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Arm-chair Travel : Most Beautiful Sunset in Ibiza

Virtual Travel to Ibiza

First and foremost, let us thank God for we have home, family and the internet. We are actually privileged that we can stay inside our houses with our loved ones, during this pandemic. This should not be treated like quarantine, but quality time. And second best thing is of course that we have technology and internet. It is coming out to be so handy in keeping a tab on each other, in the times of social distancing. I hope everyone is safe in their homes, during these testing times of COVID-19. Before I start my series on arm-chair travel, I really wish everyone heals and we get over this emergency soon.

A lot of friends have been asking me, ” So what now?” Travel blogging will go for a toss. But I had to say, “Not really, I have lots of content for you that will take you to places, till you can actually go there.

Honestly, when the whole world economy has taken a hit, I am not even thinking how is my work being affected. All I know is that we all have to stay home so that we can step outside tomorrow. Nothing is going anywhere. We just have to save people from a virus and we should all do it together. Let us keep blogging and cheering each other with beautiful pictures and videos. Presently, the idea of experiential travel is completely ruled out, but let us not stop our virtual or arm chair travels. Virtual travel has been there for years. It is time to revive it, more creatively.

Arm chair travel to Ibiza
Imagine you are sitting at Sunset Ashram at Cala Comte

What is virtual travel or arm chair travel?

I am sure Coronavirus will bring a number of changes in our everyday habits, especially while traveling. What will be the future of travel is still unknown. Till we have an antidote or vaccine, I am sure we will fear going to places near and far, immediately after lapping up lessons and making social distancing a part of our life. So how will we see new places or exchange culture? The answer is virtual tourism. A lot of popular attractions are already providing virtual tours. From Louvre in Paris to British Museum in London to Grand Canyon Arizona, and many more are trying to give us an experience that we can take even while we cannot travel.

The concept of arm chair tours is also not new. You may be under the impression that it is just for people who cannot travel due to physical constraints but there is more to it. Let us accept the fact that all of us can’t afford to go to every other place that we want to, so that should not stop us learning more about the place. Here comes the role of arm-chair travel -making some sensory experiences come alive, inside your home.

Now is the time for bloggers and vloggers to create beautiful experiences from photos and videos. We might not be able to make it so professionally but we can also do our bit with all the content that we have acquired over the years.

5 links that you may use for now. These places are setting perfect example of Arm-Chair travel

You must pause and just expereince!
Just pause and experience from your room!

Virtual Travel – SUNSET in IBIZA

I love to watch the setting sun. Sunsets inspire me more than Sunrises. And I have my reason for that. I believe that this natural phenomenon keeps reminding us that the nothing lasts for long. There is always a new day. Right now, I can only pray for a day when everything will be back to normal and COVID will be gone. A few weeks back, life was just so different. I am sure we will stop taking things for granted.

I have been privileged to see some of the most beautiful sunset. The best sunset experience has been in Johannesburg but even Koh Chang, Bali, Maldives, Ibiza, Mauritius, Kuta Kinabalu and Lombok have given me some of the most mesmerizing memories of the fireball.

So let me transport you to Cala Comte, at Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Balearic Islands, from where you get to see possibly the best sunset in Ibiza. I had the opportunity to travel to Spain in October 2019 and had witnessed a miraculous sunset near from the cliff around Sunset Ashram. The beats of the drum and the setting sun had sent me in a trance. The sight was absolutely stunning and for most of the time, I couldn’t even click pictures. I just watched it take a dip in waters.

Ibiza is famous for gypsies and some of the world famous drummers who come around to give homage to the setting sun. I hope the pictures will do justice. Enjoy!

Arm chair travel - Sunset in Ibiza
Playing peek a boo

At its best!

The sun going down!
Just when the ball of fire takes a dip in the Mediterranean Sea

And its gone! I was in a trance!

Sky is pink
Half an hour later, the sky turned pink!

You may also enjoy Sunset in Koh Chang!

Happy Traveling!!

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