, that too on-the-go. So my phone has to bear those gruelling hours because I am not taking any hanky-panky please!


Big Battery Smartphone

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If my smartphone has to become my best friend, it has to be a powerful one.


In the times of selfies and video chats, we aren’t restricted to clicking pictures, the phone camera has to be good. One needs music for long journeys. Youtube videos make everyone’s favourites. I hate a phone which dies in the middle of my work nor do I prefer travelling with too many gadgets. The bag becomes heavy as well as it distracts my attention too. A lot of energy is wasted is keeping a check on all and running after their batteries. With one device, it is easier to carry it everywhere. Thus, the most important aspect that I seek in my phone is a good battery life. Big battery smartphone is the need of the hour. 


Next, I want a phone to be able to work with 4G/LTE networks. Last time when I had travelled to Europe, I did not have a phone that was 4G enabled and thus I couldn’t use it to my best use. I wanted to stream music, play games and watch videos but I couldn’t do. Amidst my rising demands, I am clear with one thing is that I can’t keep changing my phone every six months, thus I demand a neat solution that isn’t expensive at all. If you too love to click pictures, I am sure you demand lots of storage space as well. Genuinely I demand a lot of applications working together with absolutely no fuss. For me, it is extremely important to be able to blog, comment and connect with my readers from anywhere and everywhere. No hang-ups in my smartphone, please. 


If my smartphone has to become my best friend, it has to be a powerful one. What do you think? What are your expectations from your smartphone? Here is a new gadget that I would like to look into as it is already making waves.  ‘InFocus has launched new smartphones below Rs. 8000 with a different range of colours and heavy in power.’ Do tell me your experience with it. 





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  1. I agree that there is no point in spending too much on a phone when you can get the same thing for less. Good article.

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