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Breakfast at Baoli & Dinner At Alwarbagh

Neemrana Boali

On one fine Tuesday, we four travel bloggers visited Alwarbagh by Aamod, a beautiful resort located near the noted Sariska national park. Here is all about our interesting moments – the breakfast at Neemrana boali, the drive to the Hanuman temple, the stay at the heritage property, the authentic Rajasthani dinner that we savored, the pool party that went on till 4 in the morning and all that happened on the road until we drove back by late Sunday evening. It was quite a fun-filled getaway.  In fact, sometimes a weekend trip to a nearby destination is all that you want to break away from the monotonous routine.


Alwar Bagh is situated on the Alwar Sariska road only 14 KM away from Alwar. From Delhi, the distance is 187 kilometers. The resort offers the grandeur and the opulence of a property built in heritage style. Close to Sariska, the location has lots to offer from wildlife to walk to the nearby Siliserh Lake. The Rajasthani grandeur of the resort is complemented with the amenities of modern-day rooms. There are spa facilities, a swimming pool, a paint ball battlefield and in-house adventure course to keep you entertained. This place can be easily chosen for the perfect one-day getaways.  I am told Saturdays are a full-house here all round the year. Sunday afternoon is the best time to start back home and be in time to prepare for a bright and beautiful Monday.

1 Day and 1 Night Trip To AlwarBagh by Aamod Resorts

This is how we planned the trip. We started early on Tuesday morning.  Took a short break for breakfast. Drove non-stop till Alwarbagh and ensured that we reached the resort by 1 in the afternoon. This is one of the few places which can be easily chosen for the perfect one-day getaways. 

One we reached there, we rested for sometime and then met for lunch. We drove to Sariska National Park and stayed there till sunset. From late evening to unspecified time in the night, we partied. Next morning we chilled out in the resort, played some games, went for spa and then returned back home.  Now, read the details…

Alwarbagh, Rajasthan
Rajasthani grandeur blended in with modern amenities
I stayed in the corner room in the left!

Breakfast at the Neemrana Baoli

Sumit had started driving from Noida and he had actually traveled through the whole of Delhi-NCR to put us all together. When we had hit the Delhi-Jaipur after everyone was in, he had actually heaved in a breath of relief. Now, we were on the highway and the road trip thrill has already started setting in. When we were just off the highway in Neemrana, Sumit informed us that we would be having our breakfast at a Baoli or step well. I have visited Neemrana a number of times but I was not even aware that a Baoli existed amidst the Aravalli mountain ranges, next to the Neemrana  village. In Rajasthan, the scarcity of water has always been a prime concern, thus I learnt that this Rani ki Baoli was famous among locals as well as outsiders.  Originally it had nine floors and it was built in 18th century. These Baoli’s were places where water was found in the lowest level and second they gave respite to the travelers from the harsh weather. People used them as stop-overs in between their long journeys. 


Before heading to the Baoli, we had bought some dhoklas, samosa,  Jalebis and kachoris along with juices and cold drinks. Finding the way to the Baoli can be tricky because it has lost its charm and even the young locals are not very keen to direct you towards it. However, when we reached the Baoli, we were super excited to see the grand architecture.  No doubt, it was in a dilapidated state but it still had an aura about itself. We chose an empty corner, spread some old newspapers and laid down our breakfast spread. This was like a mini adventure for me to walk through some of it parts while gobbling on my favorite samosas and kachoris. The building is really old and not in proper shape, thus one needs to be careful while exploring its interiors. But trust me, stopping here for breakfast is indeed a great idea! I had never done this before and this was my unique experience from this trip.


This was some good stuff that we ate and I would recommend Jodhpur Misthan Bhandar. 

Neemrana ki Baouli
The Baoli made for quite a memorable breakfast stop on the way to Alwarbagh!!!
Neemraana Baouli
Neemraana baouli — This step well looked huge
Breakfast, Neemraana
When we ate Kachori, Dhokla and Samosa at the Bauoli

When we met the Gadariya

Once we had finished gorging on the fried food, we wrapped up the leftovers and made our move for the rest of the journey. Whenever you are off to do this, don’t litter the place. We cannot do much to improve these heritage buildings but lets not spoil them. Back in Mahindra Thar, it was time to hit the roads and not stop until we had reached AlwarBagh by lunch time.  There was hardly any traffic and we were doing really good  on the roads. However, when you are on the road, you can never be deprived of wonderful photo-opportunities. And right there, we met a herd of cattle and the cowherd (Gadaria, Gadariya, Gariya or Gadri). Dressed in the local attire, he introduced us to the local flavors of Rajasthan. In states like Haryana and Delhi, the Gadaria have stopped their traditional occupations and one does get to see them so often.  I am sure even he was amused that why we were all so excited about clicking his picture.  We also stopped to relish the moment and let the herd pass through. 


Originally, Gadaria are a community of shepherds.  This community tends and rears cattle and they have different origination stories in different states of the country. In Rajasthan, they are called as Gairi (from gaira, meaning sheep). It is believed that they were co-wanderers of Lord Krishna who was a cowherd. 

Gadaria Gadariya, Gariya or Gadri
When we met the Gadariya on the road

Beating the Heat of September with Buttermilk 


The trip happened in the month of September and by the time we reached Alwarbagh, it was hot and dusty. Buttermilk is a perfect welcome drink and when it is served in earthen vessel, it becomes all the more delicious. I was more than happy to grab two glasses to quench my thirst.  The first impression of the place was that it looked big, spacious and peaceful (A retreat far away from the clutter of the city). We were shown our way to our rooms. We decided to take some rest till we met again for lunch. After the lunch, we were supposed to head out again and drive to the Pandupol Hanuman ji Temple of Pandavas time. In the mean time I explored my room and the nearby sections of the resort.

Buttermilk, Alwarbagh
Welcome Drink–Buttermilk
Alwarbagh by Aamod resorts
I had a big room to myself.

I had a big room to myself. It was one of the suites. The room looked old and there were some aspects of the room which called for makeover too but I loved the simple and minimalist theme of the bed setting. There were enough wardrobes and space to place laptops and other hadgets.  Just like the room, the bathroom was big and good for a family with kids. I checked for charging points and working table. There was a small sofa set too. Overall, it was decent. 

Pandupol Hanuman Temple in Sariska wild life sanctury


Pandupol Hanuman Temple in Sariska wild life sanctuar
On our way to Pandupol Hanuman Temple in Sariska Wild life sanctuary.
Pandupol Hanuman Temple in Sariska wild life sanctuar
We met the Monkeys on our way!!!
Peacock at Sariska National Park
Peacock at Sariska National Park

Post lunch at the resort,  we were headed to the Pandupol Hanuman ji Temple of Pandavas time. This Temple is situated in Sariska National Park. The jungle route was closed during this season but this drive to the temple is always open for the local visitors. It is a favorite hot spot on Tuesday because Lord Hanuman is worshiped on this day.   The temple is situated 21 Km inside from entry gate of Sariska National park.  It is a dusty drive but we enjoyed spotting birds, Deers, Monkeys, and Peacocks. Though we were optimistic around spotting a Tiger, but honestly that was too much to ask for. 

I enjoyed this drive because it made me nostalgic about my South African sojourn and the unique bush experiences that I had in July and August. In India, I have not visited many National Reserves and I was kind of excited to do this simple jungle drive. Its thrilling, its fun. If you have time, you can also go for it in the right season. On the way back, I captured this amazing sunset.

Sunset in Alwar
Sunset in Alwar

Evening Setting and Authentic Rajasthani Food for Dinner

When we returned back, we were almost drenched in dust. For me, it was time to take shower and change. Others were already planning to take a dip in the pool. But even then we needed to change. There was dust on every inch of the body but the trip had been fun. It so thrilling to spend some time in the wilderness.

The evening setup by the pool looked beautiful and classy. The drinks and snacks were waiting for us. We changed quick and came back to enjoy the night with drinks, music and conversations. For the night, the menu was really special. There was authentic Rajasthani food and I was really looking forward to the Laal maas and Daal Baati Choorma. In fact, I consciously did not indulge in the starters because I wanted to have enough room to savor the local flavors. 

Here, I must mention that Aamod properties have amazing kitchens. They cook some great food for their guests. My food experience at Aamod, Bhimtal was also one of the best and here too, I enjoyed it every bit. I tasted almost everything from the lehsun ki chutney to the gatte ki sabzi.  I really do not need to emphasize how delicious it was because the pictures speak for themselves. 

Setting by the pool-Alwarbagh
Setting by the pool-Alwarbagh
Laal Maas
Lehsun ki chutney
Baati to be eaten with daal and choorma
Gatte ki Sabzi

Interaction with chef at Alwarbagh by Aamod, Sariska

He talks about the cuisine at large, top menu picks at the property and his interest towards fusion food.


Next Morning

After a late good night, we had no itinerary for the morning. It was a relaxed day for everyone. We got up lazily and indulged in breakfast of our choice. Later, we walked around to see the property, its different sections and the rooms. The property has 37 rooms and three sections – Jaigarh (19 rooms), Rawala (6 rooms), Bhanwar villa  (next to pool) and Gulab villa (6 rooms each). And here, I must tell you that almost all the rooms are differently done, therefore you have a choice to make.  Some of the rooms boast of beautiful art work and wall paintings in the authentic Rajasthani flavor. 

For those who are fitness freaks and love adventure sports, the indoor adventure setup and exciting in-rope course is a great attraction here. I did not do any of it but I tried my hands at target shooting. Next, I pampered myself with the spa too.

By 4 p.m., we were good to start back towards Delhi. On the way, I also stopped to pick some milk cake for the family which you must do too whenever you are in Alwar. The traffic was really bad in Gurgaon but despite  the distractions, I was back home by  9 p.m. It was one fruitful and fun trip. 

Exciting in-house adventure rope course



P.S. — On this trip, I was hosted by Aamod property. Thank you Escape Route for making it possible.

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  1. The baoli seems really huge. I must visit it soon. I loved the property since it reflects local architecture style so well. By the way, all that food sent me in a visual food coma. You have uploaded the pictures of all my favorite food. Haha

  2. Seems like a grand trip Manjulika. And so much of Indian Spicy Rich Food!!! 😀 😀 😀
    Lovely account as usual!

  3. I want to go on this exact trip, eat this exact food. It looks like an amazing trip!

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