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The Tattwaa Corbett Spa & Resort – Review and TakeAways

Review - The Tattwaa Corbett Spa & Resort

Travelling is my first love and I enjoy visiting new properties and pampering myself with utmost luxury and care. I am attracted to places that are born out of passion and have something new to offer. And most of the time, I end up discovering places worthy of my time and attention. It becomes easier for me to suggest such places to my readers and friends as well. After the travel hiatus of a few months, I was thrilled to visit a new resort in Corbett in the second week of February and I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway in the Ramnagar area, near Jim Corbett National park, then ‘The Tattwaa Corbett Spa & Resort‘ should be a top contender. Whether on a getaway with friends or a holiday with family, this one is perfect for your day off or two. The resort is spacious, family-friendly, inviting with all the amenities and perks that we usually look for when we step out. Join me on this virtual trip to The Tattwaa Corbett Spa and Resort.

Spacious and serene!

Easy Accesibility

It is hardly 15 minutes drive from the Ramnagar railway station, located on the Jhirna Road of Jim Corbett National Park in the Himmatpur Dotiyal area. It is located on the main road. So if you are not very keen on staying inside the jungle and want the best of both, jungle and the small town vibes, this is an easy pick. A leisurely walk in the premises and just outside the gate, promises lots of greenery, birds, fields, small shops, etc. Also, if you are among those who love to be near the jungle and yet, not far away from human population, this one will meet your expectations.

This is how Jungle Cabana room looks like
Jungle Cabana

My Room : Jungle Cabana

The property has big lawns and 41 rooms. I stayed in one of the farthest and most interesting room types. Located in the proximity of the swimming pool, I could plunge into it any time. And the view from outside my room was always very joyful with clear blue sky, green pastures in the background, and cool blue waters of the pool blending it aesthetically.

Jungle Cabana room was equipped with a bed, table and chairs, cupboard, a good-sized bathroom, television, and a room heater as well. When I was there, the nights were cold and I used the room heater on both nights to ensure a cozy and comfortable sleep. The wooden decor added warmth and cheer to the room.

The resort also has rooms in five different categories. One may pick from Standard Rooms, Jungle Cabana, Superior Rooms, Cottage Rooms, and Suite. I took a round of the resort and looked into all the categories of rooms. Each one had a modern vibe to it, made to cater to the needs of guests and travellers.

Great food at The Tattwaa Corbett Spa & Resort
Live cooking at The Tattwaa Corbett Spa & Resort

Great In-House Dining and the 3 Delectable Outlets

At the outset, I must declare the food is great here. With 1 onsite restaurant ‘Atithi’, and 3 eateries right at the entrance (Kabab bio, Chattar Pattar, Buns in Oven) and 1 bar, there’s plenty of eating choices at ‘The Tattwaa Corbett Spa and Resort’. They have fresh and delicious bakery stuff, south Indian varieties, paranthas, puri sabzi, made-to-order eggs, and a lot of other choices for breakfast – and everything tasted great.

The lunch and dinner spread is sumptuous and serves a wide range of flavours. I loved the vegetarian offerings and my friends couldn’t stop drooling over the chicken, mutton and biryanis. They also serve great grilled stuff for starters. One may enjoy them before dinner.

Buns in Oven has two branches, one just outside the resort and the other a few kilometers before the resort. So, tourists at other resorts can also enjoy the cafe-kind-vibes at any time. One of the best things about ‘Buns in Oven’ is that it is the first round-the-clock cafe near Jim Corbett.

Buns in Oven in Ramnagar
This one offers great food choices!

3 days and 2 nights of Fun

I had a great time at the resort as all my days were pretty eventful. As soon as we entered Ramnagar, we stopped by the ‘Buns in Oven’ café before reaching the resort. It set the tone for the great treat inside. After a warm welcome and smooth check-in, I walked in my room. I felt comfortable in no time. Now, it was time to head to the restaurant. I am a foodie and I was impressed with lavish spread. Interestingly, the owner of the resort, Mr. Mukesh Singh comes from the background of the food and service industry and he has left no stone unturned in making food as the USP of the resort.

After a small nap, I had a chance to meet and interact with the most popular naturalist of Jim Corbett National Park, Mr. Imran Khan. He accompanied us to the newly opened Butterfly Park, right next to the Dhela gate and gave a very informative talk on how and why our forests need to be protected at all costs, how each and every organism play a role in the ecosystem and most importantly, the Corbett Jungles are the best place to learn about birds and butterflies. By the time, we returned it was already dark and tables had been laid for bonfire and musical night. It turned out to be a fun night, where we interacted with other guests and exchanged fun stories. We winded up early because we had an early morning safari. I am a wildlife lover and couldn’t wait to be in the jungle.

I woke up at on time, was fully geared up by 6:30 to leave for the safari to the newly opened Phato zone. It was a thrilling morning. This new zone is beautiful. Read more about my safari experience here – The Phato zone.

How to book safari in Phato zone?
Safari in Phato Zone!

After the safari, I was extremely hungry and couldn’t wait to devour the breakfast spread. The well-done eggs, the donuts, the poori sabzi, idlis, chutneys and buttermilk were amazing. After eating my heart full, I spent some time reading in one of the cozy corners of the resort. Later we walked out of the resort to a women resource center (WRC) to encourage the local women and their new startup where they have been making local pickles, cookies, jams, squashes, etc. It was fun to interact with these budding entrepreneurs. I along with my friends bought a lot of good stuff from these ladies. The Amla pickle was the best. Next time, whenever you are in Corbett, do buy their stuff.

Women Resource Center in Ramnagar

The lunch was followed by some rest and then again high tea was all about good food. In the evening, I walked around the resort and also went outside to check the good stuff at Chattar Pattar and Buns in Oven. It was good to see the young crowd enjoying their heart out. It was time for another musical evening and I appreciate the fact that the resort has been engaging with the locals and giving them a platform to showcase their talent. The grilled snacks were delish once again. I had already eaten enough but I still checked out the dinner buffet and hogged on my favorite things.

Major part of the vacation was already done but when you are in the lap of nature, every minute counts. For the next morning, I was already prepared to go for a nature walk in and around the property. Its always fun to learn something new and spot new birds. For all the activities that one may want to do, you just need to make a request at the reception. They often plan other activities as well like art and cooking classes. So do keep a tab on that. They may be some extra charges but they are nominal. For safari booking also, you must contact at the reception. Coming back to my nature walk, I had a good time spotting some birds inside and outside the resort. I had a birder friend and that made a lot of difference. In a few hours, it was time to leave and head back home but I relished every moment of my stay at the The Tattwaa Corbett Spa & Resort.

The Tattwaa Corbett Spa & Resort
The view just outside my room


  1. They are trying their best to synchronize the services and experiences with the 5 elements of universe
  2. Enriching, warm and hospitable staff.
  3. Amazing salads, great food, with lots of variety, without any doubt.
  4. Spacious, huge lawns, perfect for walking, running, basking in the sun, chit-chatting with family and friends, and even hosting parties and marriages.
  5. In-house wellness and spa center.
  6. Great bakery stuff at ‘Buns in Oven’

Few Suggestions

Keeping in mind that the property is fairly new and is still growing, here are some of my suggestions

  • The premises and rooms can be covered with more plants and trees. The property owners should also plant more and more indigenous trees within the premises for a better eco-system. Also, the guests can be asked to sow seeds. This will give them a reason to return again and see their plants grow. I am definitely looking forward to more greenery next time.
  • Since they have a huge area to themselves, I would love to see in-house indoor and outdoor games arrangements.
  • They could also do some vegetables farming on the premises.
  • Even a reading room would be good where one can read books related to flora and fauna.

Overall, I had a great stay and I would love to return soon.

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