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The Present feels Unreal. But this shall pass!

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With the first rays of sun in my room, I lazily woke up. The clock read 7:14 a.m. I was glad to hear the chirping of the birds by my window. I noticed the sun was at its best, promising a bright day in Vijayawada (Its already hot here). There was no distant clamour unlike the other days. There was no whimpering in the neighborhood because no kids were getting ready to go to school. I did hear some conversations from the neighboring balcony but I couldn’t understand as they spoke in Telegu. I smiled as usual (that hasn’t changed) but instead of saying ‘good morning” to my husband, I went straight to the washroom to wash my hands. I cant believe. Are we really living in Corona days? It all feels unreal. It feels surreal.

I wanted someone to pinch me and make me realize that its a dream. But sadly that’s not happening….

I am still not able to come to terms with this stark reality. We are actually facing a pandemic. The fictitious virus has really walked out of the books and movies.

  • No handshakes!
  • No hugs!
  • No stepping out!
  • No hanging around aimlessly!
  • Just wash your hands! Keep them clean. Sanitize them often in public places if at all you are out of the house.
  • Most importantly, maintain social distancing.

Who had thought we would fear touching each other?Thank God, we haven’t stopped caring.

Corona days -Changes that have come….

I am worried with all this negativity around but I also see a silver lining. I feel this time has come as a lesson. I do not want to sound philosophical but there is a voice inside that keeps telling me that nature wanted us to slow down. Everything will heal but only if we all co-operate. I think a lot of us wanted a break from the everyday craziness and there was a dire need for things to slow down. No doubt, this isn’t what we wanted but we have no choice. Nature chose to teach us this way. Let us just co-operate and make the most of it. I know its not so easy as said. While we have definitely learned healthier habits by force, we should also learn to slow down. Even when Corona is gone, let us not forget some habits.

Personally, my life has changed too, just like yours. The travels have stopped. I have said no to travel assignments. I am not in the mood of writing travel stories. I am not even in my home but in a hotel apartment in Vijayawada. I have access to very limited things of my own. I do have a couple of writing gigs in my kitty but its just that I am not able to do because the time doesn’t seem right. When the world is talking about dealing with corona, I am doing that too. I will not be able to write- “What I did last summer?”. But that’s absolutely okay, I am in no hurry. I am keeping myself busy in doing other stuff. You can too. Here is a list that I made for myself and you can take a cue too.

The new A to Z to deal with Corona!

  • A – Acknowledge the present situation. Alleviate panic and stress.
  • B – Try baking. Clean the dust on your bookshelf!
  • C – Do crafting, cooking, coloring and cleaning.
  • D – Practice dance or learn dancing. Make doodles.
  • E – Eat well all three meals. Exercise too!
  • F – Check on friends and family. Now is the free time you wanted.
  • G – Grab your green tea and develop a new hobby of gardening!
  • H- Be inside home and #work from home, those who are in jobs.
  • I – Pull out Indoor games and play within family. Do Insta stories.
  • J- Jump, Jog or do some Jamming.
  • K – Remind the elders to do some knitting and maybe pick some tips.
  • L – Lecture your friends- family who are still traveling.
  • M- Watch makeup tutorials. I wanna learn some makeup tips.
  • N – Notes making is a bliss. Pen down your feelings of the present.
  • O – Do an online course. I have enrolled in one.
  • P – Pray to that one powerful force you believe in. Pray for doctors.
  • Q- Quarantine if you have traveled from abroad. Take up quizzes.
  • R – Reconnect with yourself and family members. READ books!!!
  • S – Sleep and take rest. Sing for others. Listen to songs. Take selfies.
  • T – Sort your travel pictures, travel blogs or make photo albums.
  • U – Wash utensils. Let the maids be home. Use this time your way!
  • V – Make plans for next Valentines day! Explore variety.
  • W- Wake up late without alarm clocks. Write stories.
  • X – Play ‘O and X‘ with your spouse, siblings or parents. Check on Ex!
  • Y – Make ‘YouTube’ videos but ensure it makes sense. Do Yoga!
  • Z – Think something nice from Z! Zoom in and zoom out past days!

What is the WORLD saying? Listen and talk to your people!

We are talking at breakfast table. We are discussing before sleeping. We are calling our distant relatives and elderly.

Usually I don’t like talking much on phone, but during last week, I actually made an effort to speak to my friends and distant relatives in India as well as outside. I did that to check on them if things were good and they are doing fine.

Some of them in USA are really worried. They are saying that living in isolation is not coming easy. The corona days are more than what it feels like.

Some in Europe are warning that Indians must learn from their mistakes. They can’t believe whats happening.

A friend in London is keeping us posted with things happening there. Nothing looks great!

A friend in Canada has just shifted and is looking for job. For now, the days look gloomy.

Even in India, I have been talking to my family. Some are not taking social distancing, sincerely. Some are still to realize its a pandemic. Some are scared and worried for their kids who are living away. We have to tell them what the situation is and that its better that everyone just stays where they are. No need to do domestic travels. There is no need to panic as long as they are in the country, safe and sound in a room. Even the government is saying don’t do unnecessary travels.

Keep assuring the elders who are panicking, that this phase shall pass. Don’t just send watsapp forwards but check on all your acquaintances about their health. This is how we will win this phase of Corona.

A blind eye will not help. Acknowledging the pandemic is very essential, so do talk about it. There goes an old adage-” Prevention is better than cure”. Do remember, we don’t even have a cure here.

I am guilty of reading the experts and alarmists.

While I have not switched on the television set for months now, I am definitely reading, both local and global news. I prefer to keep myself informed. In the age of technology, it sounds alien to me to be unaware, unprepared and unapologetic of a situation as such.

Some may people may think that I am over reacting on social media but I feel I am just saying what I am feeling. Trust me, when you will read personal experiences of people in Wuhan, New York, Italy and other countries, you will also want to talk about it more and more. Its important that the idea of social distancing reaches out to each and every person.

In all this influx of fake news around Corona, listen to the alarmists and read the experts. They are sharing their experiences and I think they are doing so that we can learn from them, Panic wouldn’t help but being prepared to deal with Corona will help. Keep reading WHO!!

And do share what are you doing during these #socialdistancing days!

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