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10 Pictures from the Oslo Vigeland Park, Norway

Oslo - The magical and charming city

Its been long that I have been following the handle @visitnorway on twitter and the updates from them always makes me nostalgic.  The city of Oslo and its neighbourhood has an ardent fan in me. Honestly, I did not want to return from Norway after living a freelance writer’s life for a month.  I have fond memories of my stay in this most expensive city of Europe.  Lucky me, I got a chance to stay in Oslo for 28 days, (yes I know that makes you super-jealous). Europe is a fascinating part of the world and when you get to stay in one piece of it that boasts of incredible beauty, one-of-its-kinds cultural attractions and gorgeous landscape, you have to thank your stars.

Hubby visited Oslo for a project and I did not let go this opportunity of discovering this beautiful Scandinavian country.  I opted for a sabbatical from my engineering job, wore my traveller hat and lived a fairytale life. It was so much fun to cook, eat, write, explore and sleep each day with absolutely no other worries to take care of.  There were no late evening meetings, no follow up calls, no work to be carried home and no staying back in office. Hubby would leave for work at 7:30 a.m. ( in Oslo people start their day early) and he would be back home by 5:30 p.m. Rest of the evening we spent as a couple walking around my favourite Karl Johan’s  Street and the waterfront Opera House.

Known as Frogner Park too

Apart from the everyday fun, weekends were super packed. We did not want to miss discovering the must visit sites. Oslo is one place where its fun to be outside the house. The beautiful surroundings are pleasing for both heart and the mind. People here love outdoor activities and Parks are almost everywhere. Oslo also houses world famous park in the Frogner neighbourhood-  Vigelandsparken Sculpture Park.

In my post from Oslo I had mentioned about my visit there. I wonder why I never wrote a complete blog post about this gem of a park. I have some interesting pictures of the park and its sculptures and would love to share through this photo-blog.  Vigeland, also known as Frogner Park makes it to the list of one of the most beautiful parks of Europe. The park that took 20 years in its completion houses 212  sculptures depicting human conditions around life, eternity, transitions, relationships. One man who did it all single-handedly definitely deserves special mention and admiration- the famous sculptor Gustav Vigeland.

10 on 10 from Vigeland!

Makes a great tourist attraction in Oslo





All the sculptures are situated around this 70 meter monolith that is made out of one stone. This is indeed the most photographed area of the park.





Hubby doing the posing around



Thats me basking in the sun at the Vigeland Park


Nature was at its best in this park. Colours in all creations (blue, green and the orange) spoke for themselves.

Hope you enjoyed a virtual trip around the Vigeland Park?

If you have been to Oslo, do write about your experience. Also if there is a park that is unique and you know about it, do mention its name in the comment section.

Happy Traveling!!


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