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CAFE YELL – A fashionable cafe with a creative platter!

Pizza festival in Delhi

When it comes to finding new places to hang out and dine in with family in Delhi-NCR, my friends love to call me and ask for my wisdom.  To throw new and reliable names at them, I keep updating myself with interesting menus. Honestly, I extract great fun in savouring new dishes and learning about food. When I am not travelling, I am always open to the idea of appreciating food.  Here is an account of my visit to Cafe Yell in Defence Colony in Delhi. This new kid on the block has definitely impressed me.



In this competitive and creative world where both food and fashion are becoming highly demanding, Cafe Yell makes a humble attempt to bring both of them under one roof. Cafe Yell is a uniquely new and cute cafe in South Delhi. Being the progeny of ‘Yell club wear – a fashion brand’, it has surely come to be known as the fashion cafe. Balls of wool, huge buttons, sewing machine, reels of thread, measuring tapes, scissor lend a fancy and tailored look to the cafe. If not a restaurant, this can easily double up as a boutique. `



This new age boutique café has been founded by Vipul and Divya Gupta. The duo already owns the premium clothing label ‘Yell’ and the Rajasthani speciality restaurant ‘Kathputli’.



Cafe Yell, Yell club wear, Restaurant in Defence colony
Cafe Yell is located in Defence Colony



A new cafe in Defence colony
Who knew reels of multi colored threads could be used to decorate a cafe so beautifully!



I loved these huge buttons on the wall and would love to decorate some room in my house this way.
I loved these huge buttons on the wall and would love to decorate some room in my house this way.



With so much happening to enhance the experience of eating, everything on the menu is made to look good these days. However, the flavours must pop out of the dishes to make the whole experience above the rest. Tasting sessions do help me make a view but trust me, it takes a lot of effort and time to get convinced. The menu at Cafe Yell looked good, just the kind that we youngsters look for these days but it was too early to judge.  





Since there were not many choices in the drinks section, we settled for watermelon cooler with the Yell punch and Lemon Ice tea. Both lived up to their names. The sugar was to my taste. I must mention that the watermelon drink was refreshing to the core. For summers, this is a winner on the menu. If you are a watermelon fan, you must not miss this. The drink gives you a kick for sure. In case you are not able to decipher the interesting punch, ask the staff to change your drink.



Cafe Yell has many sections to its crisp menu. One may start from soups and salads and go on to ‘Big Bites’ and ‘Yell Meals’.  In between, you may find starters, pasta, pizza, burgers, sandwiches, risotto. The appetisers looked enticing and we ordered for Jalapeno Mozzarella balls and Rosemary garlic Bread.  The first bite of the cheesy ball was enough to raise my expectations from the dinner that evening. What I liked about it was that it wasn’t oily and it melted in the mouth. Jalapenos were nicely blended in to lend the right taste to the dish.



The next thing that hit our table was rosemary garlic bread. I could easily say that it was made with great attention and passion for sure. The dough was just right and the final product had lots of rosemary on a delicious crust.



Watermelon drink with a Yell punch
Watermelon drink with a Yell punch



Cafe Yell Menu
Jalapeno Mozzarella Bombs



Rosemary Garlic Bread, Cafe Yell
Rosemary Garlic Bread



While hubby was enjoying the vegetarian indulgences, I went on to order some spicy chicken drumsticks. This was contemporary as well as had an Indian twist to it.  I loved its oiliness and the shine. The salads and yell sauce added flavours to it but the chicken in itself was very convincing for my taste buds. The chicken was soft and tender with rich flavours within the flesh. After having this, I could trust the menu more. 


While we ate, I also noticed that the cafe had a quick service towards its customers. Even while I was waiting for my order, I could look around or read magazines hanging right across my table. No doubt, this unique space had lovely colours and character to itself. 



Spiced Drumsticks, Cafe in Delhi
Spiced Chicken Drumsticks



Lotus pizza
THE LOTUS PIZZA – We ordered this one from their menu of ‘Yell Pizza Festival’.



Creativity reflects not only in the interiors of the cafe but also in its food. Lotus pizza has to be one of the most creative and interesting veg pizzas that I have ever eaten. The shape of the lotus was enough to make us drool over. The fillings were neatly tucked in and overall it tasted utterly delicious. The layer of dough, the cheese and the toppings, everything spoke for themselves. The chef deserves an applaud for this.



The BIG BITES were really big. 

I ordered a Pan seared fish, Sauteed vegetables, lemon butter sauce and hubby went for Ratatouille with cottage cheese steak in tangy Arrabbiata.  

Both the platters were extremely colourful with flavours oozing out of them. The cottage cheese steak was soft, fresh and perfectly infused with different spices. The toppings on the paneer were a  joyful and healthy combination of zucchini, bellpeppers, onions and more. The arrabbiata sauce was rich and tangy. I would rate this as one of the best indulgences for a vegetarian soul.

The pan seared fish had an overpowering lemon sauce. The flesh came on my fork easily and the overall combination was great value for money. I liked the lemon sauce because it was perfectly made. It enhanced the taste of the entire meal. 



Ratatouille with cottage cheese steak in tangy arrabiatta
Ratatouille with cottage cheese steak in tangy Arrabbiata



Panseared fish, Sauteed vegetables, lemon butter sauce
Pan seared fish, sautéed vegetables, lemon butter sauce



Home style fudge brownie
Homestyle fudge brownie with ice cream.



In the desserts, I wanted to order Yell cookie blast but we were told that it was not available. This, I ordered a homestyle fudge brownie and blueberry cheesecake. While the brownie deserves all the brownie points, the cheesecake was just okay. I think after all the good things that I had eaten, I was not ready to settle for anything less amazing. Overall, I would give an extra point to this cafe because even though it stands amongst the high-end restaurants in Defence colony, it doesn’t pinch the pocket with its moderate pricing. 



I am glad to add Cafe Yell to my recommendation list. And the pizza lovers must head there right away because they are running a one-month long pizza festival. THE LOTUS pizza tasted as amazing as it looks in the pictures above and I was told that FISHY FISH is a mysterious one on the menu. 



Cafe Yell Pizza festival
Pizza festival in Delhi



Cafe Yell -Restaurant Review
The Last Click – This is how the cafe looked from my cosy corner.




 Except for the pizza and garlic bread, the portions served for other dishes is half of the actual servings. 

I was invited by the Cafe for a feedback but my views are honest and absolutely uninfluenced. 


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