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My Dreamy Affair With Heritage Le Telfair, Mauritius

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DREAMY – This was the first word which popped in my mind as my eyes settled on the signature view of the Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Spa Resort in Mauritius.  I stayed here for 2 nights last month. This was our first stop on a familiarization trip to the island nation famous for its beaches, lagoons and reefs. Personally, it was my first visit to Mauritius and by the time I reached here from the airport, my expectations from the pristine island as well as the hotel had exceeded already. I have a soft corner for classy and creative hotels. The stylish and elegant colonial architecture won it for Heritage Le Telfair almost immediately. The gorgeous setting of the resort and the idea of having our first lunch by the beach was a soothing respite after a long flight from Delhi to Mumbai and then Mumbai to Mauritius via Air Mauritius. 



five star hotel, luxury, Mauritius, resort
The Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Spa Resort, member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World



Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Spa Resort , Mauritius, Luxury hotel
Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Spa Resort is a luxury 5-star hotel located on the Domaine de Bel Ombre South of Mauritius.



First Impressions and the Lunch at Le Palmier


While our bags were whisked off to our rooms by the porters, we completed the check in formalities over a thirst-quenching drink. I was tired but the excitement of being at a new place was enough to keep me on my toes. Before we checked in our rooms, we were guided towards our table for lunch at Le Palmier. This outdoor restaurant and bar set alongside the pool, close to the white-sanded beach  was definitely one of the best places to show some love to the Mauritian cuisines. While the table looked great, the ambiance was  immaculate. The ocean in front looked amazing in blue but I was not sure if it was crystalline turquoise, light blue or cobalt. It was a sunny and breezy day and the sun had painted the ocean in different shades. This was definitely an environment completely opposite to my daily life in Delhi and I was lost in the beauty of the moment. Just then, when food made its way on the table, I realized I was really hungry. The mozarella Di Buffala, tomatoes, balsamic reduction, basil oil and herbs salad was one of the best salad that I had eaten in the last few days.



View from my table, Le Palmier, Mauritius, Le Telfair
Table at Le Palmier- Incredible sights!



Lunch at Telfair, Mauritius, Travel, Food
The mozarella Di Buffala, tomatoes, balsamic reduction, basil oil and herbs salad



My room, The Golf Club, C Beach Club and more…


After the lunch, one usually feels sleepy but I was absolutely refreshed and energized. No less, I was ready to take on the day. Exploring my room, walking through the premises of the resort and checking on its services was the first that I wanted to do. Thankfully, the itinerary said the same. But before that I went on to check on my room and change in fresh clothes. Whenever I walk into a hotel room, I am always excited as a child. There is an urge similar to unboxing a surprise gift. Hotel rooms play a very important role in every travel and thus I look into everything before getting convinced that it suits my taste. As I pressed my key to my room, I was really impressed to find a huge washroom attached with a lovely dressing room in there. Of course, the bedroom was big and beautiful too. And best of all, I had some amazing views of the swimming pool and the ocean from my balcony. The bed looked tempting and for that one weak moment I was taken over with the idea to catch up some sleep. But, as travel bloggers life would have it, we usually are never on holidays. I changed quickly and walked out of the room to go with the plan.



The Washroom and the dressing room-Mauritius
The dressing and washroom



My room at Heritage Le Telfair
My room at Heritage Le Telfair, Mauritius!



View from my hotel balcony-Heritage Le Telfair
View from my hotel balcony



We drove around the award winning Heritage Golf Club and those lovely views of the rolling mountains on one side and the blue waters of the lagoon on the others calmed us senses. Standing in front of the lovely landscape, I was simply in awe of my surroundings. This championship golf course was definitely a paradise for the golf lovers and those exclusive villas (Heritage The Villas) had so much charm and character that we almost fell in love with them. Of course our rooms were spacious and well furnished but there was something special about these plush villas.  And here, I must tell you that Heritage Le Telfair is ranked amongst the top 10 hotels in Mauritius.



As we explored the beautiful property, we were filled in with these important and precise details. Heritage Le Telfair has discrete village design with 20 separate villas of 6 or 8 rooms. In total there are 158 spacious rooms with beautiful sea or garden views and the room decor is inspired by the plantation houses.


Heritage Telfair gets it name from the famous Irish naturalist, Charles Telfair. He lived in this area in the 19th century and now we know why the hotel basks in the history of Mauritius and the Bel Ombre region showcasing the rich heritage of the region. 2500 hectares of preserved parkland at Heritage Resorts makes it absolutely viable as a mini romantic destination in Mauritius. One is absolutely filled me with the charms of its colonial sugar plantation past. No less, it boasts of the best golf course in the Indian Ocean and its 12 restaurants take the guests on a gastronomical adventure.  I was absolutely up for the latter.



European Tour Championship Golf Course, Mauritius, Golf Resort
Telfair has the only European Tour Championship Golf Course in Mauritius.



Best Golf Club, Mauritius, Travel, Travel blogger
It is the best golf in the Indian Ocean as voted by the World Golf Awards and CNN Travel.



The C Beach Club and the dinner at Ginja

It had just been a few hours in here but I was totally in love with the blend of luxury, intimacy, elegance and with everything this place had to offer.  After exploring the multi award golf course, we drove to the trendy beach club which really got my eye. There was a cute shop to buy in some cool stuff and lots of place to party by the beach. There was something so french about that bridge there that I was reminded of Paris (In the picture below). In the remaining little time before dinner, we were treated with spa treatments at the award winning Seven Colors. After a long day, I really needed a wellness break and some pampering. The Seven Colours Spa Millesime Collection is a must do here…



For the first time visitors, I really want to make it easy for you by mentioning these sixteen key places that you must look out for…


1 Reception

2 Annabella’s restaurant

3 Le Palmier restaurant- La Plage

4 Gin’ja restaurant

5 Cavendish Bar & Lounge

Le Kiosque Gourmand

6 Seven Colours Spa ‘Millesime Collection’

7 Timomo kids club

8 Activities centre

9 C Beach Club – Cabana boat house

10 Heritage Golf course

11 Heritage Golf Club (Club house)

12 Le Château de Bel Ombre

13 Frédérica Nature Reserve

14 Coco Shack

15 Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort

16 Parking



The classy and colonial arhcitecture at telfair, telfair, Mauritius
There was so much style and character in this bridge. 



beach Club, telfair, mauritius, holiday, resort, hotel
The trendy C beach Club at Telfair



Dinner at Gin’ja 

If you love Sushi, you must go here… Gin’ja is a Pan-Asian restaurant set on the beach and it beautifully overlooks the lagoon. We had an outdoor setting but it was cold and windy and therefore we decided to settle inside to a warm and dimly lit setting. Apart from the sushi, I loved the noodles here.


Sushi, Gin'ja, Mauritius
The biggest platter of Sushi that I have ever been party to!



A must visit to the Federica Nature Reserve

Staying at Telfair is a great advantage because you are merely 15 minutes away from Federica Nature Reserve. There are guided tours to help you with the best of it. On our second day of our stay, we went wandering through the sugar cane fields into these lovely forests. I love nature walks and this was our first experience of exploring the wild in Mauritius. There were breath-taking views, vast plains, impressive waterfalls, protected fauna/flora and unspoilt natural beauty all around. Amidst these sugar plantations, there used to be a rummery here but ever since its gone the place has been maintained with its natural habitat. In fact, the highest waterfall on the island is here and it is 162m high. I also learnt that this nature reserve has fruit bats, which are known to be the island’s only indigenous mammals. Trust me, there was so much to do here like nature walks, quad biking, mountain biking, 4*4 driving, deer watching etc, that you could easily spend a day here. 



As we went exploring Federica Nature Reserve



The lovely waterfall at Federica nature Reserve
The lovely waterfall at Federica nature Reserve



Heritage Le Telfair is a dreamy affair.

In the evening, if you need some tranquil time, just walk, sit or laze around the beach. I took my camera and went around clicking pictures. You could also grab some Pinacolada at the Coco bar here and watch the sun go down.



Telfair, hotel review, Mauritius
Get your space close to the beach!



Telfair, mauritius, Travel, Travel blogger
And if you need those tranquil moments, go grab some Pinacolada at the Coco bar here and watch the sun go down. We did this!



And then we had dinner at LE CHÂTEAU DE BEL OMBRE

We were treated to a lovely dinner in this 19th century mansion and it definitely gave me a timeless experience. Domaine de Bel Ombre products are exclusively used in the proposed dishes here. I was told this place is privatized for weddings and other events



These cheesy wraps were utterly delicious!




Mauritian pickles
It was here that we ate some Mauritian food… Here are the pickles.



Heritage Resorts-Telfair-Dreamy Affair-Mauritius
It shone bright and beautiful in the night!



Heritage Le Telfair, Mauritius, Africa, Travel blogger
I really loved reading these lovely quotes that were dropped in my room everyday at Heritage Le Telfair 



Trust me, I absolutely loved my stay at Heritage Le Telfair.  If given a chance I would love to go back again.

Do spare some time to check this video too…



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  1. Such a beautiful property. Its actually a dreamy affair. I am not a sea lover , rather prefer hills and mountains , but after going through your post , I would definitely want to experience the serenity of this place and love to indulge myself in this luxurious stay. Beautifully written post. You have transported me to Mauritius. Can’t want to go.

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