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Chefs from India and USA Came Together for the Rice-Lovers!

Daawat, LT Foods

I am sure you know it that when the travel blogger in me is not traveling, the foodie is me is busy sampling the food delights of the capital. I am always on a look-out for unique dishes or interesting platters set by chefs. One such event that I attended in Delhi recently caught my interest in a special way. The invite read something like this – LT Foods promoting the use of basmati amongst global consumers. You might find it a casual invite but I was quick to read between the words. Basmati meant that we would be talking only about rice and my eyes gleamed. I am one person who can live on rice forever. My friends and family can vouch for it that I eat chappatis and breads only to quell my hunger but I relish everything made from rice. I just couldn’t afford to miss one-of-its-kinds event where we strictly talked about rice. In fact, the whole menu of the luncheon had unique dishes made only and only from different kinds of rice.  


LT Foods with brands like Daawat, Heritage and Royal called for this unique and interesting event held at Taj Mansingh, New Delhi wherein one of the top 10 rising chefs of the U.S, Chef Joseph “JJ” Johnson and World renowned India’s Chef Sanjeev Kapoor came together and talked about Basmati and new dishes that they have been creating using Basmati rice. Both the chefs seemed very fond of rice and especially the quality of Basmati. Chef JJ has been extensively working with rice and other grains. The two chefs demonstrated some cooking too and the theme of the day was extremely rejoicing for the rice lovers. Chef Kapoor also handed the secrets of biryani making to Chef JJ.


LT Foods brought together one of the top 10 rising chefs of the U.S, Chef Joseph “JJ” Johnson and World renowned India’s Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor symbolically gave him the secrets of rice. 




Chef Sanjeev Kapoor praised LT Foods for their quality of products and also told the audience that how good quality of ingredients always highlights the recipes. To add on, he said that the brand has a strong commitment towards chef community and they regularly work with them in delivering solutions that are relevant to the chefs. Across the globe, they are making their best efforts to spread the word about basmati, one of the finest rice grains.


During his stay, Chef J.J. was taken around to see where authentic basmati rice is grown and to meet the local farmers. This made him connect with rice all the more. He was very happy to see the Indian food and culture and was excited to return to U.S. and experiment with the grain and churn out new dishes.

He would have been all the more surprised had he learned and seen how we Indians use rice in many of our festivals and special prayers too. Grains are very important and we treat it as a blessing from God. 


Chef J.J. said “I am in love with India! I just can’t get enough of its vibrant Flavours, Spices, and Culture. To be around and see where authentic basmati rice is grown, and to meet the local farmers has been a game changer for me! Thanks to Royal Basmati and LTFA I have a whole new respect for one of my favorite types of rice to cook with. And I can’t wait to get back and share some of my journey in some new dishes I will create using Basmati rice and all that I have learned about Indian food and Culture!”


I was not carrying my camera and therefore I could not get the best pictures for you but I must tell you, I loved almost everything. From Khichdi made in every household to our favorite Rajma Chawal and easiest one steamed rice, there was soup and salad too with the touch and feel rice.


Noodles and Crispy rice broth
Noodles and Crispy Rice Broth


Strictly about rice
The broth looked like this.


Kaabuli chana and pudina chaawal ki chaat
Kaabuli chana and pudina chaawal ki chaat


Chilly rice with sesame and soya
Chilly rice with sesame and soya


Dishes from Brown rice
Royal Brown Pineapple Fried Rice bird’s eye chill, cabbage, by Chef J.Johnson


Hyderabadi Kacchi gosht ki Biryani


Dumplings made from rice
Chicken Flower Dumplings by Sanjeev Kapoor


My favorite was Royal Brown Pineapple Fried Rice bird’s eye chilly and Biryani and I would call the chicken flower dumplings as the most innovative dish.

The event was also attended by a team from Star Chefs Media who have partnered with LT Foods in promoting Basmati amongst the chefs in the U.S.



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