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Coronavirus- My fear and the confusion around traveling!

Travel during Coronavirus

This is my personal dilemma and I am just trying to answer it for myself. Honestly, I have captured it in words to be able to remember my state of mind, right now. I have really thought about it a lot of times. So it begins here that with so much news floating around Coronavirus, it has really got into our nerves. Just like every other traveler, I am also confused and can’t decide, especially when I have an opportunity to travel next week. A lot has been going through my mind. I am sure anyone who is supposed to travel in the coming days or next week would be in the same boat as me. What are its symptoms and risks? Where can I find the facts over myths? Is it okay to travel through airports? Is it fine to attend global events? How do we act during Global health emergencies? Why am I even thinking of travel at this time? How dare I? Have I gone nuts?

I am a travel blogger. I love writing about travel. Its my job that I am extremely passionate about. And very rarely do I give up on a travel assignment, if its not a family emergency or a severe health issue. In January, I did restrict my traveling due to a personal loss but I was really looking forward to some interesting travels in February. But who knew that I would be having sleepless nights over a disease which has affected the central city of Wuhan China very badly and has been declared pandemic, due to its spread in other countries too. What are we travelers supposed to do at this time? Stop travelling because of the fear of coronavirus? Is it a precautionary step or its too paranoid to behave that way? Of course prevention is better than cure, especially here when there is no cure.

What is my dilemma and what are my fears around Coronavirus?

India has had only 3 positive cases. Isn’t it too a small number to even panic? But the general wisdom or the fact which says that there is no cure or vaccine for coronabirus as yet, is the scariest bit of it. The infection or virus is widespread and the severity of the spread can be fatal, if not controlled . Despite the fact that travel to China and Chinese travelers have been restricted, things do look extremely sensitive. Every news of death is raising tension. But I am still wondering why are travel advisories not saying it loud and clear, “Do not travel to other countries.” Had they said this, I would not be in two minds. But since they have not said anything except China, I am assuming every other country with just a handful of cases of coronavirus is safe to travel to.

I am sure you are wondering, why am I speculating so much. Because I have to travel outside India, next Monday and there are two thoughts that have been troubling me. At first place, I have been asking myself, is it okay to visit airports at this time and pass through some places where chances of picking infection is high or should I simply cancel my plan? On the contrary, I am also not convinced enough to refuse to travel just because there is a virus which might reach me through someone. What is that probability when people are being screened everywhere? I know its wise to be safe than sorry but is sitting at home and not traveling the right thing to do.

More than any fear of contracting the disease, I am feeling uncomfortable from that idea of traveling where every sneeze or cough coming from people from other countries would send shivers in me. But then again, doesn’t this make me a xenophobic?

I know no one knows what to say and in such cases only instincts will matter. Of course wearing masks, washing hands and using sanitizer every now and then are the best suggestions that I have got so far.

Articles Around Coronavirus

I have read around 50 and more articles in last 24 hours, to get an idea and to gauge what the experts had to say. But we only have what is being reported and too much is based on assumptions. I really don’t know what source to trust except WHO because everything is sounding too scary. Some seem to write from the place of affected areas and are definitely traumatic. Some articles are suggesting to act as per travel advisories while some are out rightly rejecting the idea of traveling to China. But what about other places? How do we decide whether our own airports are safe or not?

The majority of cases reported outside China have been about people who recently travelled there from Wuhan. Does this fact question the whole idea of traveling?

Everyone is suggesting not to travel but there are few exceptions.

First of all, I raised my concern to the authorities who have invited me to the event. The reply was pretty convincing and I had no facts in hand or numbers to say that I do not feel safe to travel to your country.

I have also been discussing the situation with my friends and family and I know everyone is suggesting not to travel, out of their love and concern but somehow I am not ready to believe that the situation is bad anywhere else, except China. I am definitely in a dilemma but not in panic mode yet.

My husband came up with the very supportive solution. He said, keep your plans on and if the situation worsens, don’t travel and we will bear the cancellations charges. This is so adorable and thats why I love him so much.

Will keep you updated with the travels. Lets wish everything comes in control soon. Lets pray for the people of China.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. My husband and I are also in two minds about whether we should book a trip that we really wanted to go in the next few months. Who knows, Coronavirus could be much more widespread by then!

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