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My Ultimate Luxury Stay Experience in India : ITC Maurya

“Awesome hospitality,” This is what President Obama said after his stay at ITC Maurya in New Delhi in India. Obama was the fourth American President to stay at ITC Maurya. Luxury at ITC Maurya has a special charm and it knows how to attract you again and again.


There is a luxury side to our beautiful country and it comes from our unique collection of crème de la crème hotels, premium level of hospitality and fine-dining restaurants. Last year, when I stayed at ITC Maurya for three days, I almost lived a chapter from a queen’s life. Some memories don’t fade away even with time and this staycation happens to be one of them. 


I do not know what it feels like to stay in a presidential suite but I definitely know what it feels like to be inside and walk past all its corners. Every bit of it oozes grandeur and sophistication. The one at ITC Maurya is one of its kinds indeed. To add on, my own luxury accommodation at ITC ONE (a type of room category) was very elegantly placed. ‘ONE’ signifies the perfect synergy of grand living and a contemporary workplace.


 Beautiful Art in Indian Hotels
The Lavish Reception Area of ITC Maurya  – Picture Credit 


Whenever I enter a hotel, I usually turn towards the reception area for all my queries. This is the most important area of services. If you fail to welcome people with open arms and smiling attitude, you fail in everything else that follows. At ITC Maurya, the most warm and sophisticated area is just where you step in. The beautiful artwork not only showcases the theme from the Mauryan emperor Ashoka’s era but its gorgeous colors greet the visitors and guests artistically. This is one of my favorite areas of the hotel. 


Let me take you through my journey of opulence, luxury, comfort & style. 


ITC Maurya
Way to my room on the 12th floor


Every spec of the room only spoke of breath-taking luxury and unmatched hospitality.
Every spec of the room only spoke of breath-taking luxury and unmatched hospitality.


Luxury stay with Make My Trip
One must know how to impress your guests. In my room, I was so touched to find a cushion with my name.


A cake that spoke about all the love and special services that I would experience.


Every information and every service made accessible in my room just a click away.


My room was big and spacious. The welcome cake was as amazing as it looks in the picture above. The cushion with my name is the sweetest gift that I have ever got from any hotel in India and abroad. And I quite liked the whole idea of using technology to be responsible in many aspects. So while you enjoy your comforts, you do not have the guilt of wasting the energies which are non-renewable. ITC is one of the brands which stands for responsible luxury. 


The most enviable privileges and impeccable facilities fail if you don’t have a friendly staff. I met the most affable and charming people here.


Right from the time when I entered my room, I had a personal butler to my help. She was a very sweet lady who ensured to remind me of everything that I had chances of forgetting. In fact, she booked my table at Dum Pukht first and then Bukhara.  One evening when I asked for her suggestion, she said that I must sit by the pool or check out Tian – Asian Cuisine Studio- the rooftop restaurant.  And I totally loved the latter.  


The turndown service really impressed me here.  Every evening when I returned to my room, I was overjoyed to see it all decked up and prepared for the night.


Even when everything is very comfortable about the bed and the linen, there are many times that I have not been able to sleep as happily as I would have wanted to. In my room at ITC, I slept peacefully on both the nights. 




Sometimes it is very-very relaxing to sit by the pool and simply count your blessings!!!


The experience at TIAN was extra special!  This made my stay at ITC Maurya all the more memorable.



When you stay in a hotel, only then you get to see and understand every aspect of its services.


Food is a very important aspect in my book of hospitality and services. 


Breakfast is an important meal of the day. In my opinion, a luxury stay must provide for a king size buffet. At Pavilion, I was totally spoiled for choices. It served my taste for both healthy and delicious food. This was one place where I could spend hours and still not taste everything. 



To dine in at Dum Pukht and Bukhara would be any foodie’s dream. Whenever I stay in a hotel, I do prefer to indulge in its various restaurants. At ITC Maurya, I couldn’t let go these beautiful culinary experience. And to my surprise, Chef Vikramjit Roy at TIAN absolutely impressed me with his art and creations. He plays with food like none that I have met before. 


The Dal at BUKHARA is to die for! On my first day of my stay, I ate at the famous one. My friends visiting from different countries have often asked me what is so special about Bukhara and I have always told them, ‘ You have to go there to experience it’.



 Bukhara Dal


 Every night, my stay experience was made special by the kind of food I was indulging in.  A biryani fan in me couldn’t keep away from DUM PUKHT. Since I was a guest who was staying with them, I had to book my table before 7 p.m. There was no hassle of separate payments. Everything was taken care in the final bill. At any time, if I wanted to check my bills, I could always click the IPAD and get the latest information. 





Dum Biryani at DUM PUKHT


My 12-course dinner at TIAN will always remain special.


We all know to prepare food and culinary delicacies almost like painting a canvas but what we don’t know is that some artists take it to a different level altogether. At Tian, it was not just about luxury stay but luxury food too. 





As I always say, I love to travel, I am a great foodie and I always have an eye for luxury. Keep following my stories.

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  1. nice post and must say a luxurious stay. butler by your side and cushion with your name, all sounds pretty good and suggests wonderful hospitality of ITC.. By the way the chocolate cake is so tempting

  2. Wow! that’s luxurious and so very cool that you experienced that first hand. Loved the food pictures. Irresistible.

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