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Explore the Street Art of Budapest from Home

Budapest -Hungary

Hope you are at home, maintaining enough social distancing and washing your hands regularly. In the times of lock down and Covid, let us fight it together, to be able to travel later. For now, I am trying to create a series on armchair travels and here I take you to Budapest. the capital of Hungary. Let me walk you through some of the compelling street art works of the city, until you can do your vacation there and I can actualize my dream of doing a project on Street Art of the World.

For now, just be in the comfort of your homes and just scroll down. I really feel these pictures and colors will cheer you up. Budapest really has some cool, fun and fantastic works.

Street art trail in Budapest

Street Art is the best for armchair travel

I adore street art. Getting around the city and gazing at the colorful murals and the tiny details has become a second nature to me. I mean I just can’t help doing a street art trail. There is so much creativity to admire . I literally can’t contain my excitement at the sight of beautiful street art murals. Whenever I travel to a new place, one thing that I am really excited is to find new murals. I have come to see and judge places in the light of the creativity on its walls. It gives me a kick to see how art can transform a dull wall, a rundown street or an old building into something much more meaningful and positive. I also feel every mural has more than one meaning. There is one that the artist conveys and it can always be interpreted in many ways by passing by people and admirers of street art.

Rubic's Cube - One of the most famous street art works in Budapest
Rubic’s Cube – One of the most famous street art works in Budapest

Quick Introduction to Budapest!

So let us begin by knowing a little bit about Budapest. It is the commercial, cultural, industrial center and the capital of Hungary. Until I visited the city, I did not know that it is made up of 3 unified cities. So the name Budapest come from Buda and Óbuda on the west bank of the Danube river and Pest on the east bank.  The city has a fascinating history, medieval monuments and a thriving modern culture. The gorgeous Hungarian parliament building, sturdy Széchenyi Chain Bridge, popular ruined pubs, the relaxing thermal baths and the lively Danube promenade makes the already an architectural city stand out differently. I visited 15 cities during my Euro trip last year and Budapest still remains one of my favorite.

Street Art - One world - Budapest
ONE WORLD – A great message!

Murals, Urban Art and Street Art

Some of the works send out strong messages. Some are simple but interesting. Some talk about the local interests, beliefs and people. A lot of the art works also pays homage to the Jewish community of Budapest. Quite a lot of them are created at a height and it felt easier to see. It was like art was interacting with me. I did not sign up for a street art tour so I will not be revealing much about the art projects that have happened here or the artists who made these but nevertheless, it was fun to stroll, stumble and have my own interpretations. So let us see what all I found!

Street art work of Budapest
One of the most popular street art works of Budapest!

Chiili peppers on walls
Saw this just when I landed in Budapest.
Ruined bars are famous in Budapest
Clicked this in one of the ruin bar!
Famous street art of Budapest
Lively street art in Budapest! Enjoy it from your home right now….
Heroes SquareThis is very important landmark in Budapest!
Heroes square in Budapest - Art work
Street Art in Budapest kept me entertained
Street art in Budapest
Check out the Street art in Budapest
Artists leave heir marks and styles in different ways!
Things to do in Budapest!
Street Art in Budapest kept me entertained.
I really loved the vibes of Budapest and the street art kept me entertained.

Happy Travelling!

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