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Culture-rich and cool Bali

Sanur beach, Bali, Indonesia, Volcano

Hello Friends, I am just back from a short, sweet and a superb trip of Hello, I am Just Back from culture-rich and cool Bali.  In fact, I had started writing this blog from there itself but couldn’t post it because it was one hectic and thrilling trip which did not give me time to sort and edit all the pictures. Nevertheless, I was impatient to make a small summary around the four days and thus I am doing it today. (I landed in Delhi yesterday night) The pictures below speak out loud about the charms, culture and comeliness of the island.  This was my second visit after 2011 and I was elated to return to this gorgeous destination. Bali is definitely one of my favorite places when it comes to a cool combination of beach, sun, surf, sand, culture, temples, adventure and more. Lombok comes up close!!

I know you might have heard or read about Mount Agung and its volcano alert for more than a month now but trust me there is nothing to panic as of now. The neighboring areas have been evacuated and everything is being closely monitored. It was being claimed that the volcano was on the brink of eruption however it has only been fuming for now. Nevertheless, the seismic activities are being monitored everyday. The good news is that the danger level has come down from ‘Level 4’ to ‘Level 3’, so circumference of the affected region has reduced. Well, none can deny the impact of such natural activities but I can definitely say that things are all under control on this pretty island. Bali is a big island and there is so much to do beyond the volcanic area. I was there for last four days and I did not read fear on anybody’s face. Even my flight Malindo Air was full when we flew from Kuala Lumpur to Denpaser. 

Malindo Air –My Trip to Bali and Lombok with Malindo Airlines

Lombok Trip –Sasak Ende Village in Lombok is a cultural keepsake

Here is a quick summary of my trip! 

  • 1.Complete Indulgence at Padma Ubud Resort
  • 2.Coffee and tea tasting at Ubud Me Sari Luwak, (Coffee House)
  • 3.A walk around Ubud Market
  • 4.ATV Quad bike riding
  • 5.Stopping-by at Ubud temples to appreciate the different style and structure of the temples
  • 6.A visit to the most iconic temple of the island, Tanah Lot
  • 7.Enjoying a rainy day in Bali
  • 8.A night walk around Seminiyak beach
  • 9.A day about visiting beaches and island hopping
  • 10.Exploring Sanur beach and neighborhood
  • 11.A ferry ride to Nusa Penida 
  • 12.Snorkeling at Crystal bay
  • 13.Indulging in sea food at Jimbaran, over Balinese music and dance
  • 14.Shopping at ‘Agung Bali’, a modern day shopping arena (good place for souvenirs and gifts)
  • 15.Enjoyed Balinese spa and massage
  • 16.And not to forget, taking a holy dip in all the swimming pools of the two resorts that I stayed in (Padma Ubud and Montigo Resorts)

Bali Airport or Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport, also known as Denpasar International Airport

Every place grows, changes, expands with time. Of course, I found a number of things changed about culture-rich and cool Bali, but the new airport won me over. It used to be small and unattractive bu this time I was impressed to see a bigger, better and more developed airport. It has become a modern day center with all amenities that an international traveler would ask for.



While I will be writing about my elaborate experiences soon, here are some interesting pictures to take you on a virtual trip to one of my favorite places in Indonesia. Lombok and its Gilli island, Gilli Trawangan come close second. Whenever you are making an itinerary for Indonesia, don’t forget to include these two places as well.


IMG_6908                                                                                                   Krishna and Arjuna in Bali.


IMG_6940                                                                             The infinity pool at Padma Ubud Resorts


IMG_6986                                                                                            Ganesha is a revered one in Bali


IMG_7051                                                                                 Captured this Wall Art in Ubud Market


IMG_7057                                     The Balinese dwarpalaks (gate guardians) found at every temple. Bedogol is the Balinese name.


IMG_7166 One of the many interesting sculptures at a Balinese temple.


IMG_7178  The wall sculptures tell us that Bali has a beautiful history and heritage too.  Don’t miss to notice  these in the lovely temples on the island.


IMG_7236 The iconic temple at Tanah Lot!


IMG_7265November visit meant that we had to deal with the rains. 


IMG_7305Beautiful Balinese statue.

IMG_7337  Enjoying my time at the Sanur Beach


IMG_7353Mt. Agung in the background. I captured this from Sanur beach.


IMG_7359  A closer look of the active volcano from the zoom lens. 


IMG_7450 The most interesting wall art that I found at Nusa Penida.


IMG_7509Crystal Bay


IMG_7613    Bali Mandara Toll Road or Nusa Dua-Ngurah Rai-Benoa Toll Road is a toll road carried by a bridge stretching across the Gulf of Benoa 12.7 km in length.


IMG_7647  Dinner at Jimbaran beach


Don’t forget to go adventurous in Bali!

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