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Of Human Bonding and Travel Mart



Pendown attended  Madhya Pradesh Tourism Mart 2016 and here is our first post. This story on ‘Human bonding’ by Mr. Rahul Bhatia who represented my website at the mart reinstates the fact that human bonding is a beautiful but intangible feeling and traveling becomes all the more enjoyable when you do with the like-minded. Read to know how he captured moments with people from India and abroad. 



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One of the most enjoyable moments in a conference or tour is the interaction with various people whom one meets. In this regards, the MP Tourism Mart 2016 was an outstanding achiever in bringing people from different corners of not only in India but also across the world. It was akin to a peek from a huge window where the sights keep changing with time like watching a huge kaleidoscope. The organizers had planned the event in such a manner that one way communication events were minimal and were mostly limited to dissemination of information about the possibilities in future. The remaining time of exhibits by sellers at the mart, coffee/tea breaks and sumptuous lunches and dinners were a perfect setting to bond and interact. Age and other differences like sex, color or background was hardly a barrier, in the fast evolving platform of MPTM-16.I came across some very interesting people, a few of them that deserve mention  for lasting impressions.



On the very first day, a number of achievers were awarded by the Chief Minister Mr Shivraj Singh Chauhan for outstanding contributions in the field of promotion of tourism in the state. One very interesting awardee were the duo sisters Ms Prachi and Ms Himadri Garg , the avid travel enthusiasts who are on a mission to conquer the world.( Read more on, a travel portal owned by them). The lively sisters find it difficult to stay at home and are perpetually on the move to discover the distant lands and come back with stories to share with the world.



Madhaya Pradesh Travel Mart 2016
Inauguration of Madhaya Pradesh Travel Mart 2016



MP Travel Mart 2016, Madhya Pradesh Tourism
The creative setup for MP Travel Mart 2016



Regina Kirmi, from Kenya was at the mart to explore wildlife opportunities in MP, though she herself operates tours for wildlife enthusiasts to Masaimara, and Serengati  game parks located in Kenya and Tanzania, besides others  in the African continent.



With Regina Kirmi of Kenya
Mr. Rahul Bhatia with Regina Kirmi of Kenya



Ms Charry  Couzyn  runs a travel agency in Johannesburg in South Africa and was on a mission to find new destinations in the state for sending the tourists from South Africa. It was interesting to learn that she assists those who want to dive in a cage in the sea to have a close encounter with the sharks in the Cape Town. This cage dive will satisfy both the adrenaline junkie and the nature enthusiasts. Those not so daring could get to know the African penguins on the Boulder Beach in the Cape Town. The little tuxedoed local inhabitants know how to pull the crowds. She was willing to assist those wanting to flavor these attractions.  (Read my travel stories from Johannesburg)



Ms. Ninita Morena, a German , Travel Manager immersed herself fully in the culture of India and loved everything from cuisine to the art and religious places. Very well-traveled across the world, Latin America is her forte. The Indian food and frenzy of devotees at Mahakelashwar temple, the grandeur of Mandu fort, a dig into the custard apple from roadside vendors, left her in complete awe. She was spellbound by the diversity that Madhya Pradesh can offer.



Mahakaleshwar temple in Ujjain
Rahul Bhatia with Ninita Morena from Germany soaking the Indian culture at Mahakaleshwar temple in Ujjain



A doctor, born and brought up in India, now a Russian citizen was at the mart to discover the new destinations especially in the Madhya Pradesh to promote the Medical Tourism. This included finding opportunities for specialists to travel to India and also to conduct international conferences at destinations in the state in future. This was a perfect example of how different the motivations could be to come to this travel mart.



Madhaya Pradesh Travel Mart
The Indian born, Russian doctor at extreme left with other national and international media. We are admiring the ghats and temples by River Shipra in Ujjain



Travelers bonding, Pendown
With Prachi and Himadri of



Many a new friendships were created which not only strengthen the human bonds but achieve a greater mission of ‘word to mouth’ publicity which cannot be matched by any media promotion. The stories of meeting such wonderful people are endless, but are a perfect example of what these events are capable of doing to forge relationships and promote the tourism in equal measure.


Happy Traveling!!


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