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HANDIKART Sells Indian Handicrafts From Different States

Handikart, Handicrafts, India

I love to collect handicrafts from different states of India! I take pride in decorating my house with hand-crafted beauties made by local artists. Do you have a passion for it too? Let us find out how HANDIKART is procuring products from local artisans and why it has got me hooked with its elegant and genuine handmade product offers.

Handikart,Antique Iron Long Neck Elephant
Antique Iron Long Neck Elephant available at Handikart


There’s nothing better than shopping while exploring new places. Whenever I travel to a new city in India or abroad, I never miss out to check on the local art shops, craft corners, famous streets, shopping malls, night markets, etc. The fascinating mix, colorful jumble and artistic influence of locals always helps me to look into the city and culture better. My eyes curiously look around for unique handicrafts for my home and friends. Genuine and authentic handmade products have always been my first love. While I thoroughly love to decorate these items in my house, most of the times I am met with constraints of buying. Either there is no space to bring it all or time constraint to buy all that I want. These local artists have no means to courier it to me as well. In such cases, I have always felt a lack of initiatives which help us to buy these exquisite artifacts directly from the artisans. On the other occasions, I have felt that these local artists are not able to earn enough because they do not have right platforms to sell their products. 

Practically, it is difficult for everyone to travel to different states and procure all the stuff that Indian artists produce. At some places we do represent the artists but that is not enough. At Dilli Haat in Delhi, we do find lots of beautiful handicrafts from different states but I feel the arena is too small for everyone to showcase their products, especially when India is one of the most ‘hand-skilled’ countries in the world. From my most recent experience at Varanasi, I had a chance to meet the wooden toy makers of the city and talk about their challenges. They were carving some amazing toys but selling only for Rs. 10. I was both surprised and pained because they deserved much more for their hard work.  The need of the hour is that Indian handicraft, which exemplifies undisputed skilled craftsmanship and the exotic appeal needs to be seen more, promoted more. Though it is greatly loved across Indian and global markets, it is not reaching out to the buyers in the right way.  Therefore we need to able to buy these products online too. Startups like HANDIKART can be trendsetters !

Blue Pottery Jar

Priyank Varshney, founder of Handikart says that his business model aims to focus purely on rural and untouched artisans of India. 

Unlike other online platforms, this isn’t about only showcasing the vendors. The team at Handikart buys products directly from artisans and stores them. When the order is placed, they take care of the delivery. The most appealing part of the business model is that the artists are getting paid real time, just the way they love to operate. Secondly, Handikart is trying to capture Indian essence through the famous art and crafts. Most importantly, they have products from UP, Bihar, Puducherry, Tripura, Chattishgarh and many other cities of India. 


There are range of products made from Bamboo, Black pottery, Blue pottery, Brass, Camel bone, Cane, Ceramic, Crystal, Glass, Gorara, Horn and Bone, Iron, Jute, Kadppa Stone, Lauki, Leather, Madhubani Painting, Marbles, Newspaper art, Patta Chitra, Paper Mache, Puppets, Rugs, Sea Shells, Sikki Grass, Terracotta, Warli Art, Wooden, etc

Last but not the least, do share an honest feedback of your experience. 

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  1. I’m thrilled to discover HANDIKART, a platform showcasing diverse Indian handicrafts. It’s heartening to support local artisans from various states, preserving cultural heritage. The craftsmanship is truly remarkable, and I can’t wait to explore the unique creations offered by HANDIKART!

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