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What’s New At HRC’s World Burger Tour 2016?

Burger Festival, World Burger Tour, Hard Rock Cafe, Saket, New Delhi

No doubt, my feet are always itching to explore a new place, I also love to travel the world through food. This comes easily to me because I really don’t have to buy those plane tickets for every place that I dream to go. Trust me, its great fun to indulge in flavors from different countries. As my taste buds would have it, when Hard Rock Cafe India celebrated the start of their world burger tour, I excitedly agreed to mingle in the foodie fun last Saturday. Hard Rock Café aims to jubilate the strong connect between food and travel through its World Burger Tour. 


Who doesn’t love HRC? Its known for its live bands, amazing rock music, great drinks and food. Beginning with an Eric Clapton guitar, Hard Rock owns the world’s greatest collection of music memorabilia, which is displayed at its locations across the globe. The ambiance is always young, vibrant and cool. On top of it all, if you love those international salads, pasta, platters or burgers, this is the place to hang out with your gang.


Mexican Quesedilla Veg Burger, Hard Rock Cafe, World Burger Tour
Mexican Quesedilla Veg Burger


World Burger Tour – 1st June and 30th July 2016


The preview of the World Burger Tour took place on International Burger day, May 28, 2016 at HRC outlet at Pune/Mumbai/Delhi/Bangalore/Hyderabad. It was kick-started PAN India at the same time across all Hard rock outlets!


Cocktails at Hard Rock Cafe
There were great cocktails along with burgers.


This is what happened in Delhi at the DLF Place, Saket branch…


We settled down in the cozy sofas. The ambiance was upbeat as usual. I always love coming back to HRC for its music, theme, interiors and the food. While we waited for the other bloggers, I clicked some pictures. When the invited bunch had gathered, we started with the sampling session. As part of the World Burger Tour, we were surprised to know that the event would start with a thrilling Burgerthon, an inter-cafe pan India burger challenge. We had to gobble a wholesome burger in the least time. The chef prepared amazing burgers for each of us and then when everyone had their plate in front of them,  we were asked to attack our burgers at the same time. Looking at the size of the burger, I really dint want to eat in a hurry but relish the new and exciting flavors. But at the spur of the moment, I decided to go with the flow. Sometimes, its fun to do the unusual. Along with the burgers, we had to finish the masala fries too. I knew, I was definitely not in race. The fastest one was supposed to win a prize. And to our excitement, a fellow blogger did finish it all in 2 minutes flat. This was indeed remarkable timing because I had not even managed to eat half of my burger. For slow-eaters in the house, this could be a one-of its-kinds experience.


Italian Chicken Burger, World Burger Tour, Hard Rock Cafe
Italian Chicken Burger


Indian Tandoori burger


There was a gamut of legendary burgers like the Mexican Veg. Enchilada Burger, Veg. Lebanese Burger, Indian Chicken Tandoori Burger and Istanbul Chicken Kofta Burger. I was served an Indian Tandoori burger to start with and I was happy with the final product. My burger had the tandoori flavors. It was juicy and meaty. The chicken patty was succulent and it melted together with the cheddar cheese, cucumber plank and mint mayo. For me a really good burger is the one which is packed in well. I do not like dense and over-stuffed burgers. And I hate it all the more when its messy. This one was clean, crisp and sturdy. For me, its important to get a taste of everything inside in one bite. Also, we overlook the bun but the bread is very important part of the burger. It must be fresh and soft. Meat to bun ration must be balanced too. The spread and the sauce should be used moderately. Excess of everything is bad. I must congratulate the chef for doing a good job with the new varieties. 


Choices of Veg and Non-Veg Burgers, World Burger Tour, Hard Rock Cafe
Choices of Veg and Non-Veg Burgers


After the burgerthon, we were served all the burgers one by one.


Mediterranean Veg Burger–  Mediterranean vegetables and spices infused grilled patty was laced with spicy mago aioli, cheddar cheese and fresh spinach slaw.


Lebanese Veg Burger- Falafel Veg Burger infused with Lebanese spices. To add to it, there was lettuce, tomato, garlic aioli, hummus sauce, veg pickle and cheddar cheese.


Caribbean Veg Burger – Smooth and spicy fusion of vegetables and brown lentil caribbean spiced grilled burger was topped with cheddar, cheese, quinoa relish and sunflower seeds.


Istanbul Kafta Chicken Burger –  Shawarma spice infused chicken burger with lettuce, tomato, garlic hummus, kafta spiced onion, mushroom, peppers and creamy feta crumble.


Italian Chicken Burger – Fresh herbs infused chicken burger patty, Italian relish, golden panko crusted cheddar cheese and spicy tangy sundried tomato aioli.


Indian Tandoori Chicken Burger – Succulent and tandoor spiced chicken burger, lettuce, tomato, topped with melted Cheddar cheese, cucumber plank, mint mayo.



I would have loved if sliders were given to us for tasting. Sampling each and every wholesome burger was really a tough task. After one burger, I could only eat one bite from each of the above. My other favorites were Caribbean Veg Burger and Istanbul Kafta chicken burger.  I loved the delectable patties of almost all of them. I will definitely recommend this fest to you. If you are not into junk, you can always try it for the patties as they were made of healthy combinations. From Istanbul to India, you can pick your favorite flavor. Whenever you go for this burger tour, do let me know your favorite one. I definitely look forward to hearing from you.


Istanbul Kafta Chicken Burger, World Burger Tour, Hard Rock Cafe
Istanbul Kafta Chicken Burger


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  1. This looks so delicious and a great feast. I am not a big fan of meat burgers bit I love the vegetarian versions. My favorite ever was with red beans and avocado! Heaven!

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