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Air India,Joy ride

Never stop dreaming because some dreams come true in broad daylight!  

50 Women, 1 Flight,  A special Joy ride!


Swati couldn't stop herself from clicking non-stop pictures
An Air India staff member. She was very excited about her first flight.


8th March, Air India flight
The two lovely ladies in the picture shouted ‘Once more’ as soon as the flight landed back in Delhi. They were super happy about their first ride in the plane and wanted to go back in the sky all over again.




I work at Safdarjung Airport. Whenever I see airplanes go in the air, I always have an urge to capture the image in my mobile phone. I had a thought in my mind that one day I will take permission to go near a plane when it is standing on the ground. I still can’t believe that I am going to take a ride in the plane.  —- Sujata


I have worked with Air India for twelve years but I have never seen a plane from inside. I am very excited to do it. I want to fly like a bird. —- Guddu Devi


I have been preparing for this day for 3-4 days. I was not sure what to wear and how to be dressed in my best. This is a big day for me. My family is very excited that I will be flying on the plane today. I will click lots of pictures in my phone.



I couldn’t sleep yesterday night with the excitement of being on a plane today. No one in my family has ever flown on a plane. I will be the first one. I am very happy. — Anita


It has been 17 years in work now. I always loved to see planes in the sky. I am so glad that I will be on the same plane today. It is like a dream come true. 



I am very excited but I can’t wait to look down from the window seat. — Jyoti     


Air India Womens Day celebrations
At the T3 Airport in New Delhi when we all posed with Captian Urmila Yadav and the crew members.


Captain Urmila Yadav Flew this, ATR 72
ATR 72 




The whole excitement was about the JOY RIDE and these are some expressions of initial joy that came from the staff members of Air India who flew on this all-women operated ATR-72. The route (Delhi to Agra to Delhi) was specially planned for the ladies who have been associated with the aviation for several years but have never had the opportunity to take a real ride in the air. There was super excitement on the ground as well as in the air. The happiness was extremely contagious. Apart from the fifty women employees of Air India, Alliance air, two representatives from Vistara, women from 4 media houses and 3 travel bloggers were also onboard. I was a privileged too. The details of this flight were revealed a day before at Centaur Hotel where Air India felicitated and cheered all women crew who flew from Delhi to San Francisco and back to Delhi after circumnavigating the whole world and achieving a great feat. 


International Womens Day, 8th March Cake
Happy Women’s Day


8th MARCH 2017

The day turned out to be very – very special. My three soulful moments about the whole gesture were-


First, the exciting cake cutting ceremony at T3 airport. This doesn’t happen every day when there is no queue on the ticketing counter, no rush to drop the luggage and no anxiety to be at the gate on time.

Second, it was for the first time that I knew the captain of my flight. The voice during the announcements inside the plane didn’t sound unfamiliar. We were in the safe hands of Captain Urmila Yadav, one who saved a flight from crashing in Guwahati. Once, she had to make an emergency landing and she had skillfully landed the plane on one wheel. 

Last but not the least, it was such an overwhelming experience of being taken over with an intangible pleasure of being on the flight with 50 other women who were flying for the first time. The happiness was contagious.  Also, I am not very good with sharing my window seat but here I convinced my neighbor, Jyoti to take my seat and enjoy the beautiful views. Initially, she was hesitant but later I could see the joy on her face. I felt so happy seeing the gleam in her eyes.


Womens Day Celebrations in India
Before we soared high in the air!




The check in was easy. They remained quite during the security check. The ride on the bus to the plane was not something new for them. But when they entered the plane, they couldn’t contain their excitement to take their seats inside the plane. The happiness could be easily seen on their faces. Some struggled with the seat belt first but soon all of them tugged themselves safely.


This joyride was supposed to fly us to AGRA and return back to DELHI. We were not landing anywhere. I thought the women would be disappointed to know this but trust me no one was actually interested in touching the ground. What mattered to them was the experience of being on a plane and flying between the clouds. Those who were seated on the window seats kept looking and admiring the bird’s eye view of the land. They would get excited to see the plane moving between the clouds. Others clicked selfies, made videos, sang songs and shared their fears and excitements.


In the air, we were served a box of snacks and were gifted with a beautiful purse. The memories of the day will remain intact inside the colorful bag for a long long time. 


The Food that was served-Air India
Snacks that were served on board.


Gift by Air India
A special gift from Air India




Since the weather was not very favorable, we could not go to Agra and once we made it somewhere close to Jaipur, the Captain announced that we were returning. Most of the ladies remain unaffected with this piece of news but once the flight began to descend and prepare for landing, they looked a little sad. And some of them even shouted, ‘Once again, please take us back in the sky.’ This was one flight where the destination didn’t matter, there was no urgency to reach somewhere and none wanted the trip to come to an end. What a lovely joy-ride it was!!!!


The happy faces of the Air India employees
Happiness was written all over their faces.


The first ride of the plane is always very special for everyone.  I was too jittery when I traveled from Lucknow to New Delhi in 2007 for the first time. Do you remember your first flight? 



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