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Wishing You All A “Smart New Year

Happy New Year

This is my first post of the year 2019 and I would like to wish you all a very-very “Smart New Year”


Replacing “Happy” New Year with “Smart” New Year!

I have replaced “Happy” with “Smart” because I believe its high time that we acknowledge the power of smart gadgets. They play a major role in comforting our life and increasing the happiness quotient.


We believe it or not, you agree or not, I crib about it or not but the truth is that our everyday life has become way too complicated. If we go by the traditional ways, we would be caught in a rigmarole, almost daily. Be it our jobs, our relationships, social obligations, friend circles, work-life-balance, health or the urge to excel at everything,  we are beaten down by stress and pressure. Most of the time we are running short of time. The over-commitment bogs us down and kills our happiness.  


What is the solution? I have contemplated around it and I feel that the need of the hour is to stop worrying and shed down unnecessary baggage of mediocrity. It is time to become smart and intelligent. Let us be comfortable in seeking help from smart gadgets. 


When I say smart, I am not just talking about our style game or physical appearance but smart technology around us. The day we will stop being old school and have no fear of becoming lazy or depending too much on smart devices, our life will become happier and smarter for the better.  Why shy from using something that saves us time, effort and overall stress? 


I believe in Technology and Smart devices

In the age of smartphones when we really cant think of our life without them, do we really need more convincing on how smart camera has been helpful in solving security issues or the use of smart lights saves on energy and money in the long run? No, we don’t. We know that they are powerful tools and they ease our day to day living. People who live in smart homes do not become lazy bums just because they run the house on their finger tips, they use their comfort and time to do something more better and creative. I really don’t understand why should we shy from being technology dependent. Some of the most intelligent brains have developed them for us and I take pride in these creations. Rather, I am extremely fond of this #SmartHomeRevolution. I want everyone to believe in the power of technological advancements. 



The big and smalls joy of our smart life…

The new-age gadgets actually help us to connect and communicate better and we have all the right to make our life comfortable. Why not? I would like to keep a check on the movements in my house through smart cameras. I would want to use Google Home when in need. And I would like to own a smart house one day. 

Read the below six statements and tell me if you don’t agree….

The advertisements which say #GetFitWithFlipkart may have felt promotional initially but haven’t they made us more thoughtful and concerned about our health. They have!

I feel the smart watches are very helpful when they show us our urgent messages on the wrist. 

Aren’t the wireless speakers cool and fun to carry them just anywhere?

We love our ever-evolving smart televisions. Don’t we? I feel the amazing picture clarity and the option to connect with the laptop and other devices makes them worth every penny. 

The Virtual Reality boxes make so many of our experiences extra memorable as the virtual turns real. The simulators in the adventure parks would not be fun without them. 

Smart kitchens are my favorite. I love it when the blinds can be controlled by remote or the oven can be switched off from far away.


These smart products make me a smart traveler and I love them!


  1. The recently acquired fit band inspire me to be on my toes and watch my weight always.
  2. My Kindle helps me to have access to lot of book on-the-go.
  3. The smart phone lenses have made life so easy and I don’t have to carry my DSLR everywhere.
  4. Water purifying bottles are need of the hour and I have one too. I really don’t have to buy new plastic bottle every time. I can just refill my bottle.
  5. Smart toiletry and space bags are my favorites and help me pack light and smart.
  6. Portable blue tooth speakers save me from getting bored at few places.
  7. Hi-tech warmers have come to be very very useful in cold countries.
  8. Digital luggage scale always checks the excess luggage weight and saves me from paying extra money to airlines. 
  9. My brother gifted me a Smart USB Home Travel Wall Fast Charger HUB Station and it makes life so easy at places when I have to charge a number of gadgets, the sockets don’t work or I have no access to charging points.
  10. Last but not the least, Google Home is absolutely adorable. It makes life simpler everywhere. 


I love writing for creative topics and this blog is my entry for most recent blogging contest organised by Flipkart and Indiblogger. 

Happy New Year
Using smart gadgets

One thought on “Wishing You All A “Smart New Year

  1. Perfect. Travelling is fun as long as you have the right amenities to keep it seamless. Else it could be a sheer failure. This New Year is no different from every other New Years we spend. But yes, the digital wave sweeping our lives has gained priority. And your tips are just what you need.

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