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Frostino Launch And Tasting At Costa Coffee, New Delhi

Costa Coffee-Frostino-Belgian Chocolate



So when I am not traveling, I love exploring Delhi and its delights. The month of ‘MAY’ has been really hot and while everyone has been excited about the hill stations, this was the only month that I decided to stay home and plan my bigger travels. While everyday there is an event in Delhi, I keep myself restricted to some of my favorite brands. Husband is a great coffee fan and therefore we  enjoy going to Costa Coffee regularly. If you are fond of them too, you might love to catch up the latest from them. 



 Costa Coffee launched Frostino in India on 28th May 2016. I was part of the bloggers meet where we tasted three new flavors and voted for our favorite one on the spot. The event took place at South Extension part 2 branch in the capital. Just like their names, the three new flavors were unique and exciting – Belgium Chocolate, Red Velvet and Key Lime Pie. You might want to know which one I voted for, but for that you must read the blog to know what is exciting about each of them and which one ended up as my favorite.



Combo picture, Costa Frostino, Costa Coffee
Combo picture Costa Frostino



‘Frostino’– Costa’s exciting new Summer Beverage range


When its hot outside, you desire something cool for the inside. In India, there couldn’t be a better time to launch this thirst quenching, cool and creamy range of drinks.  The good news is that these ice blended drinks has been launched globally for the summers of 2016. If you are a coffee person, I am sure you must be aware that Costa Coffee is world’s second largest and India’s first international coffee chain. Costa Coffee has always set new benchmarks in coffee retailing in the country with its hand crafted coffee but this time the skilled baristas have come up with Frostino, a cool and creamy milk based iced blended drink.



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Frostino, Key Lime Pie, Lime and Milk
Launch of ‘Frostino’ Costa’s exciting new Summer Beverage range



As we sampled one drink after the other, we could easily distinguish the flavors. First a glass of Red Velvet was served. It had a smooth and rich creamy texture. I am quite fond of red velvet cakes. And if you have never bothered to find out what leads the beautiful crimson color, I must tell you here that buttermilk, cocoa, beetroot come togetehr to lend that effect.  The color was lovely, the taste of the drink was different and I quite liked it in the first gulp.  Next, we were served Belgian Chocolate.  I thought it would be high on sugar but it was on the lower side, just the way I like it.  I was not very impressed about it because for me it was close to any other chocolate drink. I also felt it had a lot of ice in it. In my view, a little less ice would have made it taste better. If you are a chocolate fan, you might differ from me. The third and most interesting flavor was a combination of lime and milk-Key Lime Pie. Now, this was something that was definitely worth a try. It was not only refreshing but also very exciting. The color of the drink was delighting. Though, Indians are not used to having lime and milk together so they might take time to indulge in this one but if you are open to new flavors, you must try this.



Frostino, Summer beverages, Costa Coffee, Key Lime Pie
Key Lime Pie- A new flavor for the Indian Taste buds- Costa Coffee



After we were done with the three smaller glasses, we were open to order our glassfuls. Apart from the three drinks that we tasted, the other exciting ranges of Frostinos include White Chocolate & Raspberry, Coffee Cooler, Classic Cold Coffee, Vanilla Cooler and Roasted Hazel Nut. The event ended at a very positive note where we were asked to pick our favorite and write on a chit of paper. Such surveys are necessary to identify our acceptance and attitude towards new flavors. On a comparative note, I would say Red Velvet was a perfect blend but on the innovation front, I would say lime key pie was a sure shot winner. We all have difference choices and eating habits and therefore I will not reveal which one I voted for. Keep guessing. Until then, just go ahead with all the three and come back and tell me which one you liked the best. 



The wall art at Costa Coffee, South Extention 2, New Delhi
The wall art at Costa Coffee, South Extention 2, New Delhi



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  1. Cool … My favorite brand is Costa , next only to Starbucks. Belgium Chocolate, Red Velvet and Key Lime Pie. If only to select by the names , I will vote for Belgium Chocolate , but your writing compels one to opt for Red Velvet and try out Key Lime Pie as well.

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