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7 Things that Incline me towards Group Travels

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I have traveled solo but I can never hail myself as a solo traveler. I love to talk and I can’t imagine myself being alone in the most beautiful places.  In fact, I love to cherish my travel moments with my husband, my family, with friends or even strangers who love to travel. I prefer the company of the like-minded or the people whose presence makes me feel safe, joyous and comfortable. I am not the one who loves to tag along or be tagged along everywhere with lots of people but I definitely like to be assured that I have someone to whom I can look forward to in need. Traveling as a group is an incredible way to explore and experience new things. While solo travel is more of a one person thing and requires commitment, group travels are filled with fun and excitement whenever one needs to cheer up. Surely, solo trips have its own perks but traveling in a group has benefits too and here are a few of them.


  1. More savings

If you want to save on some extra bucks on your travel, then choose group travels. As a group you are given more privileges such as discounts on bookings, hotels, some freebies and a lot more. The extra expenses are also shared among all the group members, therefore giving you some extra bucks to spend on other activities.


  1. Companion=no boredom

Traveling with a group means having a gang of friends with whom you can laugh and talk. You will always have someone to eat with and moreover you can take as many selfies you like and not feel foolish at all. Having a companion, you can never get bored. Be it traveling, sight seeing or just simply wandering around, a companion can make everything more fun and interesting.


  1. Safety

No doubt group travels are safer than solo travels. You always have someone besides you to look after you and it also takes the edge off the risk of being ripped and you also don’t have to worry about getting lost.


Family and friends, Travel
Traveling with family and friends makes great memories


  1. Learn new things

You always learn something new if you travel in a group. As everyone has their own wishes and crazy ideas and fun things to do on their list, you are most likely to end up with an trilling and a life-long experience to remember and cherish and by this you get to learn a lot of new things and return home with new experiences.


  1. You feel good

You feel good knowing that there is always someone looking out for you, taking care of you when you’re sick, guiding you, helping you in your decision making and always motivating you to try something new.


  1. Great shots of you

This is something that is rarely possible for solo traveler. Traveling in a group means you’re likely to be captured in more awesome photographs, videos and more than anything the candid and crazy shots that you’ll always have to look back to those days and cherish them for a lifetime.


  1. Great Conversations

Human connect is a great connect. When you travel in a group, a lot of conversations happen. Great camaraderie creates amazing memories. Once the journey ends, we all come back with unforgettable stories to cherish forever.  And many a times these friends become like family because of those amazing trips that we have shared with them.


Travel bloggers
Traveling with the like-minded


The post trip blues

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 Happy Traveling!!!

6 thoughts on “7 Things that Incline me towards Group Travels

  1. My experience is exactly opposite to yours! I think it depends more on the type of the group rather than the concept of group. While traveling alone, I am able to learn, explore and absorb a lot about the place, surroundings and the journey. People don’t always have that much patience for a companion’s interests/preferences.

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