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Compose, Create and Click With Asus ZenFone 3!

Smartphone Photography is my first love!


I call myself a travel/lifestyle blogger and an amateur photographer. For the last five years I have been using a ‘point and shoot’ camera.  There was an year in between when I only carried my smartphone for my travels. Now, I own a DSLR as well. And these days I am struggling to compose pictures in Manual mode over Automatic mode. Well, that’s my story of progress. However, if I had to compare with the ultrasonic pace with which technology has been advancing, I am not even in the competition.  The heavy duty camera equipment/lenses have made the world shrink pixel by pixel and the smartphones have enabled everyone to click and capture their happy moments.  Of all the things said and done, I must confess that I have a special affinity for smartphone cameras over big cameras. Despite the fact that one has limitations in comparison to another, I absolutely adore the convenience with which I can pocket them everywhere I go. My love is so strong that sometimes I fill both my pockets of my jeans with smartphones. For a traveler, smartphone is his/her best friend. 



I have been learning to enhance the picture quality.


When I was not a travel blogger, I did not even care for the picture quality. But now I ensure that my every click has some meaning to it.  Initially, I would take things for granted and not even check the different modes and features of my phone camera. A few years ago, if you had asked me the meaning of these imaging terminlogy, I wouldn’t have been able to differentiate but gradually I learnt that an “HDR” means High Dynamic Range, “BF” stands for Beautification, “SRES” for super-high resolution, “MT” for miniature and  “PNSF” for selfie panorama. Now, when I know these terms, I aim to use these and work on enhancing the picture quality. For some people, clicking pictures is just about collecting happy memories but for some it brings bread and butter. I fall in the latter category and therefore I work towards it. 



How Do You Click it Right With Your Smartphone?


First and foremost, one must check for the in-built features.

Second, one must experiment with these modes in different lights.

Third, focus on your favorite elements.

Fourth, don’t rush into clicking random shots. Hold your breath, focus on the subject and compose a picture. 

Five, be creative, be artistic, be a photographer!






Click and Compose with Asus Zenfone 3


Whenever a new phone is launched and I get to use it, the very first thing that gets me excited about it is its camera. Asus has launched Zenfone 3 and here are it camera specs- 16MP f/2.0 rear (4K Recording), 8MP f/2.0 front.  While I couldn’t lay my hands on it personally, I am glad a fellow blogger, travel passionate and an amazing photographer ‘Abhinav Chandel’ agreed to share some of his clicks on my blog.  



He used some of these prominent features of the phone …

–          HDR Mode

–          Low Light Mode (Comparison)

–          Depth Of Field OR Miniature Mode

–          Super Resolution Mode

–          Manual Mode – Long Exposure

–          Panorama Mode








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