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PD aka PORT DICKSON : A Lesser Known Destination of Malaysia

Port Dickson

In 2014, when I had visited the capital city “Kuala Lumpur” and the historic state of Malacca in Malaysia, I was told by almost everyone that I must drive down to Port Dickson, the lesser known destination that makes a 10-mile coastline towards Malacca. The idea of relaxing in a beach resort and taking a break from the hectic itinerary had got me curious but I could not make it at the last moment due to lack of time.



When a friend’s sister visited Malaysia recently, I suggested her that she must check out this interesting neighbor town to escape the city and relax on the beach. Port Dickson (PD) truly made a great choice for her with kids. It is an easy and low key destination. One cannot walk around the place except the beach close to your resort thus people use cars to explore the town. If you do not wish to move around, there is actually plenty of time to relax and have a vacation in real sense.



Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur



The Ups and Downs and the History


PD gets its name from a British official named Sir Frederic Dicks. He turned this small Malay village also called as charcoal into a railway linked harbor which was used to transport rich tin ore deposits of the surroundings. With time, the town evolved into a beautiful beach resort destination in the state of Negeri Sembilan, Peninsular Malaysia. In no time it also became the most convenient weekend getaway for the locals while the Singaporeans visited this popular holiday retreat to use their weekends wisely. In fact, high influx of locals as well as tourists polluted some of its famous beaches in the last decade and led to slow tourism. People began to miss the sun-kissed days and the azure waters of the beach. Taking a lesson, the authorities and resorts decided to put in lots of rehabilitation efforts to help it regain its lost fame.



Besides the Beach, there is more to do!


Long story short, Port Dickson makes a popular beach resort destination located along the Straits of Melaka and offers some amazing reasons to be there. The popular 16th century Cape Rachado lighthouse, ostrich farm, the PD Night market, the Army Museum and the famous Chinese seafood restaurants will make for a lovely 3 days itinerary. PD is the place to relax in the resort and take on the delights of the place slowly and steadily. My friend’s sister stayed at Grand Lexis Port Dickson. And I could see from the pictures that the place had lovely water chalets and pool facing villas.



Sunset at Port Dickson
Sunset at Port Dickson



Pick Your Choice in PD!


· Cape Rachado is a historical lighthouse from the times of Portuguese rule in Malacca. It has rich wildlife and makes a paradise for bird lovers during the season. Apart from the lovely bird eye view of the sea, there are jungle trails and some hidden beaches as well.

· The famous Army Museum has a free entry with lots to tell us about Malaysian Arm Forces with complete sound effects.

· If you have not seen a Chinese temple, this small one known as Yun Loon (a.k.a. Wan Loong) makes for a delightful sight.

· Teluk Kemang has been known for its vibrant beach shops and colorful makeshift stalls that sell everything from fresh produce, beachwear, to refreshing food and beverages.


Lesser known places in Malaysia-Port Dickson
Port Dickson is one of the lesser known places in Malaysia



· To see the big flightless birds, you may go to the Ostrich Farm. The kids have a chance to ride an ostrich too. There are sheep, horses, donkeys, goats, fish, chickens, turkeys and peacocks as well.

· Saturday means shopping at Souvenir Sanctuary, the evening market that goes on till 9 in the night.

· For sun-soaking and relaxing, there are secluded beaches such as Pantai Purnama and Saujana Beach.

· Beaches like Teluk Kemang, Tanjung Gemuk and Pantai Cahaya Negeri offer banana boat, kayaking, water-skiing and snorkeling options.

· The Alive 3D Art Gallery would also make a place to visit if you have a special interest in 3D/isometric art murals and paintings.

· You might go strolling around the PD Waterfront in the evening.

· In the night, one must check out the activities in the resort else you may reserve a BBQ pit to have fun with your friends and family over some grilled food.

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  1. Ah! You touched a nerve! 🙂

    We went there by train and roamed around all over. That time they had just introduced a ladies coach on this train from KL and I wrote about it. Saw museums, parks and of course the beach. Explored the local markets as well. Ikan Bakar cooked on a coal was my favourite. 🙂 Had stayed for 2 nights there in a home stay.

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