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Bollywood Inspired Workshop At Asian Paints Colour Store In CP

Shruti Gupte, Asian Paints, Bollywood, Workshop

“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most.”
― John Ruskin, The Stones of Venice



Color Selection, Asian Paints
Color Palette



For many years, I din’t even have a favorite color and now when we have so many shades of each color, to side with one is just not possible for me. The artist in me loves colors in all forms. No less, like every woman, I am an interior decor enthusiast too. The creative side of me loves to play with colors, designs and interiors in my abode. Thus, the invite to Asian Paints Store in CP, New Delhi sounded like a treat to me. On World Interiors Day, the brand came up with a very interesting workshop with production designer, Shruti Gupte where she talked about drawing inspiration from popular film sets.



Shruti Gupte, #WorldInteriorsDay #AsianPaints #ColourStoreCP
Shruti Gupte taking the workshop!



The theme of the talk was ‘Intelligent and Inspirational Interiors, from Silver Screens to Your Home’. Shruti has designed homes and interior spaces in films such as ‘Aisha’, ‘Taare Zamin Par’, ‘Khoobsurat’,‘Lunch Box’ and others. In films, one of the very crucial aspect is designing the homes of characters of the film. Before this talk, I had never bothered to pay attention to the making of the sets. We easily get impressed with exotic locales but we miss out appreciating the intricate details of the house, rooms shown in the films. Indoor settings call for lot of planning and creativity. It was a very engaging talk by Shruti, where she not only told us about the colors, textures, designs used by her in the films but also gave us a deep understanding of the style and sensibilities of the modern-day consumers. She emphasized on the point that it was very important for the rooms and personal spaces to blend with the situation and reflect the personalities of the characters in the scene.



Asian Paints shop in Delhi
Asian Paints


It was during the workshop that I realized that how minutely each and every aspect of the scene is decided. From the colors to the lampshades to the paintings to the walls to the decors to the tiled effect on the floor, its not easy to pull up the look that is just a creation in your mind.  Only when Shruti gave us examples from different films, we could understand it in a much better way. She took us through the requirements of the mediocre family or the art room in ‘Taare Zamin Par’, the stylish protagonist in ‘Aisha’ and the contrasting personalities of the royal family and Mili in the film Khoobsurat. Bollywood definitely takes a lot of inspiration from the real life and therefore there is no harm in taking inspiration other way round. Our eyes love to appreciate the philosophy of art. When we like something, we tend to pick those creative styles and  use them in our own décor choices. And why not? We can always use these ‘Intelligent & Inspirational Interiors’ in our home.



Bollywood Inspired Workshop
Bollywood Inspired Workshop



When we see, touch and feel things, we always make a better impression and decision around it. The idea is to experience it before actually implementing it. This is what Asian Paints store aims to do for their consumers who are looking for something new. They are making best efforts to give us firsthand experiences through interesting DIY activities and engaging events. In fact after the workshop, we too did some activities of putting up of colors, design, etc. together. I would suggest that whenever you are in need of colorful and vogue ideas for your home, you can always go to one of the stores in your city. My experience with Asian Paints has always been very satisfying.



Asian Paints workshop, CP Store, New Delhi
DIY activities

I was glad to spend #WorldInteriorsDay in a very colorful way at #AsianPaints #ColourStoreCP.



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