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Mauritius is known as a perfect beach destination but it has much more to offer to the travelers who are looking for variety. One of my favorite places in this beautiful island country is the Caudan waterfront and whenever you are in the capital, you must check out this bustling commercial area for its exciting shopping and entertainment options. A visit to Port Louis is always suggested because it is here that one can see the French connect as well as the colonial past of the island. It is beautifully embraced and protected in its historical architectures.


LE CAUDAN Waterfront


Traveling is not just about pretty sights but unique experiences for me and I enjoy interacting with local people when I travel. I love to explore the place on foot, indulge in local food and of course do lots of shopping. This waterfront has enough options to make the most of your time. And no matter what you do, ensure that you have checked out a currency convertor to make sure you have enough moolah. The craft market in the shopping complex is the place where you will love to indulge. It was at Le Caudan Waterfront in Port Louis that I was absolutely touched when a local Mauritian artist painted two refrigerator magnets and gifted them to me to add to my travel souvenirs. They are my most colorful possessions from the gorgeous islands of Mauritius. 


Le Caudan Waterfront, Mauritius


Deck-Bar and Restaurant - Port Louis!
Deck-Bar and Restaurant – Port Louis!


Port Louis!

Port Louis is the capital city of Mauritius and Le Caudan Waterfront happens to be its flourishing financial and business center. Named after a French settler on the island Jean Dominique Michel de Caudan, this sophisticated stretch makes a beautiful hub of shops, banking facilities, casinos, restaurants, marina and a five star hotel (Le Labourdonnais).


Taking a break from the beaches and other attractions of Mauritius, we took a day trip to Port Louis and overall it turned out to be nice walk around the colorful shops and cafes. The restaurants provide wonderful views across the harbour area and make major attraction for tourists. It was a sunny day and I loved the many photo opportunities that came my way. We decided to sit in an open cafe and soak in the vibrant mood of the surroundings. It was quite pleasing to see the Port Louis harbour with lots of boats and ships parked here and there. Also, there is lot of history about this place and you will love to discover an old canon overlooking the turquoise waters or statues of people associated with its past.


Things to do in Port Louis
One of the things to do in Port Louis


The Umbrella Alley
Don’t miss this Umbrella Alley!


Don’t Miss The Umbrella Alley


The main building of Le Caudan is known as Barkly Wharf. There is a Pedestrian Alley. And the most recent wing of Le Caudan Waterfront is called Dias Pier.

If you are fond of cute and colorful surprises, this is the alley for you. In the middle of this upscale shopping arena which boasts of 170 boutique shops in its vicinity, you will be pleased to discover colorful umbrellas floating above this lane. No doubt, this is the most photographed alley of Le Caudan.



Labourdonnais Waterfront Hotel


A lovely rose drink for the afternoon lunch
I chose a lovely drink for my lunch at Labourdonnais

Colorful Dimsums - Lunch at Labourdonnais.
A colorful dim sum platter


Lunch At Labourdonnais


Labourdonnais is an iconic asset and a well-known 5-star property set next to Caudan Waterfront. It is counted among the world-class boutique hotels in Mauritius. For business meetings or corporate stays, this place makes a great choice and you must check it out for your hotel booking. The Embassies and business centers are also close by from the hotel and we could see that it also offers limousine rental services.


We had an elaborate lunch in one of its restaurants. The food pics will definitely give you an idea that we had a great time here. The dumplings were delicious.


A local artist sitting at her painting shop - Mauritius
The local artist who painted two fridge magnets for me.


Artists paintings
More of her lovely work.

Exploring The Le Craft Market

I love to collect inexpensive souvenirs and this is the place where one can pick local handicrafts and meet local artists too. There are many international brands in the other section of the shopping mall.

The highlight of the place was that I got a chance to interact with some of the local Mauritian artists. I met an artist who has been painting for nearly twenty years. She not only painted cute fridge magnets for me but also introduced me to some of her artistic works. We discussed further and she also explained me the deep hidden meanings. There was a wood carver in another shop who had won many prizes. He also took great interest in showing me his work. Later, I also bought some pickles, jams, spreads, trays and handbags from here. 


Local Artists, Craft Market
I met a few local artists at the Craft Market


Craft Making - Mauritius
Local Craft Makers of Mauritius!


 Other Interesting Things To Do in and around Le Caudan

  • In Mauritius, I learned that the first Indian immigrant landed here in the 1830s. The place is known as Apravasi Ghat. The 16 steps make a World Heritage site today.
  • Fort Adelaide is a famous fortress built for guarding the harbor against enemy attacks.
  • Visit Champ de Mars, the oldest race course in the Indian Ocean region.
  • The Blue Penny Museum is also located here and if you like collecting stamps, you know where to go.



Le Caudan Waterfront – There is shopping, casino, different types of restaurants, star cinema and lots of games options for the children. It is a must-do place as suggested by Mauritius Tourism.



Mauritius Tourism
Dodo and Mauritius have a strong connection.



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  1. Mauritius also has an Umbrella Alley! Such a pretty place! And for once I saw something beyond zoos and beaches of Mauritius. 😀

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