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Wraps or No Wraps – How Do You Prefer Your COFFEE?

Costa Coffee at South Extention

Wrapping-It-Up Delectably at Costa Coffee Bloggers Meet


 Costa Coffee invited ‘Pendown’ for a bloggers meet at the South Ex branch, New Delhi and I had the privilege of digging in all-new Costa Wraps. The world’s second largest coffee chain is a very well-known brand and a comfort-house for almost every coffee lover.  If you are aware of your coffee inclination and their dedication towards celebrating coffee, you would either love them or love them not.  This post is meant for everyone who do not like compromising with the taste of their favorite beverage and looks for no special reason to return to Costa stores again and again.



While sometimes this may work at home, but in real a cup of coffee is not just about mixing ‘Coffee powder, milk and sugar’ . I call it an art and if you are yet not familiar with the creativity in this field,  you must go around checking out some new twists in the market.  Flat White, Iced Flat White and Iced Latte- Costa are some of the new range of exquisite hand crafted coffee from this house and I have tried them all.  Costa also serves snacks which can be had alone or along with hot/cold coffee. Out of the entire range of snacks, I feel that there is only a limited variety which actually complements my cuppa of coffee. The others are good but they don’t go well with the taste of coffee.  Like ‘Spicy Paneer Calzone’ is one of my favorite but I prefer it having alone minus the coffee.  



Bloggers Meet in Delhi
Want some coffee?



Along with coffee, irrespective of whether it is hot or cold, one prefers a dish which has a subtle taste and even after having it, it should not mar the taste of coffee. The primary reason why one goes into Costa is to relish and celebrate the love for coffee and not the snacks (well, most of the time, unless your are very hungry or addicted to blueberry/chocolate muffin – I love them). But at the same time, the coffee demands a healthy snacking option.  I think these wraps will fill the gap. They have been thought of on the same lines where they can be great alternative to regular lunch option as well as be a filling snack whenever hunger strikes.  I know when these wraps can really make me happy. I often miss my lunch hours due to the extended discussions, delayed meetings or client visits and the lunch buffet goes missing. This is the time when I really look forward to my coffee. Now, I have another reason to walk in Costa. 



Mr. Ashish Chanana, COO, Costa Coffee India said: “At Costa we believe in offering our customers a balanced and varied menu that’s full of great choices, be it  gourmet sandwiches, our signature muffins or something more indulgent. Costa wraps, our brand new addition has been created to give our patrons a healthy protein rich lunch/filling snack option as they go about their busy lives.”



Costa Wraps
Costa Wraps



I am glad Costa heard our voices and after much internal deliberations, tasting, market researches, consumer reviews, they have come up with 2 new wraps – Tofu in Moroccan Sauce and Grilled Veggies (Veg) and Chicken Shish Kabob (non-veg). 



I tasted vegetarian wrap and here goes my verdict about it —  Tofu (healthier version of paneer) is nicely marinated in Moroccan sauce and mild spices. Along with that there are Moroccan marinated bean curd chunks and a generous helping of grilled veggies tossed in a flavorsome Moroccan Sauce,which made it even more healthier. There are two very good things about this dish. First, this looks like a product of global fusion as it has Tofu (from East Asia), Moroccan sauce (from Middle East) and grilled veggies (from France, Europe). Second, the taste of Moroccan sauce and other spices is very mild and hence once can still enjoy the flavor of coffee, along with the wrap. The other important thing to note here is that one portion of wrap is not heavy enough to make you full and not light enough to keep you hungry. So all in all, a decent choice where you can have your favorite coffee and team it up with a healthy snack. 



The non-vegetarian one has a round, grilled chicken kebab along with veggies like toasted onion, tomato and capsicum, nicely wrapped and cut into 2 pieces. succulent Chicken Kebab is prepared with ginger, garlic and mild flavors of cinnamon, cardamom and white pepper along with others. To make it more entertaining for the taste buds, there is a creamy Arabic sauce wrapped up in tortilla bread.



Delhi bloggers Meet
How do you love your coffee?


What do you prefer with your coffee? Do drop in your comments after you have tasted the wraps. I will look forward to your inputs.


Manik Sehgal

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